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Do you sometimes just get so excited about what God is doing? I do!!!!

I posted last September 17 here about our town.Part of that was about the Fall Festival where several churches went together and had a 24/7 Prayer Tent from Thursday at 6 p.m. through Sunday at 6 p.m. The event covered 72 hours and was a huge success. Out of this endeavor two young couples from our church took up the cause and have been working hard to establish a strong group of people who love to pray and are willing to pray. There names are Vanessa & Jeff, and Nate & Angie. You'll be hearing more about them in the future.

In January of this year Mickey & I were invited to join this group and I have posted a little about it and alluded to it several times. The goal of this group is to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer here in our City of Coweta.

This is a picture of 2 spaces in a shopping center that has been offered to our group at a very reasonable rate. There are 2 different spaces. The space to the left, where you can see the "For Rent" sign in the window, is the smaller of the 2 and will be used for the children of the adults who are in the prayer room itself. . The space behind the pole between the 2 light fixtures is a very large space. Another church had actually been meeting in this space for several years. The utilities have already been turned on in the smaller space but there is some problem with the wiring that has to be corrected, by the landlord, before utilities can be turned on in the large space.

This is not a project of our Church, although many of the people involved are from our church. It is a project for all the churches to be involved with and our entire city.

One gentleman donated money for the 1st months rent plus some extra. People are beginning to pledge and give on a monthly basis. One company has given over $10,000 of supplies for sound proofing, etc. So God is moving and opening the doors.

The name of our group is Remnant House of Prayer and Vanessa is going to spend next month in Kansas City at The Internatiional House of Prayer for further training.

Last Friday night we held the monthly prayer meeting at our church. We have been holding them in various homes of the participants. Our Pastor Gary, plus several other Pastors from different churches, were in attendance. It was a mighty time of prayer, praise and worship. It was such a privilege to get to pray over our Pastor and the other Pastors. You know, they are always giving out and need to be on the receiving end, too. I said to Mickey as we left "There was real breakthrough there tonight." Sunday mornings Praise & Worship was evidence of that as it was absolutely awesome and everyone was speaking about it. Not just us of the prayer group who "knew" why!!!!!

In connection with what God is doing here in Coweta, He has put it on my heart to start a 24/7 (24 hours 7 days a week) Prayer group here on blogland. I know that a great many of you who read my blog are prayer's.

The purpose of this post is to see how many of you would be interested in becoming involved with this and make a commitment toward doing it? I would wish that people would commit for a 1/2 hour or hour time slot, but will accept those who feel they can only give 15 minutes. I know that we are spread out through many different parts of the world, and many different time zones. We will use the international time zone to fill all the spots. Once we get it set up I will start a new blog consisting of just these prayers.

I will go into more detail after I find out how many of you wish to participate. Please let me know when you comment if you are interested. If your e-mail address is not on your blog please also leave that for me so I can contact you directly and privately.

The Lord had put this on my heart some time ago, but with going on our trip and being out of pocket I knew I needed to wait until I could devote my undivided attention to what God was calling me to do. I find it not at all unusual that I am posting this 1 day before our National Day of Prayer, on May 1st!!!! God's plans and orchestration is so marvelous and beyond our understanding.

To sum this all up: First, and most importantly PRAY about this. Then: 1)If you are a prayer and 2) interested in joining in with this 24/7 prayer group and 3) are willing to commit to a set time each and every day or night to pray for 15, 30 or 60 minutes, 4) please let me know by leaving me a comment to that effect & 5) please be sure I have your e-mail address.

Father God I ask you to call forth the Intercessory Prayer Partners that YOU have chosen for this calling and purpose, for this particulate time and group. In my Saviors precious, precious name I pray. Amen

By the way - you can still leave a comment, even if you are not interested in being an participant!!!! In fact, I invite you to do so.


Addendum: If you are reading this blog, even if you don't have a blog of your own, I still invite you to join us if you feel so lead.

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slk said...

So very cool! We have two nephews that have gone to IHOP in Kansas City.
WOW - so very cool what God is doing in Coweta! It seems that much more powerful that this is a united effort and not a particular churches effort.
I will pray about being part of your 24/7 prayer blog.

Lori said...

Susan - Thank you for leaving such a nice comment and for your prayers. We are passionate about God and seek him daily. I will certainly pray for your new blog and project.

I have seen you over at Nanna's place - thanks again for stopping by. Your words of encouragement are a blessing.

Tina said...

I love the 24 hour prayer building! Such a wonderful idea!
As much as I would love to, I just can't commit to anything. But I pray you get many, many prayer warriors that will sign up!

Saija said...

blessings on you guys for this endeavour ... God seems to be calling His people to prayer!

Mike said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Susan. The lack of response to my post seems to indicate that people are very unsure about all this! I've added some links if you want to have a look. God bless.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I will be very glad to join you in prayer. I believe you have my e mail addy.

Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful opportunity for so many!

I'd like to do this, and I will pray about it and get back to you.


Pen of Jen said...

Susan I am so thankful that you are taking the lead on this. I would love to participate and you have my email.

Praise God, another wonderful way to use the internet for His Glory!

Hugs from NM

diana said...

susan, how wonderful that you have a building. it sounds wonderful and i know it's a real answer to prayer.

i think i would like to join your group of pray-ers but am wondering what happens if i missed my alotted time for some reason. i don't know what time of day that i can commit to each and every day. let me know your thoughts on this.

i think it's a great idea and i love the idea of a separate blog for a place for people to leave prayer requests.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you sweet words and prayers. It meant so much to be able to read it straight from your heart.
love the idea. I will pray about it. I am fixing to leave on a 12 day trip to see my son Rian that is going to Iraq. so I would love him to be on the list for prayer.

Sharon said...

Wow! God is certainly moving! That is soooo exciting! I would love to sign up for a time slot to pray! That would be awesome!

:0) Sharon

Heather K said...

Hi Susan
just popping in real quick to say thank you for mil(Florence) came thru the surgery fine. She still needs prayer as she has a long road of recovery and adjustment ahead of her.
thank you so much for your prayers for her!!
blessing to you

Susan said...

That's wonderful Susan! Will keep praying for this as I know it's a powerful ministry opportunity.



Susan Kelly Skitt said...

How wonderful dear friend, to see how God is opening doors for this house of prayer. May our Lord continue to bless and keep you in this endeavour. Truly He hears and moves when His people pray!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What awesome projects to be involved are one wonderful woman Susan! I would love to be involved but just cannot commit to any more at this time. My plate is completely full...overflowing at times!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow Susan! It is so fun to see God's work all around our world. One of the things I like about blogging...

What an amazing effort by a group of people. While I will certainly think of God's plan there in my prayer journal, I am not in a position to commit to a half hour right now.

I can't wait to read about more of it!

Knit-Wit said...

What a great way to start out National Day of Prayer.

I will pass on taking a time slot. I always forget to pray during the time I have signed up. I'll just randomly pray for you as the Lord leads me to remember your site.

The International House of Prayer sounds like a great name for a men's prayer breakfast. :)

Sioux said...

Susan, I am praying for your group. I cannot commit to that right now because of so much going on with our church and diocese. I so appreciate your words of encouragement. We meet on Saturday to hear works of encouragement and faith from Archbishop Venables.

annie said...

I'd love to participate. You have my email!