Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DAVID'S HOME - if only for 3 days :o(

Friday, July 31st, David arrived from San Francisco for a big celebration.

Picking him up at the air port.

First thing we did was go get Marc and go out for lunch. What a joy for this mom & dad to get to have lunch with BOTH of their sons. These two are so close ..... which naturally delights us parents.

After lunch we came home and David got to help his dad harvest honey.

David is holding up one of the frames loaded with honey.

Mickey is instructing David about cutting off the honey comb. You can see it piling up in the tray below.

Two of the scraped frames have been placed in the Extractor. David is working the crank as Mickey is holding the extractor down.

Oh the joy of seeing that pure honey filling the bucket.

Here is the first bucket full of the unstrained honey. We ended up with 1 1/2 of these ice cream buckets full. Total weight was 20 lbs.

The work is over and the process completed. Look at the pure joy in David's face as he observes this bee on his finger.


I live the most interesting and exciting life!!!!!!! Meet "Bear".

David's home, which I was so excited about and over joyed.......but this Blue Heeler, named Bear, also arrived that evening to spend a week. WHAT?!!!!! Mickey had failed to ask me, or tell me, that he had offered to keep him for some friends of ours who were going on vacation.

When Mike & Mikey brought him in they explained if he was a human he would be described as being bi-polar!!!! Now we are scheduled to have 19 people for a dinner on Sunday, in our small house, for a much planned celebration that Mickey & I have been working hard on all week. I was not prepared to add a bi-polar dog into this mix!!!

Also, I knew that we were getting to meet my blog friend, Lisa, and her family and had a gillion, well quite a few other. places to be and errand's to run on Saturday.

Was I happy???? NOT!! Was I mad at Mickey? No!!! I wanted to be, but how do you get mad at someone who is just so incredibly nice and kind that he is always willing and wanting to help others out......even dog sitting a bi-polar dog?

You have to understand that I am not a dog lover in the first place. I don't hate dogs, I just don't particularly care for them.

Bear was running all over the house....that is except when he was jumping on something, or chewing on something....like Mickey's foot in this picture.

Mike told us that Bear slept at the foot of their bed and might try to jump on the bed. This is where my foot went down HARD. I am not having Bear sleep in our bedroom. David, who is a cat lover.....he has 3 of them, and a lover of all animals said Bear could sleep in his room with him. Wheeeeee!!!!!
One more thing to add to this "mix". A water line broke a couple of blocks from us and all the water in the neighborhood was shut off. This occurred around 4 p.m. until the middle of the night. So couldn't even wash up the super dishes, take a bath, etc.!!

The next morning around 7 Mike called, from the road, and wanted to know how we'd done with the dog. I put Mickey on the phone and he said, "We're doing fine." Then Mike said their grown daughter, who was suppose to make the trip with them, did not get to go after all and would be picking Bear up around 9:30 a.m. Praise God!!!!!!

Here are my two "monkey's" eating their banana's and "Seeing no evil" and "Speaking no evil". I am definitely "hearing" only the good report........I have had a reprieve of a week with Bear.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what the BIG Sunday celebration was all about.

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Sunny said...

I just love when you post about the honey.... takes me back to when we had our first hand crank extractor set up in our kitchen. Is there any way Mickay could bolt it to the floor so it wouldn't have to be held down?

Nice to have grown children home for a visit. Very glad for you!

Humble wife said...

Oh how cute with Bear chewing on Mickey's shoe(sorry but it made me smile)!

I am so glad that so many will have gathered together and that David made it home too.

I am most certain that you had a wonderful time, and that Bear has added a story or two to the story.

Kathy said...

I am definitely tuning in for the next installment of excitement!!! I love the photographs that you include-it makes us all feel a part of what you're doing there. We feel like part of your family already, so this just adds to the fun. Now if there was just such a thing as virtual dining at your table, and sharing that fellowship... What fun that would be!

Sharon said...

I am happy for you that your son got to visit even tho it is for a short time.
Enjoyed reading about the honey.
I remember as a kid I watch our neighbor do that.
Have a great family time.
Can't wait to hear more about it.
God bless

retha said...

I can smell that honey!
I have understanding and sympathy of the no-water situation
I like your 'monkeys' and looking forward to the meal.

Mari said...

How wonderful to have David home! We Mom's are always happy about things like that.
I loved seeing the honey tutorial. I feel the same way about dogs as you do and would have been happy to get the news you did.
Love the picture of Mickey and Dave eating bananas.

Joy said...

I am so facinated with the bees and honey making and harvesting. I'm so impressed with Mickey doing that. I know he enjoyed the help.
Glad you are having an enjoyable time with David.

I'm happy that the dog visit was short.
Cute monkey picture.


michelle said...

Oh I just love those pictures! Bear is so funny!

Nancy said...

my mouth was watering looking at all that honey. and bi-polar dog??? Yikes good luck, I love dogs but not when their hyper.!!!

Pam said...

This was such a fun post to read! I know you enjoyed seeing father and son doing chores together. It probably brought back many memories and definitely created new ones!

Debra said...

Well Susan...you and I have one more thing in common. I am not particularly fond of dogs either. Or any animals for that matter. How wonderful you got to visit with your sons! Hope everything will go well with your dinner.

Dawn said...

That is a lot of sweetness! Do you keep all 20 pounds? How do you preserve it? I would love to have a lick!

Oh, the dog thing - I am afraid I would have been a bit upset with my hubby if he's agreed to take care of a bipolar, large dog. Glad you got rid of it shortly!

Looks like a wonderful time with your son(s) and can't wait to hear what it was all about!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I laughed right out loud as I read this. Oh Mickey, you are such a good man and she sure loves you! A bi-polar dog was probably not in your best interest, hehe.
Susan, I'm glad the Lord rescued you and only had the dog stay one night...(still laughing and will be for a bit about this. I needed this laugh today!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, forgot to say how happy I am for you that David was able to be home!!!!!

...and Mickey's honey is the best! I'm sad ours is gone. We sure did enjoy it to the last drop!

Sorry, I got so caught up in the dog part of the post, hehehehehe.

Brenda said...

How funny--a bi-polar dog! That had to be a fun sight!