Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am participating in Spiritual Sunday.  Please go here to see many other Spiritual Sunday posts.

Coweta Assembly of God
This is the visible image of the church I attend in Coweta, Oklahoma.

 The visible institution is certainly ONE of the images of the church, but the TRUE image of the church should be ALL Christians.

It should be The Body of Christ, whatever name is on the building.

The Body of Christ has Jesus name in and on the hearts of every member. 

The Body of Christ is being the hands, feet, mouths, eyes, ears, etc. of Jesus in our daily, hourly, moment by moment life.  
The Body of Christ is busy ministering to the world around us where ever Jesus has chosen to place us.

So my question to you today is.....
Do you belong to a Church? 
Or do you belong to The Body of Christ?

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Mari said...

I belong to the body of Christ!!! You make an important point here.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

I belong to the body of Christ too....

Pamela said...

I love being part of the body of Christ. And so many like you who are my sisters. There's a peace in well as thanksgiving.


Ginger said...

I belong to the body of Christ, but sure am believing for a new church to attend as well. Being in a building filled with friends that feel like family is priceless. You can be apart of the body of Christ and worship every week still feeling alone and separated from the body and for that I long to be apart of both, the body of Christ and a building that feels like home.

Kathy said...

The building would hold so little meaning were it not for the family that I meet each week....not just a social connection, but a spiritual connection in Christ. Each week the family tree comes together, to encourage, instruct, prune and strengthen each other. What a blessing to be a part of the body of Christ, and to have (still) the freedom to worship our first love, freely and in community with each other in a sweet sanctuary.

Barbara said...

A building is just a building. Real church is the Eclesia.

Brenda said...

Body of Christ, definitely! Just had this conversation with a friend yesterday, ironically!sm

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I would like to think that I belong to a body of Christ,what a great question.
God Bless,

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm glad you called my attention to read this! I totally agree! We are the body of Christ!! I'm a big believer that the church denomination isn't important, certainly not enough to cause division and arguments among the body of Christ! That's exactly what the devil wants!

God Bless