Thursday, June 3, 2010


Finally finding a few minutes to answer the remaining two questions that were asked me.

Momma Roar said...
East coast liberalism???? *giggle*
I like to knit or hand sew while traveling (of course, T would have to be driving!)
I do wish you enjoyed chatting online, because I'm not sure when we'll get to sit and have coffee (or lemonade!)

Did you ever share where you would live if you could live anywhere in the US? Because of your travels, I know you've gotten to so many places and I wonder if there is one you'd move to if you had the desire to do so. I'm sure you want to stay where you are because of family, so just a hypothetical question! :D

Not a question....but chatting online makes a nervous wreck out of me!!!! That's why I don't care for it.

No, I don't think I've ever shared where we would live if we could live anywhere in the US? Actually, it would not be the US it would be Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, Canada. We LOVED Canada when we were traveling there. In September, 2000 we were in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and we just fell in love with it. The campground we were in was right along the St. Croix River and the people were so friendly and nice. In a perfect world, and we were financially able to do so, we would have our 5th wheel moved to that campground in St. Andrews and would live there from May through September and then return to our home, here in Coweta, and live from October through April. In fact, we had intended to return there for some summers, once we were finished with our travels and visiting all 50 states, but it never happened.

As far a one of the most beautiful areas, and the best would have to be San Diego, CA.......but maybe in the 50's or 60's before it became so over populated!!! No way would I live in California in today's society today

As you so rightly stated though, because of our love of family and the importance we place on family the ONLY place for us is right here in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Retha said...
Interesting to hear about your skipping spring, I think last week we had a whole two weeks of spring. Such a long spring it was for us :)
Thank you for the opportunity to ask.While travelling in your 5 wheeler what was the most difficult to do/adapt to. And what was pleasant.
Actually, Retha we had no problem whatsoever adapting to the 2 of us living in first a 26' unit and then a 30' unit. The one thing I missed the most was my bath tub!!! Our unit has a full size very nice shower, but I've always been a bath person and I really did miss my hot, filled to the rim bubble baths!!!!

The entire experience was pleasant and delightful. We are so very thankful that we took the opportunity to travel as we did when we could and were able to do so and would highly recommend it to anyone.
I have to admit though by the end of the 4th year, I was getting tired of "pulling out and moving on" every week or two and was more than ready to return home. We also knew that The Lord was telling us to do just that and to "redeem the time" for Him. That is what we are endeavoring to do since returning to Coweta and our little home here on May 4, 2005.
Thank you so much to the 8 of you who asked me questions. It was fun answering them.

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Sioux said...

Wow, Susan, I had not realized you guys were on the road at one time. We could never part with our little bit of earth, so we traveled in a 27' sometimes, but always came back home. We are here because the family is so near, too!

retha said...

Oops I see I made a mistake, it should be last year not last week. Luckily I do not have to live two weeks in one that would just be way too exhausting.

Thank you ma'am that is what I was wondering something like the missing the tub.
There are no motor homes/-villas here, only caravans and those do not come with a proper bathroom.

Mari said...

More interesting answers. I can't really imagine being on the road for that long! I would love to spend some time traveling though. What a great opportunity it was for you.

Anonymous said...

You and I chatted once and it was fun. You did wonderfully! I, like Leigh Ann, wish that you enjoyed it. You know we both would love to chat with you :D

I knew you loved Canada! What about Michigan? It's pretty nice here other than in the winter ;)