Thursday, May 27, 2010


There were 5 questions asked me in comments on my last post. I will answer the first one here.

Maybe you could do a cars post. I'd love to see that 200sx you had if you have any pictures of it.♥ Joy

This request by Joy was based on a post she had done recently about her first vehicle which was a 200sx Datsun. I couldn't believe that because I had owned a 1984 black
20osx Datsun that I drove off the show room floor and shared that information with her. Sorry, Joy, no pictures of ANY of the cars we have owned over these many years until recently (when I began blogging!!!).

I will share about the first car Mickey & I ever purchased. When we married, in 1958 he had a really nice white & turquoise Pontiac. I had a 2-tone blue Olds that my parents had purchased for me when I suddenly found myself car less and alone with 2 small daughters.

We hadn't been married to long and one day we saw an ad for a 1955 Cadillac convertible advertised in the paper. We decided to go look at it.....telling ourselves, "It never hurts to just look." LIE Anyway, we drove off the car lot that day in the 1955 PINK Cadillac convertible. We thought we were in hog heaven. My parents thought we had lost our minds and they were soooo closer to right than we were!!!!

I have two stories to share about this pink Cadillac convertible. One funny and the other sad and reality. We ran around with 2 other couples, my forever friends you here me talk about so often, Joan & Bev. At this time Joan & her husband had 3 children, Bev & her husband had 2, and Mickey & I had my 2 girls. So one night we were all together and decided to drive down Central Avenue, a favorite past time in those long ago days. Well, the 3 husbands took the pink Cadillac and us three wives and 6 kids were in another car (don't even remember who's car we were in). We pulled up at a stop light and the guys began honking, waving and shouting at us. We had a BIG laugh out of this because I'm sure the other cars around us were thinking,
"Why in the world would those 3 good looking young men, in a convertible, be flirting and honking at that car of 3 gals with all those kids!!"

Now the sad one....Mickey & I married in October 1958 and Mickey's father was killed in an accident in September 1959. We went to Tennessee, where the funeral & burial took place and on the return trip Mickey & I had his mother and 16 year old sister with us, yes, in the pink Cadillac convertible. That flashy car, that we were so proud of, began to fall apart on us on this long return trip from Tennessee to New Mexico. At one point the brakes went out, as we slid through a red light and then again we ended up literally in a cow pasture in Texas near a small town called Mt. Pleasant with a busted water pump. The town was tiny and everything was closed up and they were having a city wide picnic in a park. Praise God a young man, with a wife and 2 small children, left the picnic and went to his auto garage and replaced that water pump for us in the evening hours so we could get on our way. We always told him if we ever got back to Mt. Pleasant, TX we'd buy them the biggest steak dinner they'd ever had. 51 years later.....we've never been back to Mt. Pleasant, TX.

When we finally arrived back in Albuquerque the very next day we went to the Ford dealership and traded that Cadillac in for a 1959 Red Ford. My boss at the time teased me unmercifully saying, "Susan's the only person I ever knew who left on a trip in a Pink Cadillac Convertible and returned in a Red Ford." So wish I had pictures to show!!

We have truly lived a wonderful, fun packed and very adventuresome life!!!!

I'll answer another question #2 in another post.

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retha said...

Even without photo's the stories are in your mind and now penned for us to enjoy.

Mari said...

I loved these stories! I may not have a picture, but there is one in my mind!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful story. I don't need photos to imagine the cars.
I loved the red light story.
My hubby had a convertible when we met. I never got pictures but I'll never forget the cold night we drove main street with the top down and people looking at us too. It was after all Feb. My girlfriend and I ended up with really bad colds after that cruise. Thanks for sharing.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Even without photos I could picture your cruise down that street in my mind. What a fun memory!

Joy said...

People sure are nice in Texas. :)

I loved reading this. I'm so glad you did your car post.
I just smiled when I read pink Cadillac. I would have never guessed that in a million years. Mickey must have been a good Mary Kay salesman. haha.

Love the part about all the men in the pink car and all you gals and kids in the other. That is too funny.
Thanks for sharing.

♥ Joy

Dawn said...

I think you should definitely keep doing what you are doing.