Sunday, August 28, 2011

"S" is for.................SIMPLE

Did Spiritual Sunday on Saturday!!!! so I guess I can do ALPHABET in AUGUST on Sunday this time.  Participating in this through Cloit's Run

SIMPLE - At the top of my page is the quote "If you keep things SIMPLE they'll stay pure."  I have that quote there because I truly believe this is a truth.  I think we complicate too many things, and in doing so we lose the pure, unadulterated truth and end up making a big mess of things. 

SUSAN - Of course this is my name!!!  But I have always been grateful for my name and here is why.  My father's name was Henry Harrison Errett and when they knew they were expecting me they decided, if I was a girl, they were going to name me Henrietta after my father.  Fortunately, I had a 12 year old 1/2 sister that informed my mother & father that is they named me Henrietta she would not claim me!!!  I have always been grateful to Marion for speaking up for me because I would have hated to have been Henrietta Errett.  It just doesn't flow off the tongue well.  Further on my name, they chose the name SUSAN after my Paternal Grandmother, who was deceased before I was born.  As a further bit of non-important information about me:  when I was a pre-teen I got the bright idea that I wished my parents had named me CAROL because of being born on Christmas!!!  Another tid-bit of information on my name:  I was not given a middle name because when I was born I had convulsions and was not expected to live and in the hurry of the naming they only selected the one name.

This name business has been more information than you ever wanted, or needed, to know.  But it is all about my name - SUSAN, which by the way I have always liked and why I named my first child, Suzette.

Have a very blessed Sabbath.
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Mari said...

I don't think Henrietta would have worked for you - you are much more a Susan!
S is also for smile, which is something you give to many people, both in your regular life and to your online friends!

Shirley said...

Loved learning more about your name! I agree - Susan suits you much better than Henrietta.