Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The most wonderful Christmas present that we have ever received~~~

At 1:30 we received a phone call from Mickey's Dr's office informing us
the Biopsy, that was preformed on the Lymph Nodes that were removed by the Mediastinoscopy on Mickey last Thursday, the 18th, are

Yes, God already planned this before this journey ever began and
in the process He taught us again to 
and that

Our thanks to our Pastors Steve & Michelle Lee - our Coweta Assembly of God Body - my home bible study group WOW Women (Women of the Word) - my private fb Prayer Group - Hearts in "1" Accord - and our many friends who have been praying and standing in faith with us.  Not only your prayers, but your caring, kind words, hugs and love are what helped sustain us through this testing. 

The history is this:  Mickey had Double Bi-pass Heart Surgery in October, 2008.  He recovered quickly and has done well these past 6 years.  He was getting where he felt weak, being short of breath and having to rest and sit down a lot so after an appointment with our family Dr. he was referred for a consultation with Cardiologist Dr. Irvin on August 28th. After performing extensive tests on September 9th Aorta Stenosis was discovered and on October 13th referred Mickey to a TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) team of Doctors. 

November 5th - 1st testing Dr. Ensley to evaluate proceeding with TAVR.  Total of 4 tests done.  November 11th - Consultation with Dr. Ensley and Dr. Parmley where Mickey was notified he had a small (size of the upper tip of the little finger) mass in the upper left lob of his lung that was cancer.  All TAVR was put on hold.

November 17th lung biopsy performed.  November 25th referred to Lung Specialist Dr. Nokes.  Dr. Nokes examination cleared Mickey for both removal of the lung cancer and possible TAVR for the Aorta IF pet scan showed no spread of cancer.  November 26th pet scan performed to check for spread of cancer.  December 10th consultation Dr. Parmley - results of pet scan showed possible spread to lymph nodes of breast plate. 

December 18th Dr. Parmley performed Mediastinoscopy of breast plate lymph nodes.

DECEMBER 23rd - 1:30 p.m.  Call from Dr. Parmley's office - Lymph nodes NEGATIVE!!!!!!

Next step - January 7th, 10:30 Pre-op - January 8th  Dr. Parmley - Lung Surgery to remove cancer. 


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Mari said...

Wonderful news! I'm so thankful for this report and am praising God with you!

retha said...

I have no words, this I know (so do the both you too ma Susan) all of all is in GOD alone.