Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let Go & Let God

Boy, those words are so easy to say and so hard to do. I KNOW because we've raised 4 grown children and it was a very looooog lesson for me to learn. Sometimes I can be a VERY slow learner!! After an age span of 15 years between the oldest and the youngest you'd have thought #4 would have come easy to let go of. No, as I say, I can be a very slow learner.

Back in 1983 a very dear friend of mine, Bev (she's with the Lord now. I'll blog about her one of these days) gave me a plaque for Christmas that she had done in calligraphy and then decoupaged on a large board. It has hung in every home we've lived in since 1983 and will be there when I leave for my Heavenly home!

Some of you may have heard these words already but I'm going to share them just in case you haven't.

As children bring their broken
toys, with tears for us to mend.
I brought my broken dreams
to God, because he was my
friend. But then, instead of
leaving him in peace to work
alone. I hung around and tried
to help with ways that were-
my own.
At last, I snatched them back
and cried, "How can you be
so slow?"
"My child, what could I do?
You never did let go!"
I know I've made reference here to letting go of our childrenl Sometimes as they are first leaving the home and going out on their own, with our blessings or maybe without our blessings. Or even after they've been gone some time and we see them making very bad choices and decisions. But this poem can relate to any "dream" that we are having to let go of. Sometimes just temporarily and sometimes forever.
I trust if you are in the "letting go" process this will be a blessing to you. It is a constant reminder to me. That's why it will always have a prominent place on my wall.


Leann said...

I love that saying the Lord ran it across my path years helped me in a time when my two girls were helped me let go of some things I couldnt change.
I have some bigger problems now.and its hard to see people make big mitakes and not be able to help.all I can do is pray and let the Lord do the work.have a great day.
say how did you get that cool counter on your blog that tells you whre evryone is from.and how many times they stopped?
Id love to know if people are stopping but not leaving comments.
God bless have a great week.

Just Theresa said...

That was very touching. Thanks for posting that.

Linds said...

Wise words indeed, my friend. Thanks for posting this poem!

Trella said...

Thanks so much for posting this. What a great reminder.

Morning Glory said...

What a great poem on letting go. It's just so hard sometimes to cut that last string. This was a good reminder.

Anonymous said...


I really needed this - I believe this was designed just for me from God through you!!

I didn't need it with a situation with my child - but I needed it in another situation. Thank you!!!

PEA said...

Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem! My oldest son moved out 5 years ago and my youngest 2 years ago...I had such a hard time letting them go, I remember sitting in their empty bedrooms and crying my heart out. This poem brings me comfort, thank you!! xox

Lori B said...

Thanks for sharing the poem and your story.
That was touching.

Susan said...

I love this...what a blessing!

Have a great day.

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

In response to your response to my reponse to your post!! hahaha

You are so right - I thank God first and foremost - but I still do thank YOU for allowing yourself to be used! He uses those who will let Him to bless and help others! We can be the 'flesh' for each other - since He is no longer in that form!
So thanks to you!

- Randi - :)

Candy said...

very nice, thanks for sharing that


Anonymous said...

I just realized that you posted this. You know it hits home for me. Wow, it's my daily walk these days. Keep praying for me my friend.

Michelle (wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman) said...

Let Go and Let God...I use that terminology alot, and the reason I do is for a reminder to myself! I was just speaking to a friend/mentor today who asked if I was really giving it all to God. I said, "yes, and then I pick it pick back up again!"
This is a beautiful poem; thank you for sharing it. (And thank you, also, for your kind thoughts on my blog.)