Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have not participated in Spiritual Sunday since December of last year so this group of followers is not aware that our beloved daughter, Suzette, lost her 7 1/2 month battle with cancer and went to be with her Lord on May 19th.

The following book "not a fan" has had such an impact on our lives and is such an important book that I wanted to do this post for Spiritual Sunday.  I trust each and every one of you will get and read this book.

If you are a serious reader and, more importantly you are serious about following JESUS and truly making Him LORD of your life, you must read "not a fan" by Kyle Idleman.

This book will shake you out of complacency and make you realize that we have never really sacrificed for our Lord Jesus Christ and that it is time to do so.  At least that is what it has done for me.
It was recommended to me by a young man at church, Kent, who helps us in The King's Kitchen ministry.  He was going to loan me his book, but just his sharing a little bit about it with me made me tell him, "No, I want to buy my own copy because I know this is a book I am going to want to own and read over and over again."

I wept as I read parts of it.  It is good from the first words and chapter but the last three chapters:  Where ever - When ever & What ever are just ........ I'm struggling for words ......... because I can't even find the words except to say:  READ IT!!!

From the Sticker Patch is a lovely book that was written by a fellow Northeastern Oklahoma, Shari England.  Shari is on fb and I friended her when she was recommended by one of my church friends, Jeanne, who also helps us in The King's Kitchen and also attends the Tuesday night Bible Study in my home, WOW Women.
In May Jeanne presented me with a gift of a signed copy!!! 

 Shari writes 63 short devotionals that are easy reading and each has a wonderful lesson for us.  I read, and was blessed, by one of these devotionals on a daily basis.  
Again, I cannot encourage you enough to read "not a fan".  If you do so please let me know and let me know the impact it has on you.

May God Bless You!!!!
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Mari said...

I'm going to have to find this book. When you are so insistent, I know it's important!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


First of all, you know I have been away from blogland for a bit, and I did not realize that you lost your daughter. I am so sorry! My heart is heavy for you!

I also appreciate the book reviews! I am going to check them both out....especially that first one...not a fan!


retha said...

Good to hear how believers are encouraged to live the fullness of the gospel.

sarah said...

I'm sorry Susan......Stay strong okay....

Kathy said...

We haven't purchased the book, "Not a Fan" yet, but we will do so.

Your's like oil for me because now I know where you sit when you read & things like that.

Danny and I were just talking today about how special our time with you was. What a blessing you are to so many, Susan. You are so loved!!!

Pamela said...

My heart aches for your loss. Grief is a lonely road.

I read the first chapter of "Not a Fan" on Amazon. It's a book I'll want to download to my Kindle. Thanks for sharing it.

Jenileigh said...

I have been looking for a new read. I am going to put this one next on my list. Thanks for the recommendation! Hugs Susan.

Charlotte said...

First, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. You have my prayers and deepest sympathy. We've missed your sharing with us on Spiritual Sundays and are happy to see you back. These sound like really good books. I've heard Kyle Idleman's father preach. He is very good.
Hugs & blessings,

Maxine said...

Blessings, Susan!! You always have good books to recommend. Thanks for that!

So glad to see that the Lord is upholding you and sustaining you.

Reva said...


I am so sorry about your loss of your daughter. I didn't realize that you were going through that. I just lost a cousin last week suddenly from complications after surgery. My father-in-law is living with us now and is fighting cancer too. He is going through Chemo right now but it won't totally cure it in the end. I do feel for you though and will pray for you. Thanks for checking on my recently. I had words with my post but it never came through. Will have to try it again soon.

Debra said...

Hi Susan, these books sound very good. I had not heard of "the fan" and will have to check it out. I am always searching for good devotionals as well. Take care and have a blessed week.

Jenileigh said...

I just got this book-I Am Not a Fan- and am beginning to read it today. I was searching the internet for information about it and came across your blog post. I was really excited to begin the book but especially so on your recommendation. Happy Easter! He Is Risen!