Sunday, March 8, 2009


I saw this over at Betty's of Weims World and thought it looked fun.

I live: In a small town 25 miles SE of Tulsa, Oklahoma

I work: Around the house

I smell: Coffee perking

I listen: To the radio when driving, usually some preacher

I hide: Presents and sometimes forget about them

I walk: Too seldom

I write: To much

I love: My Lord, my husband, my family, my friends & life

I see: Too much "stuff" in my house

I sing: Not very well, but do anyway

I can: Do anything I set my mind to

I watch: Very little TV and when I do it's news channels, & Deal No Deal

I daydream: I've never been a daydreamer, to realistic

I want: People to know that God loves them and they can be restored if they will accept

I cry: Very easily, especially where my family is concerned

I read: A lot, I've always loved books

I rode: Thousands of miles as we traveled all over the U.S. & Canada.

I sometimes: Regret that I did not go college

I fear: Not living up to what My Lord desires for my life

I hope: I see the return of Christ

I eat: Too many sweets

I drink: A lot of coffee

I play: The piano, but not much any more

I miss: My forever friend, Bev, who is in Heaven

I forgive: Everyone. It is required of us to forgive.

I drive: A copper colored HHR Chevy

I lost: 2 gift certificates that I bought early as Christmas gifts and put away and have never found them!!

I dream: of seeing The Church become what God intended

I hug: A lot!!!

I have: Almost everything anyone has given me over the years

I remember: All the years I have lived

I don't: Drink alcohol

I believe: The Bible is the infallible Word of God

I owe: On my house & car

I know: I am loved

I hate: Liars

I wish: I could afford to travel overseas

I wear: Slacks & T-shirts around the house

Maybe I should: Not blog so much

People say that I'm: Friendly and nice

I don't understand: People who get in power struggles and fight and don't get along

Life is full of: Challenges and wonderful opportunities

My past is: What has made me who I am today

I get annoyed when: People don't keep their word

Parties are: Fun

Tomorrow: Is always hopeful

Never in my life have I: Ridden on a motor cycle or a roller coaster

When I was younger I: Was a very good student and loved school

When I'm nervous: I fold a napkin, or piece of paper, in a fan shape

When I was 5: I started 1st grade

My life is not complete without: My family

If you visit my hometown: It is a unique, old city (hometown not where I currently live)

The world could do without: Evil people, terrorist

If I ever go back to school: I would enjoy every minute of it and take courses on human behavior

And, by the way: I hope some of you do this and let me know you have.

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Mari said...

This was fun to read! I learned even more about you!

Joy said...

Susan, I'm glad you filled this out. I'll give it a shot one of these days. I shouldn't blog so much either. ;)


Susie said...

Hi Susan,
I haven't seen this meme before and I enjoyed learning a bit more about you :)

This Country Girl said...

That was so much fun to read! I just might participate sometime this week. I'll come back and let you know if and when I do, okay?

Have a great week!

retha said...

Hope those certificates show themselves after all you did give them mention.

Mountain Mama said...

I haven't seen this meme before either. Reading these things sure helps us know more about one another.
The one that stayed in my mind is how life would be empty without our loved ones. Thank God for them.

MeMaw said...

Those little meme's are fun, but they do require a lot of thought, it took me forever to fill out the last one I did LOL!

Loved learning more about you!


Brenda said...

That was great. You haven't been on a motorcycle?!
I hope you find those Gift Certs. before they expire!
I'm going to do this one. I'll let you know when I get it done.
Have a great week, Susan.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this!!

Some of mine were the same, like I also loved school and did well as a child. Human behavior... when I went back to college as an adult I did take several ethics and psych classes. Learned a lot about human behavior but never figured out how to apply it to my own life. Daydreaming... I do it ALL the time and ALWAYS have!!!!

Humble wife said...

I love reading meme's! I can honestly say that I knew most except that you cry easily!

diana said...

enjoyed getting to know you just a little bit more. the one that strikes me is that you've never been on a roller coaster. did you just not like them when you were younger, or not have the opportunity to go on one? jw.

Dawn said...

That's a fun one - I may do that next, since I don't have an idea for my next post.

We have several commonalities - I started first grade at age 5, too, and was the youngest in my graduating class. I blog too much, don't daydream, . . . well, I guess I'd just better do it, eh?

Betty said...

That was fun. Thanks for doing it.

Anonymous said...


These are some of my favorite types of posts.

My heart went out to you in your words about your forever friend and missing her.

I also hide presents and forget about them, walk too seldom, love my God and my family, enjoy reading and regret not going to college! To name a few :)

Maxine said...

Wow. How did you think of all those things. That looks like fun. Maybe someday. I enjoyed reading yours, Susan.

A Hint of Home said...

I enjoyed reading through your answers. They were very interesting and thought provoking.


I loved reading about you Susan. I feel that I know you a little better and was surprised to find that we are much alike. Thanks for sharing those things with us. connie