Monday, August 3, 2009

#9 And Counting

Blogging has been a wonderful blessing to my life and one of the exciting joys that I NEVER dreamed of, when I began this journey 2 1/2 years ago, was getting to meet some of my blog friends in real life flesh and blood form!!!!

I had this wonderful joy for the 9th time Saturday, when Mickey & I got to not only meet my blog friend Lisa, who blogs as My Homemaking Rurality, but her husband and 4 girls.

This family was going to Branson, Missouri for a weeks vacation and while usually they go up through Arkansas to visit family there, from their home in NE Texas, they decided to come up through Oklahoma. YEAH!!! That gave us a chance to set up a meeting at the Wagoner McD's. They were driving right through on HW69 and we live only about 12-13 miles from there.

Left to right - Keith, Elizabeth, Mattie, Reabeccah, Nathallie & Lisa

What a delightful visit and sharing we had with the entire family. Keith & Lisa have precious, very self-confident and assured young daughters. Testimony of the home & family.

Keith & Lisa had a leisurely traveling agenda so it was nice to be able to have a long, not rushed time getting to know all of them. Their older two, Elizabeth in FFA and Nathallie in sports, are distinguishing themselves and working toward College. I have no question the two littler ones will follow suit in their special interest.

The youngest, Mattie, jumped right into the chair next to me and as they were preparing to leave she ran around the table and gave Mickey this big hug. You can tell they were both enjoying each other.

Outside as we were saying our good-byes after a most vivacious and wonderful time of getting to know each other and enjoying all of them. Lisa is holding the jar of Mickey's honey we gave them and I am holding a small jar of some of the many antique button collection that Lisa has.

I knew instantly that the little button jar would be perfect on my little Angel shelf. Here you can see where it now "lives".

My thanks to God for blessing me again for the 9th time and for Keith & Lisa taking the time and effort to include us in their family vacation. Hope we can do it again.

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That is just soooo totally wonderful! Isn't life good!

Julie said...

Wow...what a blessing to meet one of your Blog friends! What a precious family...and a sweet gift they brought! Blessings...Julie

retha said...

How wonderful to get to be able to actually touch the friends you made!

Joy said...

That is so neat! What a great family and boy is Keith out numbered. :) I'm sure Keith and Mickey enjoyed all the blogging and girl talk.
So happy you got to meet another blogger.


Mari said...

It's so wonderful to meet blogging friends. I've been able to do that twice and enjoyed each one. I'm happy you were able to do that again!

Debra said...

Looks like you all had a great time and those girls are so cute!

michelle said...

Aww, what wonderful fun for all.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Susan the friendship you have with those bloggers you visit with, well it is almost like - "he works in wonderful ways!" wouldn't you say! I sure would.


Saija said...

ahhh, what fun!
i have yet to meet a single blogging friend ... you were certainly blessed!

Kathy said...

Treasures for Susan. The order of the day from the Lord who made her and loves her so very much! (Us too, Lord!) Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Brings back a great memory of our brief but wonderful time of meeting.

Love you both!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Hey Susan....we blew in late last night!
Got pics of all of us up on my blog, too.
I sure hope we get to do that again sometime soon. It was such a blessing to meet ya'll. That was fun!
Told Keith that it felt like I'd know ya'll for years!
Thanks again for taking time out & coming to McD's! The girls loved it, too!