Monday, November 7, 2011


I've posted a lot about the books God has used over the years to influence me in my Christian walk.  On September 9th I blogged about the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan and commented on this very thing. 

What has been equally as interesting is that a young man, who helps us with The King's Kitchen, Kent has been instrumental in my reading all but two of the last 11 books I've read.  During our time in the Kitchen I discovered Kent loved reading as much as I do and he began sharing his recent "finds" with me.  I just LOVE the way God works, because some of these books, especially starting with Not a Fan, Radical and the two I am going to share today I probably never would have picked off the shelf myself because of the titles and the covers.  Thank you Lord for using Kent in my life in such a way. 
This is the 15th book I've read this year.  It's another good one but, in my opinion does not measure up to Not a Fan or Forgotten God.  After reading Forgotten God, by Francis Chan, I had to immediately go to the Christian bookstore and buy Francis book, Crazy Love.  Kent had been telling me about it and I knew it would be one I had to own myself and will read many times over what years I have to come. 

This is absolutely one of the most powerful books I've read to date.  Of course, as God does, it has come into my life at just the right time!!!  My WOW (Women of the Word) Tuesday night Bible Study group was just finishing up the book, Born For Battle, which we had been studying since I began the group on January 18th. 

After reading Crazy Love I knew it was the next study for us.  Here is a recent picture of the WOW Woman as we begin this newest study.

(back row) Sandra, Britney, Cindy O, Kathy R, & Betty
(front row) Connie, Thelma, Wantha, Susan & Jeanne.
(Absent and not in the picture) Norma & Carmel
(Also participating with us from afar - in AZ) Kathy W

We are all excited about what God has done in each of us already this year and know He has just begun in molding and making us in the vessels He wants us to be. 

I'll keep you posted............GET THE BOOK and find out yourself. 

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Sharon said...

Those do sound like very good books and I will have to look for them the next time I go into the book store,
thanks for telling me about them.
Hugs and Prayers

Carmen said...

Crazy Love is an excellent book. I'd be reading it again, but lent it to a couple of friends. That's what I get for bragging up a book! :) My pastor read Sun Stand Still and claims it made a huge impact on him. I haven't read that one myself. Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for sharing the book info! It sounds like Crazy Love is a must read and I'll be looking for it. I love to read, but have not been reading anything particularly edifying. I did buy a couple of Max Lucado's books at the resale shop. I like his writing.
Have a good week!