Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Right Now

Saw this on my friend Crystals blog and it looked different and fun so thought I'd give it a try.

RIght now, I am...

:: marveling At how much God loves me.

:: tired  from cleaning our son's house on Thursday and still not total recuperated.

:: laughing after having just posted about cows running down our street the other day and police men and a patrol car "herding" them.

:: overwhelmed when I see the mess our country is in and not knowing if we are going to put someone in as President who can really make a difference.

:: pleasantly enjoying the wonderful life I have with my husband.

:: wondering just how many years we might have left here on earth.

:: grateful for the wonderful life we've had together these 53 years.

:: hearing the sound of the TV from the living room where my husband is watching TV

:: going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate some wonderful friends birthdays.  The husband and wife share a January 15th birthday (and she is one year older - but don't tell her I told :o) 
:: planning are having a less hectic week this week than we had last week.

:: digging around for new and different ideas to do in blogging......like this one!

:: sewing is definitely a thing of my past.

:: listening to be sure I'm in tune with God and what He speaks to me.

:: eating again after fasting liquids only for the first 12 days of this New Year.

:: saying I'm glad our after Christmas Christmas Party for our King's Kitchen ministry was Saturday night and a lot of fun but I wish more people would have come.

:: inspired on a daily basis with the wonderful woman God has placed in my life.

:: happy that we get to spend so much time with our youngest son and only grandson.

:: delighted to be hosting a Tuesday night Home Bible Study each week.

:: waiting to paint our second bathroom.

:: being able to save up our money for new hardwood floors for our living room.

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Sylvia said...

Enjoyed this post, as always. Well done with your 12 day fast.