Sunday, January 13, 2013


God is so good to us and our family.  Our daughter was recently in a collision, not her fault - a man ran the light.  She totaled her car and broke her foot.  She of course could not drive for many weeks, due to the broken foot so did not have a need to replace the car.

The Dr. finally released her to drive.  Her dad took her car shopping on Friday the 4th.   Then Marc took her the afternoon of the 5th and they located a car.  She went back that evening when Benny got off at 5.

She called us about 8 and said, "I'm coming out to show you my new car!"  

 Hugging her 2012 Nissan Sentra with only 18,000 miles and new car warranty and a very good price.
A shot of the back - It was night and dark so the pictures aren't the greatest.

Romans 8:28 in action - "That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good."  The Message 

Then the very next day our son, David, who lives in California had talked to his employers about moving out of California (he has a job where he travels all the time) because housing is so high there he knew he could never buy a home.  He was expecting it to take about a month for him to even hear back on it.  Two days later, his boss contacted him, "David you can move anywhere in the US you want to as long as you are close to an airport."

Psalm 21:2 "You gave him exactly what he wanted; you didn't hold back." The message

Yes, our God not only blesses Mickey & I but also extends those blessings to our children and grand-children.  

Thank you Jesus for blessing us, by blessing our children.

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Mari said...

God is good! Thanking Him with you for these blessings.

Sylvia said...

Wonderful to see the Lord answering before we call... Such good news

retha said...

That is all so wonderful to hear.

Sunny said...

Wonderful blessings!

Barbara said...

So glad your daughter was not badly hurt and glad for your son in Ca.