Friday, August 2, 2013


 Today, August 2nd, 2013, is our son Marc's 44th Birthday.   

 It was hard to not post a ton of pictures but I selected this one to highlight the close father/son relationship.
 1983 Tulsa World article as Marc was the youngest person in Tulsa to ever receive his Hot Air Balloon License at age 14.  He was taught and instructed by his father, Mickey, in our Hot Air Balloon Suzy Blue. 
This was taken the day of his test flight as they were making the preparations.
Blessed son - blessed father.

We will be having our usual family birthday celebration on Sunday, August 4th, this year.

We are so proud of this wonderful son The Lord has blessed this family with.
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Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Marc! I know what a blessing he is to you, and the same is true of you and Mickey to him. I enjoyed the hot air balloon pictures!

Shari England said...

The pictures you chose are perfect. Children are such a blessing, and a double blessing when the relationship is so close. I'll bet Mickey was a fun dad, and with a hot-air balloon, Marc was probably the envy of his peers!! :) Never been in one. What a perfect example, however, of how our heavenly Father enjoys seeing us fulfill our enjoyment. It's abundant living! Living "above" the ordinary. And God is right there cheering us on.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Great post and photos!

Crystal said...

Hi, Susan -

I got your sweet little package in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much!
I am looking forward to reading the book - I think starting tomorrow morning will be perfect, as I prepare to worship HIm.

Getting this little package was definitely a surprise and a lovely treat. Thank you so much for making my day special.

God bless you, sweet friend!

Have fun celebrating the birthday!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Happy Birthday Marc!

retha said...

Want to say, I agree with Shari.
How special is that, experience with the hot air balloon for them.