Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've been tagged by Reva of Gifting Each Today. I'm to answer the following 8 questions made up by Reva, make up 8 questions of my own, and then tag 8 of you to answer my questions.

Sooooo, ready......... set .......... let's GO!!

1. If you had to choose only one favorite sweet thing what would it be? Vanilla Cheesecake with some chocolate drizzle.

2. Which is most like you; Pastels, rich reds and blues, greens and oranges and browns, lavendars and pinks? I'd fall mostly in the rich reds & blues category.

3. what is your favorite memory of a childhood game or activity you enjoyed? (younger than 12)
Kick the can for outside & monopoly for inside.

4. which would you have most enjoyed as a career other than what you have or are doing now and why? I would love to have a degree in Christian counciling so I could help people who struggle with different issues.

5. What have you secretly felt you are very good at but usually don't talk about? I love to write, and like to think I'm fairly good at it. I just love "words". Both written and spoken.

6. If you had a million dollars handed to you what is the first thing you would BUY? I would take a trip to Israel and I would add a sunroom and enlarge our dining area in our home. I guess these two don't really qualify as "buying" something, but that's what I would spend the first money on.

7. Have you ever shot a gun and have you ever been hunting? NO, I hate guns and we have none in our home. A request of mine that my husband honors. Mickey carried a gun for years when he worked for Brinks and we had to have one in the house but when he retired I ask him to please sell it and he did. He loves me!!!!

8. Which would you be most likely to adopt? a cat or dog, a zoo animal, a child relative, a special needs child, a baby, a grandma, a pet rock or a street to clean? A child relative.

That was very for the hard part....thinking up 8 questions I want answered.

#1. If money were no object what would you like to do that you've never been able to do or have always wanted to do?

#2. If you could have "do overs" what is the 1 thing you would never do again? And why?

#3. If you could have "do overs" what is the 1 thing you would want to be absolutely, positively sure you did again? And why?

#4 What is the worst fear?

#5. What is your greatest joy?

#6. What is your life verse, or if you don't have one, your favorite Bible verse?

#7. What church do you attend? And why? If you do not attend a church, why not?

#8. If you knew you only have 1 year to live, what is the first thing you would do?

Now comes the next hardest thing to do: picking 8 people to tag.
#I - Sharon of New Country Girl
#II - Nancy of In My Neck of the Woods
#III - Debra of And it Came to Pass
#IV - Theresa of Devotions for the Seasons of My Life
#V - Sunny of Just Plain Country Living
#VI - Joy of Joy in the Burbs
#VII - Sohailah of Adventures in Hope
#VIII - Sherry of Groovy's Ruminations

Please let me know when you post your answers!!! Thanks for playing along.

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Debra said...

Hey there Susan,

Thanks for the tag. I will try to post this sometime in the near future.

Hope you have had a great day. I enjoyed reading your answers!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Dear Susan, our paryers have been going out for several weeks now - Very strong and loud! I know the road is long dear friend but there will be sunshine and praise!!

Hugs always Lee-ann

Brenda said...

Hi Susan!

Your cheesecake would be a very close second to my dark chocolate.
Enjoyed your answers.

{still praying}

God bless!

PEA said...

I will be back to catch up on your posts but right now I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party on my blog...get ready to do the jitterbug:-) xoxo

Barbara said...

Always like reading more about you Susan but don't do tags myself.

groovyoldlady said...

I loved reading your answers, Susan and I FINALLY played along!