Thursday, August 4, 2011


 I just saw this on my friend Tracy's blog and thought it would be fun to hook-up with this Alphabet in August group which is hosted by Chiot's Run.

ACTIVE - I have always been very active and still am at 73 years of age.  I recently began walking daily and this morning begins my 5th week, or 29th straight day, of walking.  I gradually built my walk time up from .4 mile to .95 mile in 16 minutes.  I thought I was walking a mile by my husband measuring it with his pick-up but when we bought a pedometer last week I discovered it was only the .95 mile.  I am going to keep adding on to that as I am able.  

AFFECTIONATE - We are a very affectionate family.  My husband and I hold hands a lot - while sitting on the couch - at church - or walking in the mall, etc.  We always hugs our grown children each and every time we see them (even though my sons tower over us both in size and height!) and tell each other we love them.  

AVAILABLE - We try and make ourselves available to our church, our friends, & our kids.  I hold a Tuesday night Bible Study/Prayer Group each week in our home.  We call ourselves Women of the Word or WOW Woman for short.  My husband began a ministry called The King's Kitchen where we feed shut-in's in our community once a week.  I'll share more about that when I get to "K"!!  I was asked 2 weeks ago if I would teach the Sunday morning Adult Small Group Class for the coming 2 weeks so I made myself "available" and said "yes".

ACCOMPLISHED - I firmly hold to the premise that anything worth doing is worth doing well so it brings Glory to God.  Therefore, I attempt to accomplish all tasks, goals, chores, duties, projects, responsibilities, etc. to the very best of my ability.  

AMBITIOUS - Ties in with accomplish - to put forth great effort to accomplish my goals. 

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Mari said...

Those are all great attributes and all fit you well!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad that you're playing along, Susan. And I'm OH so proud of you for your walking!

Humble wife said...

I love this alphabet challenge!

A- is for Adam

with whom sin entered into man.

A-is for Atonement

through which our Savior reconciled man with God.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

P.S. - I forgot to mention the books you have read! You are a fast reader, I read very slow! Have you considered a Kindle? I'm thinking about it, but not sure I read enough to justify getting one. I like the idea of downloading a book instantly, not having to go out to buy it!

The Help is a secular book, but very enjoyable. Has a few bad words, but nothing compared to what some best sellers have these days. It has a lot about the black members and their black church, their beliefs, etc. Being a Southerner I wanted to read it and see the movie. It has a lot of sweet moments about the bonding of whites and blacks over the years. It also has sad times of blacks being mistreated. It also has some funny times!

It is different from anything I've ever read. I liked it, very thought provoking.

I liked your A words list too!