Sunday, August 26, 2012

a 2 z - L = LITERATURE

Lit·er·a·ture  -  noun - 1.writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays.

Most of my LITERATURE, as you can tell from the side bar of my 2010 - 2011 - & 2012 books I've read, is geared to and involves mostly Christian LITERATURE by various Christian authors.

However, we just finished this first novel of the second political thriller series by Joel Rosenberg, The Twelfth Imam.

Some years ago we had read all of Joel's first novel series: The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, and Dead Heat.  We actually read The Twelfth Iman, when it was first published in 2010, but had never purchased the follow-up book, The Tehran Initiative, and we felt we had forgotten so much of the story line of The Twelfth Imam that we needed to re-read it, before purchasing and reading The Tehran Initiative.

What was a real "shocker" to us was that while reading the following on page 377,

"On May 28, 1998, Pakistan conducted five nuclear weapons tests, triggering an earthquake that measured 5.0 on the Richter scale.  On October 9, 2006, North Korea conducted a nuclear test in the North Hamgyong province, resulting in a 4.3 seismic event.  On May 25, 2009, North Korea conducted another nuclear test, resulting in an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7.  David was no physicist or geologist.  He had no way of knowing for certain.  But on its face, it did seem possible that an earthquake could be triggered by a nuclear test or a series of tests.  Was that what had just happened?  If so, how huge must the nuke have been to trigger an earthquake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale?"

on the 14th of August, we realized that the below had been reported reported on TV:

Magnitude 6.4 - NORTHWESTERN IRAN2012 August 11 12:23:17 UT

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 6.4
Location 38.322°N, 46.888°E
Depth 9.9 km (6.2 miles)
Distances 20 km (12 miles) WSW of Ahar, Iran
60 km (37 miles) ENE of Tabriz, Iran
95 km (59 miles) E of Marand, Ira

Now I don't know what you make of this, but we do know that Joel Rosenberg's novels, while being fiction, have been very close, in many respects to factual.  So, what is this latest earthquake of  6,2 magnitude saying to us?  I certainly do not know for sure, but I must say..........makes us think and wonder.

I highly recommend this novel, if you enjoy fictional thrillers and we can't wait to start reading the next one, The Tehran Initiative.

Comments welcomed as always.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

a 2 z - K = KINDNESS

Kindness - What a beautiful word.
A word that was put into action on Tuesday, August 14th, at Savastano's Pizza from 6 to 9 p.m. when a benefit was held for our dear friend Mary, who just lost her husband, Jack, to cancer.  Actually, a % of ALL the sales made at Savastano's on the 14th went to Mary.

We couldn't go that evening but 5 of us did go in the afternoon.  Lee drove to our house and road with Mickey & I and we met Ron & Doty, and Don & Barbara there.

 Lee & Dody
 Barb & Don 
 Ron, Mickey & Susan 

The food, the atmosphere & the company was all GREAT.

After eating we got in our cars and traveled over to Mary's home to hug on her and let her know we loved her and supported this benefit.
Mary & Lee
Mary even blessed Lee by giving him Jacks, almost new, western hat.  
Please continue to pray for this wonderful Christian woman as she walks out her Faith for her own healing of breast cancer.

We love you, Mary
Thank you to Savastano's for your KINDNESS.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

a 2 z - JOYOUS

A time of JOY - JOYOUS
That's what it was this morning, August 19, 2012, in our small group Real Christianity class as we JOYOUSLY celebrated finishing up our first class, and study of The 10 Second Rule for the past 14 weeks,  with a pot-luck breakfast. 

 Kent & I share the role of facilitators and teachers. 
 Kent, Kathy, Susan & Mickey.
Kathy is our secretary and Mickey helps Kent & I in a 1,000 and 1 ways with whatever needs done. 
 Lee treated us with guitar & harmonica music as we ate.
 Starting to arrive.
 Table laden with fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, quiches, egg & sausage casseroles, link & regular sausages, orange juice. 
 Another view of the laden table with chocolate covered strawberries and more cinnamon rolls and
 each table had sliced pineapple, which wouldn't even fit on the main food table because we had so much!!
 Enjoying the food and
each other..

What a diverse and great group of people that made up this first Real Christianity group.  We are looking forward to recapping the next 2 Sundays and then we'll start our brand new study after Labor Day, on September 9th. 

Stay tuned for coming attraction!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Do you love to be INSTRUCTED and learn?  I do, and I especially love the way God teaches and INSTRUCTS us continually, precept upon precept, if we will but desire that HE do so.

"I will INSTRUCT thee and teach thee in the way which thou shall go:  I will guide thee with mine eye."  Psalm 32:8 KJV

"Let me give you some good advice; I'm looking you in the eye and giving it to you straight."  The Message .

We got some good INSTRUCTION recently and it so altered my way of thinking I wanted to share it here.:  We recently went to a conference to hear Bill Cloud speak and one of the many things we learned was that in Hebrew the word  "good"- Tov = Something, or someone, is where they are suppose to be, doing what they are suppose to do.  Functioning in the purpose it/they was created for.  That was one of those "WOW" moments for me!!!

Bad - Rah = evil.  Something, or someone, who is NOT where they are suppose to be, doing what they are NOT suppose to do.  NOT functioning in the purpose it was created for. Double "WOW"!!!  I am evil if I'm not functioning in the purpose that God my Father, and Christ my Savior who died for me, and The Holy  Spirit who lives in me, created me to function in.

Conversely, I am good if I am functioning in the purpose that God my Father, and Christ my Savior who died for me, and The Holy Spirit who lives in me, created me to function in.

Boy, that really changes the meaning that I'd been applying to those words and shows how incorrect our usage and idea of what they meant has been.  It's so like us to apply the word "evil" to someone committing murder, abusing children, robbing banks, those really bad, in our eyes, things that WE/I would never do.

So then, I have to ask myself:  "Am I WHERE I am suppose to be, DOING what I am suppose to do. functioning in the PURPOSE I was created for?"

I'm seriously asking myself this question and I trust you will ask yourself the same question now that this INSTRUCTION has been passed on to you.

I ask you to leave me a comment with your thoughts on this post.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a 2 z - H = HURRAH

I had no idea, when I began this a 2 z challenge, that my F - G - and now H would be about books!!!  Then it shouldn't be a surprise either since I am an avid reader and my recent teaching, in both Church small group and my Tuesday Night WOW Woman Bible Study, have been book studies.

We began this book, The Power of BLESSING by Kerry Kirkwood way back on March 27th & finally finished it last night, August 14, 2012.  The book is only 12 chapters and we should have been finished by June 12th.  We didn't because we kept having dvd's that we felt were more pertinent to watch,; primary election, and a vacation that caused us to cancel our meeting for those Tuesdays.

I highly recommend this book for either individual reading or group study.  This is especially true if you have grown up in a home or environment where words of blessing were not spoken over you, and especially if words of cursing have been spoken over you by anyone at any time.  Sadly, in so many homes that are not built on Christ's teaching.this has been the case.  I thank God I grew up in a home where blessings were spoken over me.  

Here are a few quotes from the book:
  1. "Blessing and its counterpart, cursing, will set a path for us without our being fully aware of it. "
  2. "A person who is full of faith will have the ability to bless continually.   Why?  Becoming a blesser is an issue of faith, because when we bless we are doing it through faith." 
  3. "Accusations are a curse."
  4. "We are either blessing or cursing.  There is no neutral Ground.  God is the Blesser and the devil is the curser, or the 'accuser of the brethren.'"
  5. "Though we may pride ourselves for having an opinion about everything, this habit brings us in agreement with the accuser.  Being opinionated is a difficult habit to quit."
  6. "Constantly feeling rejected or being easily offended can also be a sign of habitual cursing flowing through us."

I trust these 6 brief quotes will prompt you to get this book, if this is an area that our enemy, Satan, has made any inroad into your life.  

This is a quote from the very last chapter:  "Remember my definition for a curse: to place something in a lower position than what God intended.  It is safe to say that one does not come under a curse casually or easily.  For one who is a born again believer, a curse must have a cause to have any affect.  Someone cursing you is not enough; there would need to be a point of acceptance through an open door.  That pathway could be agreement by also cursing others, or maybe through fear that curse has power over you."

"Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, so a curse without a cause does not alight." Proverbs 26:2 

Be Blessed by learning to be a Blessing!!

Please be kind and leave me a comment and your opinion.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

a 2 z - G = GIVING UP

I am not one to give up ------- but I am GIVING UP on finishing this book.  

One day, while at my favorite Christian bookstore, I walked over to the "sale" book counter and saw this book.  The title caught my eye and upon seeing that it was discussing the 4 Horsemen of atheism:  Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris & Christopher Hitchens.  I decided to buy it and perhaps arm myself a little more with what they believe and say so that when confronted with the people who are caught up into this deception I would be better informed.

The book is 211 pages and after STRUGGLING, and oh my it was a struggle because what these type people believe is so against what I believe and what I know, in my heart of hearts and in my very Spirit, that at page 77 I said, "Enough!  I'm not reading one more page." and set it down.

I am an avid reader and I am usually challenged to finish any book I start but this one I just could not.  To me it was a total waste of my time because when it comes down to the bottom line.....either we believe THE WORD, The Holy Bible, in it's entirety or we don't believe in Jesus, because He is The Living Word that was made flesh.

What I am not GIVING UP on is my faith and trust in God, The Bible and my salvation by the blood of Jesus.......period.

How about you??!!!  What are you GIVING UP or not GIVING UP on?

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today FINISHED up the small group Real Christianity's 15 week study of Clare De Graaf's book.

We began on May 13th with 30 people and ended today, these 15 weeks later with 26 people.  This was a powerful study, and I would encourage any group that wants a good study that will motivate, encourage and stir you to study this book.  Our group was so FANTASTIC because of the open hearts and wonderful, willing participation we had among those who attended as they shared, each week, what God was doing in their lives.  Not only did we share our successes but also our struggles as we endeavor to do 

The book ended with this great quote:

The Bible is very easy to understand,
But we Christians are a bunch of scheming
swindlers.  We pretend to be unable to
understand it because we know very well
that the minute we understand,
we are obliged to act accordingly.
Soren Kierkegaard 

Yes, we understand........not let's just do it
in the next 10 Seconds. 

A special thanks to Kent, who helped me facilitated the class, and especially to all those who participated and made it what it was.  

Yes, we've FINISHED this study but are so looking forward to the very next study which we will begin on September 9th.  I'm sure it will also be FANTASTIC.....With God, how could it be anything but.??!!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I am using the same "E"s for this post that I used in a similar post last August.  Why??!!  Because honestly I can't for the life of me think of anything better right now. I have added a little more comment on some of the descriptive words and have done so in italics. .

ERRETT - I know this is a strange one to you, but this is my maiden name and I am very proud of it and actually use it as my middle name because when I was born I was not given a middle name. 

ENERGETIC - I have a very high energy level and I require only 5 or 6 hours sleep.  I have always considered this a blessing because it allows me to do a lot of things.  I do notice that as I am getting older my energy level is diminishing :o(

EVASIVE - One thing I am not is evasive.  I am very straight forward and honest and can come across abrasive at times.  

EAGER - I am eager to see what God has in store for me each and every day.  I am eager to meet new people, try new things, and accomplish the tasks set before me.  I am especially eager as I write this & look forward to the next small group class Kent & I will be leading in Real Christianity, which begins September 9th,  based on The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. 

EXCITEMENT - I have, and continue to live a very exciting life.  I cannot imagine living a life where I did not participate in and try new things.  That is why I was able to start blogging at age 68 and how much excitement that has added to my life.  It is also why we have owned 2 hot air balloons and spent 5 years traveling around the U.S. & Canada in our 5th wheel.  

EVENTUALLY - I will eventually spend eternity in Heaven and that has been, and is, the goal of my life.  I am even more eager for Heaven now that our precious Suzette is there waiting for us.

END - It is time to end this post for this time.  Trust EVERYBODY who happened by to read enjoyed my E's. 

Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll let me know you did by leaving a comment. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

a 2 z - D = DAILY

DAILY we must make a choice to stay in the wonderful, gentle, caring hands of God or try and do it all by ourselves.  I choose to stay safely in His hands.

DAILY - Mickey and I many years ago, while we were both still working and had to get up very early each morning to do so, began a DAILY routine that we do unto this day, and will do as long as God gives us. 

 We begin our day by first reading 2 devotionals:  My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers (a birthday/Christmas gift to me 12-25-97) and recently adding The Word For You Today (a 3 month devotional given to us by our church). We continuously read through a different version of The Bible.  We are currently reading The Scofield  Reference Bible that was given to Mickey on March 27, 1959, at the time of his salvation, by Pastor Charles H. Yates.  This morning we read Amos 2&3.  We then add a Chapter of a current book we are reading or studying.  This morning it was the final chapter of The 10 Second Rule by Clare De Graaf, which we are finishing up this Sunday in our small group Real Christianity. Then we sit side by side, on the couch, hold hands and pray.  Mickey prays first and then I pray.  

I give praise & glory to God, and God alone, for helping us establish this DAILY start to our day.  It has not only helped each of us to grow steadily in The Lord but it has built the very strong marriage that Mickey & I share and enjoy.  Believe me, you cannot be in His Word and in Prayer DAILY and be at odds with each other for very long.  

DAILY - This book of the law shall not depart out of they mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:  for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Joshua 1:8

DAILY (actually moment by moment) Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  Psalms 119:105 

I would love for you to share your DAILY routine in your comments.  If you don't have one please begin to start each day in The Word and Prayer. 

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

a 2 z -C = CHILDHOOD

WARNING:  Lots of pictures in this one to show some of my childhood.

 The first picture I have of me - age 9 months, with my beloved sister Marion who was 12 when I was born.

 The single candle says it - 1 year old 

 My maternal grandparents Martha & Arthur T. Dickey with Marion & I.
My paternal grandparents were deceased before I entered the scene so I never knew them.  Since my maternal grandparents lived in Missouri, and  in those days we did not travel much I only saw them about 4 times during my lifetime.
 My mother Pauline and my father Henry Harrison Errett and I in our front yard at 202 Navajo Blvd., Santa Fe, New Mexico 

 An early Sunday School class picture at First Christian Church.
My father was a Deacon and he had played Santa Claus at a church program the evening before I was born on Christmas day, 1937.  I was raised in this church, which was a Disciples of Christ Church.
I am right behind the girl in the tam on the second row.
Across the street is Harrington Junior High where I went to the 7th, 8th & 9th grades.
The first professional photo of me.  My mother had made this dress (as she did most of my clothes) 
It was bright blue velvet with pink star buttons - I thought it was so beautiful!!!

 Me, with my niece Connie & uncle Ray who were twin children of my father's 2nd daughter.  
They lived in Peru and came to the states on a few occasions.  They were a year and 2 months older than I.  
A little confusing when my father would say, "This (the younger, smaller one) is my daughter, Susan, and these (Connie & Ray) are my grandchildren!!!  As we got older Connie & I would say we were "Cousins" because it was simpler and we didn't have to go into all the details.

Susan with her beloved dolls

 Flower girl at my Sister Marion's wedding when I was 9
 Sister Marion, Mother, Susan & Daddy

 At the annual Santa Fe Fiesta (every Labor Day weekend) with a family friend, Ray.

 My favorite picture of my Father, Henry Harrison Errett but he went by 
HH Errett most of the time.
This was taken, by a street photographer, in front of his office on the plaza.

 Susan, by the same street photographer, on the same day.  
I thought those moccasins were really something!!

 This was on the steps of my first piano teacher's home and after a few years training with her I went to the Loretta Academy nuns for my piano training.

 All dressed up in "costume" for a school production we were doing.
My beloved cat, Muffy, which was the only childhood pet I had.  She was poisoned and it was the first death, and grieving, of my life.  I grieved over Muffy for years. 

 Susan & Alonzo Martinez
Alonzo's family lived behind us and when he moved in he spoke no English & I spoke no Spanish.
Unfortunately he learned English from me and I never learned to speak Spanish.  One of the regrets of my life.  Alonzo was a year younger than I and truly a best friend growing up.  I have tried to locate him on fb but have been unsuccessful in doing so :o(

 Susan, Alonso & my forever friend Joan.
We were 3 close buddies who had so much fun with each other. 
We just stayed in Joan's lovely Albuquerque home while in Albuquerque last month for the Hebraic Roots Conference we attended.

 Before school one day with my sweater and jump rope.

 In front of the State Capital in Springfield, Mo when I was 9 on the only family trip my mother, father & I ever made to Missouri, although my mother & I went a couple of time ourselves by train. 

 Susan (center) with a group of church friends ready for another Fiesta.

 Pauline June Dickey Errett & Henry Harrison Errett in front of our front door. 

 On of the last and favorite pictures of my Daddy.
He went to Heaven in 1972 at the age of 86 years,
I was only 35. 
Grandmother & Grandfather Dickey on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1955.  I was not present but my mother was. 

I, and most of my generation, were blessed to grow up in what I consider the last generation of innocence.  I was blessed with a wonderful foundation of Christianity, family, friends, innocent fun, good education, values & morals.

I would so appreciate your leaving me a comment about your childhood.  

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