Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just want to post today about being so blessed to be able and have the opportunity to soak in God's word and teaching.

Mickey & I have for years had our own devotional time each and every morning. We are reading out of two devotional books, and we read through the Bible (we read completely through various versions and then start another version) We are currently reading The Amplified Bible and are in Amos. Then we have prayer time.

It amazes me how God will so often speak directly to us. Saturday we read: "He suffered no man to do them wrong; yea, he reproved kings for their sakes, Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm." I Chronicles 16:21-22 Now even though God was speaking here to the Israelites we know The New Testament Lies Hidden in the Old Testament and we know that we have now been made the kings and priests of God: "And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father:" Revelation 1:6a , we know we can claim that verse as our very own. As we are watching all that is going on around us in our world today what a comfort that HE SUFFERED (or permitted) NO MAN TO DO US WRONG. Hallelujah

Of course every Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evening we get such wonderful and sound teaching from our Pastor. We always leave the services full and blessed with the teaching.

This past Sunday evening we had a Messianic Jew, Douglas Carmel, perform a Jewish Seder for us. This is the third time Mickey & I have been blessed to attend one of these meals. It is so wonderful to know that every part of the Jewish Passover meal represents our Lord Jesus Christ. We had invited our friends, Don & Barbara, to attended with us. There were about 200 of us who participated. I forgot to take my camera :o(

I shared with you that back in January one of the woman at my church started a home Bible study every Monday morning at 11. We have now been meeting for 11 weeks and it just gets better and better. We started out with just 3 of us and now there are 11 of us who attend. We have been listening to a tape series by Per*ry St*one on The Rapture. It is just awesome. Then we always have discussion and a prayer time. It is a wonderful time.

I've also brought 2 of this 4 tape series home and Mickey & I have listened to them together. They are that good. If you ever get a chance to view or buy them be sure to do so.

Then two weeks ago my new friend, Sandra, started a Tuesday evening Bible Study in her home. Sandra lives 26 miles from us and I told her it was too far for me to come on a regular basis but I'd come the first week to support her. Well, after the first meeting I came home and told Mickey, "I don't care if it is 52 miles round trip and at night.....I'm going every week." Sandra is a wonderful teacher. The first week she taught on "The Third Day". Last week she taught about "God speaking the world into existence" and followed that theme through the entire Bible into the New Testament. I have no idea what she'll be teaching on tonight but I know it will be good. I can't wait!!!

Thank you Lord that I am privileged to be saturated by your Word and teaching.


I posted on Hands & Hearts.....for HIM frugal blog about my clothesline. I hope you'll drop by here and visit.

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Mari said...

We have gone to a sedar led by a messianic Jew twice and found it very ineteresting. Your series on the Rapture sounds very good!

Barbara said...

We have in the past attended some of these Passover meals too. Very enlightening.

Recently we spent a full day's Bible study with a Rabbi and I would say it was the best and most informative study I have ever undertaken. Particularly as he drew most of the truths out of us as he introduced us to the real meaning of so much in the Torah through the original Hebrew.

So glad to read that Mickey is now discharged from the hospital.
Blessings. Barbara

Sharon said...

I so very much enjoy your inspirational blogs. They are very uplifting thank you.
God bless.

Joy said...

Susan, what a great experience to participate in a sedar. I would love to do that one day.
God is so good and we are so blessed to have so many outlets to study God's word and sit under Bible Teachers and listen to dvd's etc.


Anonymous said...

Would love to go to a sedar, but never have.

I'm so glad you have found these studies with amazing and wonderful women. I'm sure you bless them just as much as you are being blessed.

Nancy said...

Sounds like you are enjoying lots of good teaching. We have heard Perry Stone a few times and he is very good. Never been to a sedar but would like to do that someday.

Nadine said...

I've attended a sedar - it's really a wonderful, rich experience.

Jillian, Inc said...

I think it would be so special to participate in a seder. And soaking up and living in The Word is amazing and you and Mickey are wonderful examples. I need to do more of this.

MeMaw said...

Sounds like some really awesome studies. Just can't get too much of God's word!

Brenda said...

We had a man of Jewish descent do a small play about Sedar. He would pass around various foods or spices for us to smell or taste. The unfortunate thing was that I was experiencing morning sickness at the time, so ended up in the bathroom after tasting something he passed around, can't remember what it was.
Other than that is was interesting!