Monday, July 18, 2011


Saw this a long time ago and enjoyed reading it.  Finally getting around to posting this.

It is ALL about me!!!

A is for age: Turned 73 Christmas day 
B is for books: Love to read Spiritual books that help me grow - read 13 in 2010 and am currently using BORN FOR BATTLE 31 Studies on Spiritual Warfare by R. Arthur Mathews during a Tuesday evening Bible Study I host in my home.

C is for career: Retired from CPA firm. Spent my working career as Secretary/Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerk & Real Estate Broker.

D is for dad's name: Henry Harrison Errett

E is for essential items to bring to a party: 100% of yourself with a happy heart and what ever the hostess has asked you to bring.

F is for favorite song at the moment: I Can Only Imagine and Amazing grace.  Both played at my daughter, Suzettes', memorial on May 24th.

H is for hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico

I is for instruments you play: Piano, but not much any more. Donated my piano for auction a year ago to help pay off our Church building loan.

J is for jam or jelly you like: Apricote

K is for kids: Four! Two Daughters, Suzette & Jacque, & two sons, David & Marc. All but David live in our area, for which I am so thankful. David is in San Francisco.

L is for living arrangements: Single family brown stone home.....that is PAID FOR!!!

M is for moms name: Pauline June Dickey Errett

N is for name of your best friends: My husband, Mickey - my forever friend, Joan - our long time friends - Don & Barbara.

O is for overnight hospital stays: 4 births, major chest surgery, pneumonia

P is for phobia[s]: None that I am aware of.

Q is for quote you like: If you keep things simple they'll stay pure & A lie is anything contrary to the naked truth. I have both of these quotes on my header.

R is for relationship that lasted the longest: My friend Joan, who I've known since I was 6 years old.

S is for siblings: One deceased 1/2 sister, Marion.

U is for unique trait(s): None - very ordinary!!

V is for vegetable you love: Sweet potato

W is for worst trait: Talking too much, amount not gossip, and interrupting.

x is for x-rays you've had: Not too many.

Y is for yummy food you make: Beef Stroganoff

Z is for favorite animal at the zoo: Monkeys


First job: In my father's Real Estate Office.

First funeral: My fathers.

First piercing: Ears in my 20's (first & only I might add)

First tattoo: None.

First credit card: Sear's

First favorite musician/band: Can't even remember this one!!


Last movie watched: Toy Story 3 with Oksana & Aric.

Last beverage drank: Coffee!!

Last food consumed: Banana with milk.

Last phone call: My forever friend, Joan.

Last CD played: Susan Boyle - The Gift

Last website visited:  Amazon checking for A Severe Mercy
Single or Taken: Taken for 52 years!

What do you miss? The loss of our daughter, Suzette, and that one son does not live in the area.

Hair color: Gray

Natural color: Gray but blond as a kid and then light brown.

Eye color: Hazel

Makes you sad: That my daughter lost her to fight with cancer and that our granddaughter chose to move.

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retha said...

E made me smile,
'100% of yourself with a happy heart ...' was wondering how one could go half end let the other half stay at home to do the not so nice chores ;o)

Oklahoma Granny said...

I so enjoyed reading through your post today. Blessings to you this week.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That brought a smile. Love and huggles.

Kansas Bob said...

Enjoyed the read Susan. Might do it on my blog too.

Midlife Mom said...

That was a great meme!! I too might do that one myself but I'm wondering if I can come up with something for each letter! ha! I love both the songs that you put down as favorites! You are so sweet and your love for the Lord shines through!

Humble wife said...

I like this all about me book. We often see these for babies and children that have not so much wisdom, joy, sadness or experience to share. I am thinking of copying this!

Kathy said...

I loved this! Thank you, Susan.