Monday, December 31, 2012


For the past 4 years the Lord has given me a "word" for that year. 
            2009 - Unity
            2010 - Vulnerable
            2011 - Persevere
            2012 - Fervent

Here is what I wrote last year about the word Fervent:  "So, as I enter 2012 with my word FERVENT I am once again excited !   I intend to use every experience I've had to date to be even more Fervent for my Lord & Savior and the calling He has on my life."

My 2012 word Fervent was right on as the Lord truly built a "fervent" fire in my bones throughout the year.  He also opened up  broader insight and teaching than I had ever seen before.  I am so thankful for that.  I certainly intend to remain Fervent in my pursuit of His path for me in 2013.

The word He  gave me for 2013 is EXPAND.  I love this word and it feels just right.  I'm not sure what all God is planning to Expand in my life and walk with Him but I am very ready and eager and yes, will pursuit it Fervently, as I Persevere,  make myself Vulnerable, and strive for Unity in The Body of Christ.  ~~~~  WOW!!  I just realized, for the first time in writing this, how God has been using these yearly words as foundational building blocks in my life.

Just the other day some friends of ours, who we hadn't personally seen in about 9 years, came by to visit.  Before they left the husband prayed over me for an "expansion" of my ministry.  He had no idea that this was to be my 2013 word and I did not share that with him after he prayed.  I thank The Lord for His confirming  
word to me.

Pray and ask Jesus to give you a word for the year 2013.  He will.  "Ask and it shall be given."

Happy EXPANDING 2013!!! 

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Friday, December 28, 2012


Having a December 25th Birthday I have always had people say,  "It must be awful to have your birthday on Christmas."  I have never felt that way.  In fact, I have always felt it was very special.  First, because it was the day we celebrated Christ's birth but my parents also made it a special day for me when I was growing up, and Mickey and my children have always made it special, too.  

I must say that this 75th Birthday "tops the cake" as they say!!!

Our family had decided this year for Christmas we would draw names and get a $100 gift for the name we drew.  My oldest granddaughter Jessica drew my name.  

She presented me with a beautiful sterling silver Pandora bracelet  & a round heart ball.  I am stunned and very pleased.  What a special heartfelt gift.

Then out comes another little bag from Jessica for my birthday - a Bible charm for my bracelet.  I am asking Jessica to put them on the bracelet and place it on my arm for me.  She says, "Well, wait just a little bit."  

No wonder she had said that.  Then here come little pandora bags for each and every one of my kids and grandkids!!! 
My wonderful, thoughtful, creative oldest granddaughter Jessica had come up with this grand idea and contacted her mother, Jacque, and they then contacted all the other family members.
What blesses me the most about this is~~~~
It's so something Suzette would have thought of and done, 
so God put it on Jessica's heart and she is picking up the mantle. 

A 3 sided triangular "J" from Jacque - for "Joyce" & "Jacque"
A 3 sided triangular "S" from David for "Susan"
Can you tell I am already in tears?!!!
Next, came a box from Marc 
A dangling Cross Charm with inbedded sparking gems from Marc
A narrow ring of Amethyst gem stones from Oksana representing her February 20th birthday
An identical narrow ring of Amethyst gem stones from Aric representing his February 3th birthday.
And of course, Marc's sweet, special words Birthday card to me, his mother, that always makes me cry.  
ANOTHER little bag from Jacque with a dangling Zircon enclosed in a round silver ring, which she purchased as a gift from Suzette!!, to represent our 4 December birthdays:  mine, Suzette, Jacque & Jessica.  How special and thoughtful is that???  
Then last, but certainly not least, is my crying face as I read Mickey's wonderful Birthday card and  the last charm from him
A dangling sterling silver heart that says "Believe" 
He took it to another place and had it engraved on one side:
"75" for my age
"54" for the number of years we've been married.
Jessica is holding the bracelet with all the charms she has been placing on it as Jacque & I are looking at the heart and getting ready to add it.

My sweet "girls" place it on this very emotional, thankful, and blessed mother, grandmother, and wife of the best family any woman could be blessed with.  

Last, but not least, phone calls from Oksana, in Indiana, and David in San Francisco wishing me Happy Birthday and all of us
A very Merry Christmas.  We all spoke and passed the phone around. 

Thank you family, and especially Jessica for being so creative and thoughtful, but most of all, thank you Jesus with giving me these precious people to love and share my long life with.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Next to our love for our Triune God, is our love of Family and celebrating together on any and all occasions.  Christmas has always been a BIG celebration in my life and even dating back to when my parents, Henry Harrison & Pauline Errett, would always come from New Mexico to celebrate with us. 

This was the 2nd year that Marc hosted our gathering at his & Aric's lovely Owasso home.

The weather forcasts were for perhaps as much as 8-10" of snow arriving by mid-afternoon.   Mickey & I arrrived about 9:30 a.m. to help set up.  I had even brought my toothbrush, pj's and sweats in case the storm did come and we had to stay overnight, rather than chancing the 40 mile drive home on icy, snowy roads.  

 The table is all set and ready before the others arrive for our noon meal.
 Jacque, Benny & Jessica arrive first.  Jacque had bought Santa hats for each of us.  Tiger stripes for the guys and leopard spots for the gals.  Jacque also brought her dad this bright turquoise double "pot holder" because "I'm tired of every time I see you, your hands being burned from The King's Kitchen",  He has strick orders to take it and keep it with our kitchen supplies at the church!! 
 Everyone with their Santa Hat's on
(left to right) Guest Denise, Son-in-love Dave, Benny, Daughter Jacque, Granddaughter Jessica
(standing) Dad Mickey, Grandson Aric, Son & Host Marc
 Same grouping with Mom Susan in the standing group and Marc taking the picture.
 At the table and getting ready to eat - Mickey, Marc, Denise, Dave, Aric, Benny, Jessica, Jacque.
Please note 3 of the guys, Marc, Dave & Aric have already removed their Santa hats!!!!  BAD!!!
 Same table grouping but with Susan in this one and Marc taking the picture.

When Marc first offered to host the celebration he was going to have a meal catered in for us but Benny & Jacque decided they wanted to cook so we'd have left overs. Our menu was as follows:
Jacque & Benny:  Turkey Breast & Spiral Ham & Benny's famous green bean casserole.
Mickey & Susan:  Susan's homemade family recipe of Cornbread Dressing, rolls & cranberry sauce.
Marc & Aric:  Yummy mashed potato's fixed with sour cream & cream cheese, coffee and multiple choice soft drinks - & Sparking Grape Juice both Red & White
Dave & Denise:  2 plates of assorted home made cookies & candies.
In other words a GRAND FEAST and left overs for everyone!!

Prayer offered by Mickey, as always.

I had drawn Jacque's name and she had told me she'd like a Nut Cracker to add to her small growing collection.  The above 2 pictures is her opening it.  I also gave her a $45 Penney's gift certificate.

The family had decided this year to draw names and spend a $100.  Most people ended up getting gift certificates so there was not a lot of actual "gift package" openings.  Marc did get a high dollar cologne he wanted from Benny (sorry no picture) but with the comment from his sister Jacque, "You sure have expensive taste in cologne."  and of course we all bought Aric and Oksana individual gifts.

Missing from this Grand Celebration were Oksana, in Indiana, and David, in California.  Since both of them had just flown in for Mickey's 80th Birthday surprise November 17th it wasn't possible to come again so soon.  Both Oksana first and then David called and everyone got to speak with them and exchange our Merry Christmas wishes.  

Jessica drew my name and it also being my birthday I am going to do a separate post on my wonderful surprise.

Trust you ALL had a wonderful time with your family as we celebrated the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ. 

P.S.  We left for home about 5 o'clock.  It snowed not ONE FLAKE in either Owasso, Tulsa or Coweta although the areas both North & South of us got lots of snow and very haphazard driving conditions.  

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


December is always a very busy month for us - It always began with celebrating Suzette's birthday on the 13th.  Then Jacque's on the 22nd & granddaughter, Jessica, on the 23rd, and mine on the 25th.

It has been our custom, over the last # of years. for us "girls" to have lunch out and then go get manicure & pedicures.  This year was a little sad because, first we did not have Suzette with us, second Jessica went to Dallas for a football game, and Oksana was not with us this year. 

SO----I picked up Jacque for lunch but had not told her I had also made appointments for our manicures & pedicures.  When she got in the car I told her about the appointments.  She looked at me like--what???  "Mom, you know I can't get a pedicure with my broken foot!!"  Oopps!!!!  That had not even registered with me so she has a "raincheck" for those when her right foot is completely healed.

Off to lunch we went at The Apple Barrel and when they found out it was her birthday she was served this complimentary nice big piece of cheesecake with strawberries.  We had a wonderful visit and talk and of course shed some tears over it just being the 2 of us - sob-sob.

My gift to her, was a pair of sterling silver conch style earrings with black onyx stones in the center.  forgot to get a picture) I had bought these for her while in Santa Fe in September and I told her these were to go with the sterling silver conch belt I have that will be hers someday.  

Then I took her shopping at Bass Pro, since she had a little more Christmas shopping to finish and of course can't drive!!
I OWE YOU ONE manicure & pedicure Jacque :o) 

 This is our wonderful friend, Ronnie, and his youngest grandson, Cody, all dressed up like Santa Clause with the bread and sweet rolls he had just picked up from Pan*era Bread for The King's Kitchen, after school tutoring program, and to distribute where needed.  What a blessing each week to our church and others.

 This was Marc, with his dirty Santa Christmas gift from his work party.  He assured, or would it be warned, everyone this lovely item will make a return visit at the 2012 Christmas party!!!

Every year our church has Missionary Christmas.  We "adopt" a special Missionary family to come and we have a party and bless their socks off with gifts. This year was Wednesday, December 19th.
 The tree laden with gifts
 The Mission Family Elizabeth & Brad Ward (on each end) and Denise & Teddy Wyatt (our Church members who head up this project in the cente)r.  The Wards also have 3 children, Luke, Jacob & Felisha who were present but not in this picture.  The Wards will soon be going to Chili as Missionaries.
 Our small group Real Christianity collected enough money to purchase this iPod for them as our gift to them. 

Last, but not least, on Tuesday night, December 18th the WOW Woman Bible Study celebrated with a little Christmas Party and a dirty Santa gift exchange.
(left to right) Cindy W, Christina, Kathy, Susan, Jeanne, Phyllis, Glenda, Jennifer, Sandra & Connie.
It was a fun evening, away from our studies, to eat too much and have a really good time.  I love these woman.  They bless me each and every Tuesday evening with their presence. 
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Friday, December 21, 2012


A Seussified Christmas Story 
Owasso 8th Grade Performing Arts Theater
8th Grade Drama Class
December 14, 2012 - 7 p.m. 

Belle's Husband                            - Aric Joyce
Member of the Cratchett Family - Aric Joyce

Mickey, Marc & I had a great time, watching Aric perform in his 2nd Drama Class production.  It was a well written and performed version of Dickens A Christmas Carol written and performed in Dr. Seuss speak.  It was absolutely adorable, funny & well performed.  The class had also made their 3 piece set prop, which you can get a glimpse of on the left edge of the picture. 

ALL of the cast members did an outstanding job, including, of course our Grandson Aric.  The picture doesn't show it but his suspenders were bright sequinned RED and he had on a pair of loud tennis shoes with orange trim and shoe laces. 

Their first production was a smaller presentation in November in the Student Activity Room.  It was also very well performed and was about Drug Addiction.  It was a very dark and serious topic so it was really nice to see them do this fun, upbeat drama that had the audience laughing.  Great job by ALL!!!  

Before the Drama we had a wonderful meal together.  This time at Applebee's. 

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

13th Book for 2012 - The INVESTED LIFE

The Invested Life by Joel C. Rosenberg & Dr, T, E, Koshy is my 13th and final book to finish for the year 2012.  I began this book in October, at the Monday morning bible study I have been going to for almost 3 years.  I felt I had to cut out an activity as I was just getting too many things on my plate so I dropped out of the group even before we began it at the study and set it aside.  Then several weeks later I decided to go ahead and read it on my own.  It has not been one of those "can't put down books" so I have just been reading it along as I could and finally finished it this morning.

The subtitle is "Making disciples of all nations one person at a time".  While I can't say the book covered much that I didn't already know and was acquainted with it was a good "refresher" as to the importance of each one of us taking upon ourselves to both 1) be discipled & 2) discipling on a one-on-one or small group basis.  

I began co-leading a small group Sunday school class each Sunday on May 6th of this year and I have hosted a Tuesday night Bible Study in my home since January 18, 2011.  The thing that blesses me the most is that I have found the one who leads has to prepare and I learn something new each and every time.  I love reading and I love studying THE BIBLE and other related material.  I truly believe in "Studying to show myself approved.  A workman that needed not to be ashamed.", as The Word instructs us.  The Lord has also blessed me with such wonderful, strong Christian woman to grow and expand with.  

I would encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, either on a one-to-one basis or in a small group class setting, in being discipled and discipling.  

I would love to hear feedback on your feeling and/or experience in this area of Christian service.

I look forward to the books The Lord will place before me in 2013 and will be reporting about them.

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