Friday, May 28, 2010


Question #2 - said...

Jan L said... Hmmm longtime lurker coming out for a ? What is your favorite thing about living in Oklahoma? What is your least favorite?

Hey, Jan L. so glad you de-lurked!!!! I tried to link on your name and go meet you but it didn't link :o( Would love to get to know you and hope, now that you've put your toe in the water, you'll comment often :o)

Now to answer your question...what I like least about living in Oklahoma is the HOT summers, due to the high humidity. I was born and raised in New Mexico, the desert where it gets hot and is very dry. When I first moved to Oklahoma, many years ago, I wrote my parents and said, "If I ever doubted there was a hell....I don't any more because I've moved to the middle of it." That is how much a shock and disdain I had for the heat & humidity of Oklahoma. Now, these many years later I still feel the same about the HOT summers. For instance, we went from lots of rain and temps only in the high 60's a few weeks ago to temps in the high 80's and low 90's now. Just totally skipped the 70's and some nice spring weather!!

The HOT summers is also one of the reasons my husband and I traveled, and lived in our 30' fifth wheel four years was to go north to Canada for the summer and get away from the heat of Oklahoma.

My favorite thing about living in Oklahoma is truly multifaceted: I love being in the Buckle of the Bible Belt and being surrounded by so many of like minded faith. I love the general friendliness of the people. I love being in the middle of the states and removed from either the East or West coast liberalism. I love that Oklahoma is a Red conservative state. I love that in times of recession we feel it less than other parts of the country. I especially love living in my small town of Coweta and enjoying the small town atmosphere.

Question #3 - Mari said...
I think I know quite a bit about you. One thing I know is that you are a hard worker and you seem to always be going! I'm wondering if you ever have a lazy day, and what do you do to just relax?

Hi Mari - I appreciate that you almost always leave me a comment. Since I have the opportunity to do so I want to say "thank you!"

As you probably already surmise I am much more of a "doer" than a relaxer. I just cannot sit and "do nothing". Even when I might be sitting and trying to watch a TV show with my husband, which we don't do often, I will be working on a Prayer Shawl, or picking up the current book I'm reading during the commercials, or a cross word puzzle book, etc. In other words......doing something!!!

I find blogging very enjoyable and relaxing to me. I also play Spider Solitary and find that relaxing.

You didn't ask this, but what I dislike doing is.....talking on the phone or "chatting" on line. I only like to use the telephone to connect to make appointments or arrangements with someone. Chatting on line makes me a total nervous wreck and I totally dislike it.

What I truly love and find relaxing is being with and visiting friends. I can chat with a friend over coffee for hours!!!!

Two more questions to answer which I will do in the next post.

If reading these questions and answers has caused a question to pop into your mind, that any of you others would like to ask me, please do so.

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Joy said...

Oh the land of heat and humidity. I grew up in it, but I don't love it. I love living in the south and the Bible Belt for many of the same reasons you do. I didn't realize you all went up to Canada in the summers. How fun.
I'm not a phone chatter either, but I have to some times because I live so far away from family and we've moved so much I have friends in different states. I've got to chat to keep the relationships.

I'm enjoying your Q & A's
♥ Joy

Sharon said...

It sounds like OK has the same hot & humid weather as we have here.
It has really been bad so far this year,so I think it is going to be a long hot summer. I am not complaining about it at all. I would take this over any winter. My fav is spring and fall, but we seem to have skipped that this yr.
Have a blessed weekend. I am so enjoying your Q&A's

Mari said...

Your answer about Oklahoma was very interesting. I think Michigan is similar. We also had temps in the 50's last Friday and by Sunday it was 90 and humid, and has been all week. And although Michigan often votes liberal, much of the state is conservative, but the numbers in Detroit turns the vote. Many people have offered to give Detroit to Canada! :) The area I live in is Conservative and is often referred to as having a church on every corner!
I'm like you in the fact that I never just sit and watch tv. I'm either reading, knitting or on my laptop at the same time.
Thanks for the answers!

Just Mom said...

"When I first moved to Oklahoma, many years ago, I wrote my parents and said, 'If I ever doubted there was a hell....I don't any more because I've moved to the middle of it'."


I thought of an O.K. weather-related question: Have you ever seen a twister? I apologize if you've already answered this one. Just direct me to your blog post.

Momma Roar said...

East coast liberalism???? *giggle*

I like to knit or hand sew while traveling (of course, T would have to be driving!)

I do wish you enjoyed chatting online, because I'm not sure when we'll get to sit and have coffee (or lemonade!)

Did you ever share where you would live if you could live anywhere in the US? Because of your travels, I know you've gotten to so many places and I wonder if there is one you'd move to if you had the desire to do so. I'm sure you want to stay where you are because of family, so just a hypothetical question! :D

retha said...

Interesting to hear about your skipping spring, I think last week we had a whole two weeks of spring. Such a long spring it was for us :)

Thank you for the opportunity to ask.
While travelling in your 5 wheeler what was the most difficult to do/adapt to. And what was pleasant.