Monday, May 31, 2010


Royal Rangers is a program in the Assembly of God churches for young boys. It is very similar to Boy Scouts where they earn badges, camp, play, etc., except the emphasis is on learning God's Word and Discipleship. We pick Aric up every Wednesday from school and bring him home with us so he can attend this Royal Ranger program. He then spends the night with us and we take him to school on Thursday morning.

This past Wednesday night was the Annual Awards Ceremony for Royal Rangers.

Our Royal Ranger in his cap, T-shirt and Vest with Bible in hand and tithe (from his lawn mowing) in his pocket.

Aric had previously earned the Tool Craft Safety award and the Bible Badge for the study of Exodus.

Wednesday night he received Bible Badges for Matthew & Nehemiah and his Rocketry Badge. Having earned 4 badges qualified him for the Red Falcon level.

Good job Aric!!!!

Mowing the front yard with a 2 fold purpose. Helping his Grandfather and learning not only about earning spending money, but being taught to give his 10% tithe and save 10%.

Can you tell how much we love this young man and how very proud we are of him?!!!!!!

These things remind me of Luke 2:51-52 "And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." This is what this grandmother holds in her heart for her grandson.

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Mari said...

That sounds like a great program. Aric is blessed to have grand parents who do what you you do so he can attend!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your grandson is learning valuable lessons that will last him throughout his lifetime. You have much to proud of.

Tiffany said...

So cool! My parents were saved in the 80s in the Asembly of God Church. I remember Royal Rangers. I was in Rainbows and Daisys, while we lived there and my momma taught a year of Prims and then Juniors and Seniors(the ones for girls). I was even Daisy Dutches one year and went to district and state bible competition. Such wonderful memories! It's nice to hear they're still going strong! :D

retha said...

Such a good thing to be involved in, am certain there are a friend or two making it more pleasant as well for the young man.

Oh Sew Good said...

Oh yes! I can tell how much you love him and how proud of him you are.

Nancy said...

What a great program and you have erery reason to be proud of a young man like that.

Pam said...

I hope he realized how blessed he is to have you and Mickey as grandparents! :) I know your hearts are bursting with pride. It's beautiful to see how you mentor and encourage your grandchildren.

Maxine said...

All of this is a blessing for the two of you and for him. There is nothing much more precious than the relationship he will always cherish with you guys and the valuable lessons he's learning. May the Lord bless his future as a result.

Debra said...

Sounds like a wonderful program. He is blessed to have such a special Grandmother as well!

PEA said...

It's no wonder you're so proud of him, he sounds like a wonderful young man and is certainly learning about life the right way:-) Congratulations to him for winning those well deserved badges!! xoxo

Joy said...

This is so awesome for him. The principles he learns in RR will be with him for the rest of his life. What a great program for boys. So glad he can be a part of it.
I know you are proud.
My girls did GA's. (Girls in Action). I think the boys equivolent was RA's Royal Ambassadors. All are great programs
♥ Joy

Kathy said...

Susan, he is such a blessed young man to have you all for Grandparents. Tell Aric congratulations from us! Much love, Kathy