Friday, March 2, 2007

Three Generations

Introducing three generations of the Mickey Joyce clan.

Daughter, sister & auntie-Suzette / Granddaughter, neice & cousin-Oksana (11) / Mom & grandma Susan / Granddaughter, daughter, niece & cousin-Jessica (20) / Daughter, mom, sister & auntie-Jacque. (Did you get ALL that?) All live in the Tulsa area except Jessica who was visiting from Mississippi.

Suzette & Jacque - sisters & friends

Putting their best fronts forward!

Or is it putting their best fronts backward?

I'm confused. Are you?

You can tell from this shot we're a family that loves to have fun, a good time and laugh at ourselves. We do not take ourselves too seriously. You can also tell that husband, dad & granddad, Mickey, has a tendency to cut the tips of our heads off. I wonder.... is there a message in that?! :o) Photography and blogging skills are not our best talents. Being together, sharing and loving each other are our talents and joys.

Thanks for dropping by and meeting a few more of us.

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Candy said...

I love these pictures! Very nice and funny too. I can see a fun family, I bet you all have lots of laughs! I just love it!!


Jungle Mom said...

You all look like such a fun family! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you just loving this picture thing? When I first started pictures I would get so mad. I would try to post and then lose the whole blog with the picture and everything!!! Your clan looks Maaaaavalusss my dear! What a great group. I can't believe your girls would allow the "behind" shot. I would be drawing the line on that one:) Aren't we a blessed's with families to love and to love us?
Keep that warmer weather coming our way down their in OK. Did I tell you my husband's sister used to live in Enid? We've driven through OK several times. Got lost once in Tulsa in the middle of the night...not a good story :(
I guess I better quit gabbing, after all this is your blog, not mine.

Heidi Jo said...

What a fine looking group of women!