Saturday, August 23, 2014


This lovely note, and a box of chocolate awaited us on August 18th when we arrived!!

 Our wonderful friends, John & Phyllis Rathbone, allowed Mickey & I, children Jacque & Marc, grandchildren Jessica & Aric, and Mickey's brother Jerry, from Tennessee, to spend wonderful days at their beautiful Lake Hudson home. (Son David from Florida, and granddaughter Oksana from Indiana were missing.  They had been scheduled to come but there was a change in plans and their visits will occur later.)
 Aric, Marc, Jacque
Mickey & Jerry 
Jessica in the background dishing up the spaghetti.
This family loves to eat and there were many meals during these days around this lovely large table, with a lazy Susan in the center. 

The lovely exterior.

 The large welcoming door.

 Right on beautiful Lake Hudson


 Two views of the Living room

 Told you this family likes to eat!  
This time I fixed a spiral ham, along with fresh tomatoes and new potatoes from Mickey's garden.

 One of the most unique features of this beautiful home is the LARGE panty with all these pull out drawers, with shelves above, on both sides of the room.  AND they were filled with all kinds of food and goodies!!

 Jacque & Jessica spent lots of hours in, and by, the pool.

 Jacque & Aric used the trampoline but I only got a picture of Jacque. 

 Father & Son in deep thought and discussion over something!! Not an unusual scene at all.

 Mickey with that first cup of morning coffee!!!

 The huge downstairs game room where Aric spent most of his time and the guys watched several football games on the large screen TV

 I was always the first one up and absolutely LOVED the QUIET
and watching the sunrises out the living room window.
This is also where Mickey & I got to do our Daily Devotions, Bible Study and prayer each morning. 

 Gorgeous kitchen where I prepared all the meals.
Note the box of chocolates (I spoke about in the opening picture) on the bar that welcomed us!!

Mickey & Jerry spent a lot of time enjoying the lake from this one, of two, patio tables. 
 The guys watching TV in the upstairs TV room.  
We all played a board game with Aric and then Marc & I joined Aric in a Wii game sort of like monopoly (which I was confused on the entire time, but it was still fun!)

Loved my LONG soaking bath each day in this lovely tub and master bath.  Of course everyone else opted for the huge showers.

Thanks again to our wonderful friends for being so very generous and blessing our family with this wonderful 
week on Lake Hudson and their beautiful home and love. 

Mickey & I and John & Phyllis's friendship and connection has been forged mostly in the prayers for each other and our families.
No wonder it is so strong!!
We love you John & Phyllis~~~~~
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