Tuesday, April 30, 2013

REAL CHRISTIANITY Small Group Breakfast

Sunday, May 29th Real Christianity Small Group celebrated the completion of our 3rd book study, Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel.
 We began this 14 week study on January 20th and finished it May 21st. 
 Picture of our Prayer Board that we began in January, 2013 after finishing our 2nd Book Study, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.  One name on this board has already accepted Christ as Savior and we are believing for many more during this year. 
 Mickey & I set up the Buffet table & the long Banquet table on Saturday in preparation.

AND then promptly forgot to take one SINGLE picture of the actual Buffet Breakfast celebration!!  We were having too much fun enjoying the fellowship and forgot!!!

We began this study with 31 attending our first lesson in January and ended yesterday with 29 enjoying this wonderful time of celebration.  So much food we ended up going and getting the Inspired Manship small group, many of who's wives were in this class, to join us and finish up the abundance.

This has been a fantastic group and Kent & I look forward to God's next step beginning May 5th.  I'll post about it next week as we begin. 

If you attend Coweta Assembly, and are not currently in a small group, we invite you to join us next Sunday at 9:45 a.m. in Room 411, upstairs in the ORC. If you live in the Coweta area, and are not attending church we invite YOU to join this great group and study next week.  

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Times - David's Home April 19-24, 2012

Don't have any idea why or how this didn't get posted in April, but it didn't so I'm doing it now!!
Always a happy day, for this Mom & Dad when #1 son comes to visit from San Francisco.

 He's just driven up in his rental car and Dad's out the door to greet him.
 Mother and Son. We grow them tall!!!!
 Father & Son 
 Proud Mama's men -
1 fantastic Husband, Mickey
2 great sons - Marc & David
1 super grandson - Aric 
Out to check out Brother Marc's Cadillac.  A new purchase since David was home in November for Mickey's 80th Surprise Birthday Celebration.
Checking it ALL out!!
Table all set for Sunday Dinner.
Menu:  Swedish Meatballs on rice, broiled asparagus, fruit salad, home-made whole wheat bread & to Braum's for ice cream for dessert.
Terrible dark picture of Benny, Jacque & David.
Mom, Dad & Marc & yes, Mickey & I are holding hands!!
Marc, Aric & Benny.

A lot of the time David was here was spent with him setting up Netflix for his dad (another BD gift) as well as instructions on the X-Box & golf game David gave him in November.  I even tried my hand at it, but only lasted 2 holes!!!

David made the rounds and spent time at home with Dad & I; at Marc's with Marc & Aric - Aric loves uncle David playing video games with him!; & at Jacque's watching movies and eating ice cream AND popcorn!!  Also, a lot of time eating out, which this family is good at.

Great family - great visit.  Happy times & making memories. 
Thanks for coming, Son.  We love you!!!

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