Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SURVEY RESULTS - Any Questions Any One???

22 of you left me comments on my 808th post and survey the other day. All but one of those actually took the survey and here are the results. 15 of you, or 68%, chose #8 - The Hodge Podge ALL that my blog has been for these 3+ years. These are the choices selected by the remaining 6 people: #5 my personal thoughts - 7; #6 my insights - 5; #1 my family - 3; #3 our activities - 3; #2 my church 1. No one selected either #4 the Show & Tell & Spiritual Sunday posts or #7 the memes.

Thanks so much to the 22 of you who cared enough to comment. I also really appreciated your very kind remarks :o) As a result, of this survey, I think I'll just keep on doing what I've been doing and hope you'll keep on wanting to come by and check on me often :o)

Back on my 2nd anniversary in 2008 my post was an opportunity for my readers to ask my questions. Since that's been a spell ago, and since many of you might not have been reading my blog back then, I wanted to do the same thing again...........

SO - any question - WHATSOEVER you would like to know about me or ask me please do so and I will answer it in a future post.

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Joy said...

Maybe you could do a cars post. I'd love to see that 200sx you had if you have any pictures of it.
♥ Joy

Just Mom said...

Sorry I missed a bunch of posts. I've been running around a lot, hence a lack of blog posts on my part too.

Just keep doing what you're doing Susan. That's my vote.

btw ... JS is gonna LOVE seeing that honey post. I'll show it to him after school.

Jan L said...

Hmmm longtime lurker coming out for a ?

What is your favorite thing about living in Oklahoma? What is your least favorite?

Mari said...

I think I know quite a bit about you. One thing I know is that you are a hard worker and you seem to always be going! I'm wondering if you ever have a lazy day, and what do you do to just relax?

Sharon said...

I love coming here to read your blog.
I was wondering how many people do you feed? You might have mentioned it before but I don't remember seeing it.
Do you do this everyday?

Anonymous said...

I loved your posts about your hot air balloon! I would love to know if there is one thing that you could do on this earth before you leave it, what would it be? (As in an adventurous way.)