Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Re-Introducing SUZY BLUE

After mentioning that we had once been involved in hot air ballooning and getting comments from people, some who I've known awhile in blogging, were not aware of that I went back to my older postS to pull out this post from July 9, 2007 about our Hot Air Balloon - Suzy Blue.

If there is some interest I have several other posts about our days of Hot Air Ballooning that I will re-post.  Let me know.
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Sylvia said...

Susan, you never cease to amaze me. Fancy you having owned a hot air balloon...I would never have guessed. Interesting reading.

Mari said...

I never would have guessed either. I loved the pictures!

Michelle P said...

I could never hot air balloon in a million years!

Sharon said...

That was so interesting to know, but I could never go up in one since I don't care for heights at all. I love to go and watch a hotair balloon event however.

Brenda said...

I definitely missed all about Suzy Blue. How fascinating. You had to have had a ball!
I have to agree with Sharon though. I can't do heights. I get dizzy on a ladder!

Pam said...

oh yes! I remember that post! I was so impressed with you and Mickey! Guess what? I've blogged for 3 straight days now! FINALLY! Love you!