Saturday, July 6, 2013


Back on May 25th I blogged about Mickey uprooting the dead Japanese Maple tree from our front yard.
We even had a little fun by posing a picture where it "looked" like Mickey pulled this out with a chain and his bare hands!

Once the tree stump was finally removed the next step was roto-tilling the entire bed, then purchasing and spreading MANY bags of a product called Back to Nature.

Next was purchasing & spreading these 6 bags of top soil.
Mickey also ordered 17 Gospher Baskets from California.

May 20-24, we took a break and made a 4 day trip to Dallas for the Hebraic Roots Conference-Revive 2013

Had a little "issue" with UPS and the Gopher Baskets because they claimed to have delivered them on Monday, June 24th at 5:15 pm.  They claimed we were not home but they left them on the front porch.  The problem was we had just gotten home from Dallas around 4 and we were home.  After a trip to UPS in Tulsa, then a phone call to UPS tracking service just to be told we would have to contact the shipper.
To make a L-O-N-G story short - the manufacture sent out 17 new baskets.  We waited.

Last week Mickey shaped 8 of the baskets and we purchased 8 Hosta plants of 4 different variety.  He worked several days to get them planted. Here he is taking a short break to survey the progress before adding that very last plant. 

Victory!!!  Another step finished.

8 more baskets shaped and set in place for the next plants.

Another trip to the nursery where we purchased 8 Stell del Oro Day Lilys

Beginning placement of the first day lily.

We had just finished having a cup of coffee together and his taking a much needed break.

SATISFACTION of a job well done and a project ALMOST complete.
We lack one more larger plant to place where the Japanese Maple had lived and this whole project began.
A follow up blog when it is in place.
Mickey always does a beautiful, wonderful job of everything and maintaining our little abode. 

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Dan said...


My favorite is Mickey sitting in the chair in the front yard. That looks nice, and it's nice you can do such things there on occasion without getting melted. :)

Mari said...

Lots of work, but it sure looks nice in the end!

retha said...

Hard work that is. I like both you sitting out there under the tree.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It came out very nice! I am tired thinking of all that work.