Friday, August 14, 2009

CELEBRATING - Karen & Tommy

Mickey niece, Karen and her husband Tommy paid us a lovely visit Sunday & Monday. They had been in Ft. Worth for the Cope*land Meeting August 3-8.

I posted about our visit last year to their Maturia horse farm in Chesapeake, VA. Karen is the daughter of Mickey's oldest brother and we have always been especially close to her because of her & Tommy's love for Jesus.

So I had 12 of us for dinner Sunday evening but didn't take any pictures :o( I made up for it later though as you will see!!!! The dinner was Spiral ham, candied sweet potato, mashed potato, green beans and french bread. Benny brought his delicious Broccoli /Cauliflower/Bacon salad & Suzette brought a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and butterscotch & chocolate toppings. Yes, we do love to eat and always have a wonderful meal. The ones missing from the 16 present at last Sunday's dinner were David, back in California, and Deann's 3 son's who were with their father.

Monday morning after I fixed breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh tomato, toast & coffee (milk for Tommy who is not a coffee drinker!) we took them to see Oral Roberts University. They are doing massive construction around ORU (we were not aware of that) and so we were not able to see the presentation at the Prayer Tower. The students were also arriving and moving into their dorms so it was a buzzing place.
Karen in front of the Prayer Tower. Usually there are beautiful gardens to see surrounding the tower, plus being able to go in, see the presentation of Oral Roberts life history and go up and view all around from the center part.

Here are the 4 of us standing in front of the Praying Hands at the entrance off Yale Blvd.

A close-up at the base of the hands. There were a group of young men taking pictures as we arrived and we offered to take pictures for them and they reciprocated.

After touring the grounds and at least seeing all the buildings from the exterior we took them to a local eatery, Ron's Burgers. They have the best chili covered burgers, Spanish fries (french fries with grilled onions and jalapenos) and frosted mugs of root-beer.

We were so stuffed and it was so hot, 101 degrees that day, that we came on back home to rest because we were all going out to dinner again in the evening.

This is NOT a staged picture. Tommy had fallen asleep on the couch. Mickey was asleep across our bed. Karen was sitting at the end of the couch by Tommy. I was doing something out of the room and when I returned here was Karen also asleep!!!!! I had to take the picture and show it.

That evening at 7 we all met at Ma*caroni Grill. Suzette & Dave were absent because Suzette had a business meeting and couldn't come.

Jacque, Benny, Jessica & Josh

Tommy, Karen & Aric

Another of Tommy, Karen & Aric

Susan & Mickey

Grandma with Oksana

Deann & Marc

All 12 of us

Karen & Tommy participated in Mickey & my morning Bible reading of Revelation and watching the chapters we read on the Per*ry Stone tapes. What a treat that was for us.

Then I fixed bacon, scrambled eggs, & toast breakfast again. I'm not very creative on the breakfast end. Karen did a load of clothes and the 4 of us watched the Arlen Spector Town Meeting!!!! We were all glued to the TV. That was something. Glad people are beginning to make their voice and wishes known.

After a lunch of ham sandwiches, chips, cookies and soft drinks it was time for them to leave. We wished they could have stayed another day or two but they needed to be back by Friday and were stopping to see 2 more uncles, Jerry & Ronnie, in Tennessee.

The final shot and then hugs & good-byes and they were off. What a joy to have them for even a short visit with all of us.

Karen brought us a jar of her home make Concord grape jelly. YUM!!!! Thanks!!!

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Sharon said...

Love the napping photo. I would be doing that also after a day like you had and the heat.
I enjoyed catching up on the past posts also. I loved the Lord's prayer.
My Granddaughter was telling me about the space exhibit in Tulsa,
that is where she lives.
Have a great day.
God bless

Mari said...

What a lot of cooking you did! I can see you all had fun and tired yourself out. (Love that shot!)

Joy said...

I would love to see the campus of ORU. What a great place to take company.
You all fit so much into short visits. Sounds like great fun all around.
I'm a Perry Stone fan too.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I didn't know you could go up in the prayer tower. We'll have to do that one day.


retha said...

One normally think of woman as those praying, to see those male hands in the statue say something!

Busy, busy family time how wonderful a privileged, good to see it. Every time.

Momma Roar said...

Chuckling now as I read that you watched the Arlen Spector town meeting!!

Kathy said...

I love your stories Susan. I always feel like I missed out on something extra special, and I think I probably did. : ) So glad God has gifted you with the grace for friends, and lots of them. Blessings to you and Mickey!