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Sharon said...
I love coming here to read your blog.I was wondering how many people do you feed? You might have mentioned it before but I don't remember seeing it.Do you do this everyday?Thanks

We currently deliver the meals on Tuesday and we deliver between 37-40.

Mickey is hoping to expand this to two days a week when we get enough volunteers and will add Thursday delivery. We currently have 8 volunteer cooks who cook one time a month. We have 8 delivery volunteers who deliver every week. We have 2 people on each team and 4 routes.

Mickey, Sherry & I get there every Tuesday at 8:30. Sherry leaves about 11, when the meals are completed. Mickey & I remain, doing clean-up and then just waiting, until the delivery people return and get home between 12:30-1:00. Mickey and I are also there the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Monday evenings with that weeks cooking team because they work full time and volunteer in the evening. The 4th week the cooks are able to come on Tuesday morning.
Ginger said...
I loved your posts about your hot air balloon! I would love to know if there is one thing that you could do on this earth before you leave it, what would it be? (As in an adventurous way.)

I truly have been so blessed in owning the Hot Air Balloons and participating & traveling to some Balloon Rally's and then our 4 years of travel to every state and every Canadian providence that I am content and happy. The one think we have not done that we would like to do, and to me it would be the greatest adventure of all, would be a trip to Israel and be able to walk where my Lord Jesus walked.

Just Mom said...
"When I first moved to Oklahoma, many years ago, I wrote my parents and said, 'If I ever doubted there was a hell....I don't any more because I've moved to the middle of it'."LOL! I thought of an O.K. weather-related question: Have you ever seen a twister? I apologize if you've already answered this one. Just direct me to your blog post

I am most happy to say "No!! I have never seen a twister." Although we have many tornadoes in our area and we have many alarms and warnings we have never been hit by one. The worst one I ever experienced was about 40 years ago. My sons at the time were 6 and 1. Mickey was at work and the boys and I were home alone. It was in the middle of the afternoon. I had gotten us in the hallway of our home. the center most protected area away from windows. David, the 6 year old was going bonkers yelling "We're gonna die....we're gonna die!!!!" Marc, the 1 year old, was sitting in my lap with my arms around him. He never let out a sound, but his little heart was beating 90 to nothing. This was the first tornado that ever hit Tulsa. There had been an old Indian tale that Tulsa would never be hit by a tornado. WRONG there was much damage done when that one hit but we had no damage whatsoever. Since then we have had several other bad tornado's that have hit Tulsa. The one a three weeks ago damaged our Church Secretary's home they had only lived in 8 months!!! They, and their 2 children, are currently living in a motel . Just like the many more earthquakes we are experiencing.....we are having much more severe tornadic activity. "The Lord is my Shepard" ...... praise God.

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Mari said...

Your meal ministry is ceratinly a blessing to many - including you!
I don't know if I could ride in a hot air balloon. I'm not a fan of heights...
The tornade experience sounds frightening too. There was a bad tornado in my hometown, a few years before I was born and many people were killed. It left my Mom with a big fear of tornadoes, and I remember sitting in the storm shelter through many storms being scarded as a child.

Mountain Mama said...

We have not had tornadoes here in Bellingham. I'm glad too!
My grandma lived in Kansas and Nebraska when she was a young girl and told many stories of the storms. Not something I ever want to experience.
Thank God you and your boys were kept safe Susan.

Just Mom said...

A tornado touched down not too far from us (about 10 miles I'm guessing) a few years ago. I was still working at the paper so I was out there after the storm had passed, taking photos of the damage. I didn't actually see it touch ground (witnesses say it only touched ground briefly), but I did see the top of the funnel cloud as I was leaving a meeting I was coveing to head back home. It was surreal.

Joy said...

Ok. I don't know where I've been But I've missed the the hot air balloon post. I had no idea. I've never been up in one. I'm not fond of heights so I'm not sure I would have the nerve.
So thankful the Lord is providing for the meal preparations and delivery. Meeting a persons most basic need is such a blessing.
I've taken my girls into a hall closet only once that I can remember. I never did as a child growing up in FL, but here in Texas it can get rough occasionally. So we hung out in the closet until the storm passed.
♥ Joy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer Susan. I told Dave that I was sure it was what you would say. I know your heart for Israel!

As for the weather question from JM, my parents lived through the tornado that Mari wrote about. They panicked and jumped into the car with my brother. Once down the road they realized my oldest brother was left behind and they had to return to get him. My mom has always hated storms and unusual skies. I guess having your house almost taken down and your neighbors wiped away is enough for you to never want to see a tornado again.