Friday, June 4, 2010


The family wedding reception honoring Marc & Deann's February 12th marriage was FINALLY held on Sunday, May 29th. We may be slow.... but we are sure!!! It had actually been set for April 18th but had to be cancelled.
Sister, Suzette, and brother-in-law, Dave, hosted at their home with a scrumptious dinner of roasted tenderloin. Yummy - Yummy

The honorees - Deann & Marc
Our happy newly weds of 3 months and 17 days

We presented them a Home Depot Gift Certificate to be used for something special for the new home they will be purchasing when one or both of their existing homes sell.

Getting ready to cut the Wedding cakes.

Most everyone wanted a piece of the brides and grooms cake.
The new combined family of 7

Eldest son Mason (13) - Aric (11) - Only daughter and eldest child Oksana (15) - Youngest son Cody (10) - and 2nd 11 year old son Aaron. Mom Deann in the background. Yes!!! Sons 10, 11, 11, 13 & a daughter 15!!! A challenge that was given much consideration and thought. Marc & Deann are able, willing and capable of handling it. You can see the kids were enjoying the pre-dinner snacks of chips & chili dip, and fresh vegtable tray with dip.
Dad Marc- Mason - Oksana - Cody - Aaron-Aric missing from this picture-Mom Deann.
Aric, Oksanna, Cody & Aaron listening intently to instructions.

The 3 youngest sons, Cody, Aaron & Aric.
The oldest son Mason who loves to hang out with the adults.
Marc's extended family

Father, Grandfather and head of this family, Mickey

Sister, Suzette, and Wendy.

Sister Jacque

Niece Jessica with her boyfriend, Josh.

The in-laws (or is it out-laws!!) Dave & Benny with daughter, Oksana.
And me, Susan, proud Mother and Grandmother of this entire clan.

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Mari said...

Glad you had this time to celebrate - even if it was late!
I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your wonderful family!

Momma Roar said...

You have a beautiful family Susan! Thanks for sharing your pictures and its never too late to celebrate - especially when cake is involved!!! HA!

Sioux said...

What a beautiful family and wonderful celebration!

~Ginger said...

Great family, but you need to hand off that camera and get yourself in the photos!

So happy for Marc and the whole gang!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Every time I read about one of your celebrations it brings a smile to my face.

Nancy said...

what a great family and everyone looks like they enjoy each other

Oh Sew Good said...

I have no doubt you're an awesome grandmother. No doubt, whatsoever!

retha said...

Great reason for being together.

Debra said...

What a lovely couple and fine group of children. Seven, as you know, is a very good number! :)

Hope your having a wonderful week end Susan.

Saija said...

awww, i love happy occasions - this sure fits the bill ...

blessings on you all!

Kathy said...

What a time you all must've had. I trust it was truly special for the Newlyweds. The menu sounds completely wonderful, and the cake: it looked fabulous! Thanks so much for letting us take a little peek into a very special time.

Maxine said...

Wonderful time of celebration of something happy. Looks like a wonderful time and I wish them many good years together.

Barbara said...

Best wishes to Marc for a long and happy marriage.

Joy said...

Glad you all got to celebrate together. I know you enjoyed every minute of it.
Beautiful and Blessed family Susan.
♥ Joy