Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FASTING - Questions about

How many of you fast?  How many of you have been taught about fasting?  How many of you believe The Bible, and our Lord Jesus, taught about fasting?

A lot of questions that I have been thinking about ~~.  I have done very little fasting ~~ I have had very little teaching about fasting ~~ I believe The Bible and Jesus teaches us to fast ~~ I have come under conviction I need to fast.

So, as a consequence of the above, one of my goals for 2013 is to fast 1 day a week.  When the Lord first placed this on my heart I wasn't sure which day to fast but feel He lead me to select Tuesdays.  Why Tuesday for me?  For a couple of reasons:  1) It is the day we do The King's Kitchen and we always have these wonderful desserts I am cutting and boxing and TASTING, and then the aroma's of the wonderful food cooking, so more of a chance to truly die to my flesh during the morning, 2) I host the WOW Woman bible study in my home each Tuesday evening so more time in the afternoon for me to spend time with God in preparation, and 3) the 1st of January was a Tuesday so start the year with my first day of fasting. 

1 Tuesday successfully done - 51 Tuesdays to go.

I believe in commitment.  I believe God expects us to keep our pledges and commitment, both to Him and to others.  I determine to keep this commitment and am blogging about it for even more accountability.  So I'll be keeping you posted throughout 2013.

Please leave me your comments about your views and experience in fasting.  I'll blogging later about one of our experiences in fasting. 

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Mari said...

I have fasted, but not on a routine basis. It's not something I was taught about growing up but have had some teaching as an adult and I do believe God calls us to fast.
When I've fasted I've found that it does remind me to pray more often and it's been a good experience.

Mountain Mama said...

I was not taught about fasting when I was a child but learned through study when I got older. I have been called by the Holy Spirit to fast at times but not a total no food fast but rather to eliminate certain things. One time I did the Daniel fast for 40 days. I leave it to the Lord and if he puts it in my heart I ask what fast he wants me to do.
Susan you are really putting yourself through a test by fasting on those days. I pray you will be strong.

Pam Rios said...

Yes I have fasted but not enough recently. I appreciate your sharing about it here.

Also, in reference to your comment on my blog, I too feel like FB pushed alot of away from our blogs. I started missing the depth that we can get to in our blogs.

retha said...

Going to read what Pam is saying.

Susan ma'am, you have always been very honest and open about what you think. To be obedient is the most important. For that we do not need teaching, no matter what the 'task' is. We are lead by the Spirit. And that I know you have seen in your own life.
With you I pray you see the difference soon.