Friday, October 8, 2010

A WEDDING & A BABY SHOWER in a very busy week

Dream & Jame's Wedding Shower, Sunday October 3rd @ 2 p.m.

I showed this thermometer with the floating temperatures a couple of weeks ago that I had gotten for a young couple at our church who is getting married soon.

Here they are!!! Dream & James. That "older couple" in the middle is us!!!

Like all showers, you have to play silly games. This was one where there were 2 big bags of clothes. Dream's bag had clothing items belonging to James and James bag had clothing items belonging to Dream. It was so funny. Especially James trying to put on Dream's because he is so much larger than she. They were such good sports and here is the finished product. By the way, they were both blindfolded!!!

Here is the finished Dream waiting for James to finish.
James & Dream are such dedicated Christians. It is a joy to watch them. James was saved about a year ago on a Wednesday night. The FIRST time he had ever come to our church!! At the end of the service he came across the isle and gave Mickey a great big hug. We have watched with pleasure as this young couple has become so actively involved in our Body.
At 6 p.m. (yes, the same day !) we had an All Church Reception to welcome 35 new members to our Coweta Assembly of God congregation. I did not get any pictures of this event, but it was a HUGE success. We all bought either Home Made Soup, Breads or Desserts. A literal feast. I took a Wild Rice Soup.

These are the Bar-B-Que Cups that I prepared for Dreams shower. They were such a BIG hit, that I prepared the same dish for the Baby Shower, too.

The Honoree
Miss Trinity Grace Gertner
Born 9/24/10 @ 4:38 pm
7 lbs. 10 ozs.
20 1/4"
Parents: Angela & Tommy

The shower was Thursday October 7th at 6 p.m. We had a lovely pot-luck meal to start the celebration. I failed to get pictures of that!!

Here are the 2 cakes. One chocolate & one white. Both yummy!!!
I think it's so wonderful that the husbands are included in Showers these days. So different than when I had mine :o)
As usually there were several games but here is the one I wanted to share.

(from left to right) Tommy, Trinity's dad, Terry & Tony. They are looking and laughing as they are just realizing what "game" they have been drafted to play!!!!

Yes, the winner was the first one to empty their bottle. Tommy won.....but he also cheated by biting off the end of the nipple. Terry & Tony were trying to but couldn't do it.

Lots of gifts. Angela opened the gift and Tommy opened and read the cards. Miss Trinity observed. Angela is opening our gift which was a set of 4 receiving blankets.
Miss Trinity Grace is adopted. Angela & Tommy have been married 8+ years. Angela has a 19 year old son who is in college. Tommy had never been married and is 48 years old. Miss Trinity Grace is one blessed little girl and will bring much joy to this great couple.
Mickey & I are so blessed to be part of these wonderful young couples lives. It's one of the things that keeps us young.....hanging around with younger folk a lot of the time.

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Kathy said...

Susan, how awesome that you've been able to share in these lives. I know you have mentored them and blessed them in many ways. Thank you for sharing these very special times with us.

retha said...

I agree it is good to have both of the couple together for the showers.

Those BBQ cups do look tasty.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I enjoyed this visit very much! Thanks so much for bringing us along.

Nancy said...

You always have such fun times and great pictures. Love the idea of trying on each others clothes to funny!! I think you need to post the recipe for those BBQ cups..

Joy said...

You know you are going to have to share the recipe for those bbq cups. Looks delish.
What a fun time at both showers.
We have a baby Trinity in our neighborhood. She's about a year old. What a precious baby. Her parents and Trinity are so blessed.

There is such a sweet spirit in your church.
♥ Joy

Maxine said...

You guys have all the fun!!! I love that game you played at the bridal shower!

And how sweet that the little one is adopted. So close to my heart! May she be ever blessed. Wonderful way to spread the gospel!!

Barbara said...

Don't have baby showers here.