Thursday, May 31, 2007


I was just tagged by Maxine, of Nana's Reflections, for a new Meme I hadn't done so will give it a whirl.

Here are the rules:

Grab the book nearest to you, go to page 123, find the 5th sentence and put on your blog the next three sentences. Say the title of the book and the author’s name. Tag three other people.

Well, first off I have to cheat a little bit....because the book right next to me at the computer was The New Oxfor Picture Spanish Dictionary because I had just received a comment from Eddy in Chili and it was in Spanish and I was going to attempt to translate it. Don't think a dictionary would work!!

I picked up the book we are reading for part of our morning devotions. Here it is:

"On one occasion when Plymire and two devoted followers were about to be executed, a prayer warrior in Olympia, Washington, was awakened by the Holy Spirit to pray for him. After seeing a vision of a group of men with swords surrounding three men in a tent, she obeyed. She recognized one of them as Victor Plymire, who had spoken in her church. She prayed fervently, and Plymire's life was spared in the final moments before the proposed execution."
Pioneers of Faith by Dr. Lester Sumrall.

I tag Leigh Ann, Kahri, & Ginger. You three are under no obligation if you don't want to play along.


I've added 3 more words to the bottom of our Kaleidoscope, which increased out participants from the original 24 to 28. Won't you please join us as we visually form our Body of Christ example?
of the Body of Christ

Encourager -

Faith - Comforter -

Trust - Obedience - Servant -

Giver -

Compassion - Servant -

The Word -

Truth - Worship -

Belief -

Encourager - Love - Nice -

Encourager -

Faithful -

Love - Encourager -

Grace -

Obedience - Used - Truth -

Grace - JOY - Servant - Steadfast -
This post is the result of the words that 28 of you left to my post on the Kaleidoscope we believes of Jesus the Christ form as the BODY of CHRIST. (go here to read)
I entered the words in the order they were received, except that mine and Mickey and Danny and his wife's are in the middle.
Some of you listed more than one word -- in those instances I put in the first on your list. I've always heard our first answer is usually the correct one.
I know and realize that we are all MANY things in the Body of Christ. I realize that we change with different times and circumstances in our lives. My point in this, and the first post, was to point out the beauty that is created as we each fulfill our part.
If there are still some who didn't participate yet, and would like to, please do and we'll just edit this post and add to the beauty. The point of the Kaleidoscope is the constantly changing picture that is made with the shifting of the parts. Wish we had some way to demonstrate that!!! Wouldn't that be an awesome picture.

My thanks to ALL of you who took part.

May we ALL be exactly what God intends us to be.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007



And I got one of the BEST ever yesterday.

I'm busy in the kitchen making a huge salad to take to our friends house
for a Memorial Day cookout.

The phone rings and Mickey answers and handing the phone to me says,
"I don't know who it is"

It was Pen-of-Jen!!!!
calling ME from Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Took me a few minutes for it to sink in - Jen you sound exactly like a
girl I use to go to church with.

Now, any of you calling me would be a HUGE thrill, trust me,
but Pen-of-Jen is one of my favorite bloggers
because she has such a passion for Christ
and is so truthful and up front.

I love that about you Jennifer!! :o)

Talk about making some one's day.

She made mine.
I just floated about 3' off the floor the remainder of the day.

Some day I hope we meet in person---

I KNOW we'll meet at HIS throne

and worship HIM together.

Just in case you aren't already checking out her blog everyday already go here
for her Pen=o=Jen blog.

or here, for her McBenning School blog.
Both great reads.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Have you ever read some one's blog that made such an impression on you that you found yourself thinking and pondering on it for days afterwards? I had this expierience on Monday, May 21st when I read this blog by Bumbling Genius. It was titled A Multi-Faceted Beauty.

To briefly recap what he said was, "What one word most defines you in the Body of Christ?".

Then he pointed out that "Truth" would define him and "Worship" would define his wife. I immediately knew that "The Word" would define me and "Belief" would define my husband, Mickey.

His analogy was, "I like to think of this as a beautiful kaleidoscope picture portraying the Body of Christ."

He ended his post with this wonderful paragraph: "As we walk humbly before God, these varying gifts become the Body. We are all so dependant on each other, and ultimately it is God who gets the glory as we not only participate, but also experience the beauty of the Body as it functions in a way that is wholly beyond man's ability to orchestrate."

I was totally awed by this concept. As a child I loved kaleidoscopes. I loved the beauty and joy of looking in that little tube and seeing the various bright, multi-faceted colors and shapes shifting and changing designs. Each so beautiful.

I can just see the various kaleidoscopes God is forming within my family, within my friends, my individual church, the churches within my community, the churches within our nation, and ultimately The Universal Church.

If you follow my blog you know that The Universal Church is one of the most glorious things to me. I long for all of us, who truly made Christ not only our Savior but our Lord, get past our individual traditions, creeds and denominations and see ourselves as the Body of Christ. One head, Jesus the Christ, with all our "Multi-Faced Beauty" on display God's Kaleidoscope!!!

Let's discover together what Kaleidoscope of God we here in Blogland are forming with out

Multi-Faceted Pieces.

Please leave a comment with the one word that defines you in the Body of Christ.

Thanks Danny for your great post and letting me use your idea for this post.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


On submitting my blog to Billy Mac to be Critiqued his advice to me was to blog some about our travels since Mickey & I had lived in our 30' 5th Wheel for 4 years and traveled across the U.S. and Canada. Since my reason for submitting my blog was for advice I decided I would heed what he told me and do some posts on our travels.

Rather than starting with our RV travels I decided to give you a brief run down of our vacationing prior to RVing.

Mickey and I are from very different backgrounds. I was raised by a much older father, and somewhat older mother, who were very conservative. We did absolutely no camping, a very few yearly picnics and a pretty much indoor, very orderly existence. I've stated that I never saw my father in anything but a business suit except once in my life.

So, begin my life of marriage with Mickey who loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting-- you get the picture. Mickey decides we are going on our first outing (this was after our honeymoon which was to Las Vagas). Since I have no equipment whatsoever he goes to Sears and buys me: a fishing pool, lures, line, bait, etc. Even a new 2 person bedroll.

Now in New Mexico there are not a lot of lakes and most of the fishing is for trout in the Rio Grande. You don't sit on the side and cast your pole......oh no, you wade up and down the edge of the river casting your line

I, of course, being your inside girl, raised almost as an only child brought: my Bible, journal and pen, and several other books!! I REALLY did try fishing......I did, but it wasn't for me :o( So, I quite contentedly proceeded to lay on my pallet, read and do my thing. I was having a perfectly wonderful, enjoyable time, enjoying the fresh air and the out of doors and doing the things I most enjoyed doing; reading and journaling about the wonderful time I was having.

My new husband was very disappointed. He thought I was not happy. I was! He thought I was not enjoying my self-------but I was! Need I tell you......that was the end of our "camping and fishing trips".

Like most young couples without much money and raising a family most of our vacations consisted of trips back to visit my parents in New Mexico or his family in Tennessee.

In the late 60's and early 70's Mickey was working for the local Chevy dealership as a new car salesman. One of the perks of the job was a once a year state wide dealership meeting in Oklahoma City. This meant an overnight, expense paid mini vacation for us and a very rare night away and alone from our children. On the first such trip I was awaken by the phone ringing at 6 a.m.and our 5 year old son, David, saying "Hi mommie. Are you having a good time? I miss you." He had seen the emergency number we had left by the phone for my mother who was staying with the children.

HOW do you get mad or upset over THAT?!!!!

In 1974 Mickey won an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Acapulco, Mexico as a prize for being one of the lead New Car Chevy Salesman in Oklahoma. It was our first REAL vacation and we had a blast. Everything was paid for. We literally only bought a few soft drinks, while sight seeing, and the souvenirs we brought home. It was a wonderful time.

This is a picture of us from that trip on one of the local tours having fun with one of the local sightseeing crew. When we got back home I remember remarking to one of my friends, "It was like coming back to brute reality" when we got home!!!

Our next real vacation was in 1978 when we went to Hawaii and Maui for our 20th wedding anniversary.

Here we are just posing in front of one of the beautiful sights.

This is Mickey standing on the balcony of the hotel room at Maui.

Here I am boarding the Hawaiian Air plane to return home to Oklahoma after a wonderful 10 days.

Hope you enjoyed my little vacationing recap and some younger pictures of us.

Friday, May 25, 2007

SHOW & TELL #3 - Tiny Childhood Bible

This picture was taken the same Christmas as the Bible below was given to me. I am the blond on the second row, behind the girl in the tam with leggings on. It's the same blue velvet dress with pink star buttons my mother made for me and I loved so.

It has 124 pages and contains the following information:
Chapter I - The First Christmas
Chapter II - Jesus is Baptised
Chapter III - Jesus Blesses the Children
Chapter IV - Jesus at Bethany
Chapter V - The Last Supper
Chapter VI - Jesus Prays

Chapter VII-Jesus is Arrester
Chapter VIII - Jesus before Pilot
Chapter IZ - Jesus is Crucified
Chapter X - Jesus Rises from the Dead
It has 6 full page pictures depicting Christ
3 - Morning Prayers
5 - Blessing for meals Prayerrs
6 - Day time Prayers
6 - Evening Prayers
The 10 Commandments

It is missing the black front cover.
The inscription reads:
"To Susan - from your teacher-
Mrs. Maxwell - Christmas - 1942"

The reason this is so special and important to me, besides being given to me 65 years ago, is because it is The Bible. It's wonderful to me to realize what an important part the beloved Word of God has been in my life. I love The Word of God.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MY 100th POST

I can't believe I've already posted 99 times since I began 112 days ago on January 31, 2007. As is the tradition in blogland to post 100 things about yourself on the 100th post here goes. These are somewhat in chronological order but not entirely as I inserted various things as I thought of them. Some of them you'll know if you've been following my blog. Some of them are new.

1. I'm a Christmas baby.

2. When I was young I thought my parents should have named me "Carole" for Christmas Carole.

3. I was named after my paternal grandmother who died before I was born.

4. They almost named me Henrietta after my father, Henry. I am SO thankful they did not.
Sorry to any of you Henrietta's out there!

5. I was a forceps birth baby and had convulsions and almost died at birth.

6. I have no middle name. Since getting married I have always used my maiden name as my middle name.

7. My maternal grandparents lived in Missouri and I only saw them about 4 or 5 times in my life.

8. On one visit when I was very young I was out with my grandfather looking at the horses. One of the colts kicked me in the right chest.

9. I loved school and made very good grades but got D's & one F in Deportment because I talked too much!!!

10. I took piano lessons for 6 years and loved to play, especially classical music.

11. While many parents have to force their children to practice it was just the opposite with me. Many times my mother would say, "Susan, pleeeeese get off the piano!".

12. I took tap, ballet and toe for 3 years.

13. I met my forever friend, Joan, in the 2nd grade. She was 7 and I was 6.

14. I once had a horse run away with me when I was about 13-14. I had gone to the store to get ice cream at my sister's in Taos. When I finally got off I was still clinching the brown paper bag.....the ice cream had dropped out and splattered way before that.

15. I was on the National Honor Society.

16. For my final piano recital I played Edvar Grieg's Concerto in A Minor. I cannot play it today.

17. I started school at age 5 and skipped a grade so I graduated at age 16.

18. My sister was 12 years older than I. When she married they lived in Taos, NM and ran a dairy. I always got to spend time with them during summer and Christmas and loved it.

19. I remember by sister and brother-in-law sponsoring a displaced family from Hungary after the war.

20. When I was in the 7th grade I fell in love with Eddie. He was the first boy to ever kiss me.

21. Growing up there was a Spanish family who lived right behind us. They had a boy named Alonzo a year younger than I. He could not speak English. I could not speak Spanish. He learned English from me.

22. One of my life time regrets is that I did not learn to speak Spanish as a child growing up in Santa Fe, NM.

23. Alonzo and I were dear friends. I lost track of him and am so sorry. It would thrill me to pieces to relocate him. Alonzo Martinez from Santa Fe, NM contact me!!!!!!

24. When I was in grade school the "Freedom Train" come to Santa Fe and my father took Joan and I to see it. The only thing I really remember about it was seeing the original Declaration of Independence and the train itself.

25. The carnival would come to town each year and set up just out side the city limits. It was a big occasion and the whole town would come out to ride.

26. For as gutsy and adventurous a child as I was I never cared for any carnival ride that got far off the ground. About all I would ride was the tilt-t-whirl and the swings.

27. When I was about 7 I went to town with my father one evening when he had some work to do in the office. While he was working I went to The La Fonda hotel to play. I lost track of the time. When I came to his office my father had left, looking for me, and the office was locked. I was walking down the street crying and walked past the taxi stand. The taxi stand owner recognized me, called my mother and took me home. (You have to remember this was the 40's and a VERY different world from what we live in now.)

28. Continuing the father had called the police and reported me missing and they were broadcasting over the radio about my being missing. My father did not call my mother and tell her! One of her friends heard the report on the radio and called to comfort her about her missing Susan!! Who had now been properly spanked and put to bed. (Boy, did my dad get it when he got home!!! He was in more trouble than I was :o)

29. I met my high school sweetheart when I was in the 9th grade. He was a junior.

30. I got engaged when I was 15 years old.

31. I married when I was 16 years old.

32. I had my first daughter, Suzette, 12 days before my 17th birthday.

33. I had my second daughter, Jacque, 3 days before my 18th birthday

34.. In December, 1956, just prior to my 19th birthday, I had major chest surgery and a calcium deposit tumor the size of a baseball removed from my right chest. The Dr. believed this was from the kick I received as a child from the colt.

35. They x-rayed that area for 5 years before giving me a clean bill of health.

36. I was divorced when I was barely 20 years old. Suffice it to say I got complete and total custody of my 2 girls who were 2 & 3 years old.

37. Joan and I use to walk from grade school to downtown and then my father would take us home when he left work at 5.

38. My father would give us money every day and we would go to Woolsworth, sit on bar stools at the counter, and order either butterscotch sundaes or ham salad sandwiches on toast.

39. We would play around town during that 2 hour period: on the Plaza, in the band stand. at the La Fonda Hotel riding up and down the elevators, The Palace of the Governors, the Library, The Art Museum, etc.

40. One day while we were in the restroom at the Art Museum they closed up the museum. When we came out we found ourselves locked in. I called my father who had to call the museum director to come and let us out.

41. I accompanied the choir at Glorietta Baptist Assembly one Easter Sunrise Service.


43. I was church pianist in several of the small baptist churches we attended.

44. I met Mickey on February 29, 1958. Yes, it was a leap year.

45. We met at the home of mutual friends in Santa Fe, NM. He had come down from Colorado Springs for the weekend and the girls and I had come up from Albuquerque to spend the weekend with my parents.

46. The following day my mother, the girls and I were sitting in a doughnut shop when he walked by the window. He saw us and came in, sat down and met my mother and my girls.

47. The following Friday when I came in from work he called and told me he was in Albuquerque and staying with our mutual friends, Jane & Buzz.

48. That evening we went on our first "date" to a drive-in movie. It was me, my two girls, Jane & Buzz, their infant son, and Mickey. 7 of us.

49. The next morning (Saturday) Jane called me to tell me Mickey said, "You're the girl he's going to marry". I thought and said, "Who does he think he is?"

50. Mickey never returned to Colorado Springs & lived with Jane & Buzz until we married.

Are you still hanging in here with me?

51. When Mickey was going to buy my engagement ring I wanted to go with him to pick it out. He said, "No. It's my gift to you and I'll select it myself". I cried and begged and cried some more (that had always worked with my father!!) it did not work with Mickey. I learned right then who was going to be the boss in this family and it wasn't going to be me!!!

52. He bought me a MUCH nicer and more expensive ring than I would have selected.

53. I think Mickey fell as in love with Suzette & Jacque as much as he did their mother :o) A big selling point to this young mother!!! Most of our "dating" involved taking the girls to various places. I did hire a baby sitter for a few "real" dates.

54. We decided to go to Flagstaff, AZ to get married and then to Las Vagas for our honeymoon.

55. We wrote to the County Clerks office in Flagstaff telling them our intentions and asking what documentation we needed to brings, would we need blood tests, etc.

56. We arrived in Flagstaff and checked into our hotel rooms. Yes, plural!

57. The next morning we went to get our Marriage License to find out there was a 3 day waiting period for the blood tests. NO!!! I cried, we pleaded and told them they had not mentioned to us any waiting period when they had written us back. They waived the 3 day waiting period.

58. We were married in the First Baptist Church in Flaggstaff, AZ October 4, 1958. Exactly 7 months and 4 days after first meeting.

59. We spent our wedding night at the El Tavor Hotel on the rim of the Grand Canyon and drove to Las Vagas the next day and stayed in the Star Dust Hotel.

60. I was a cheerleader in Junior High.

61. In high school I was named the girl with the prettiest hands. I have nice long fingers and have always been blessed with nice nails.

62. When we were leaving to get married my parents came to pick up the girls and take them to Santa Fe while we were gone. They brought me a was an electric blanket along with this comment from my mother, "Don't you think this would be better than getting married again so soon?"!! As you can tell, they did not think what I was doing was the wisest choice I'd ever made. They were so, so wrong.

63. During WWII they had a Japanese Prison Camp in Santa Fe. I remember going out by it with my father and seeing the men standing behind the fences looking out. It made me very sad.

64. My mother and dad were involved in prison ministry and I would go with them. My dad would go with the other men to the mens section and mother and I would go with the oother woman to the womans section.

65. The prison was within the city limits at that time. One day my dad and I were driving down
the street and I saw a prisoner in his black & white striped outfi.. They had taken a manhole cover off and this prisoner was being put down there. I got so upset and started crying because I thought they were punishing him and going to put the cover back on. My father explained that
he was just on a work crew.

66. When Dewey was running for president he came to Santa Fe campaigning. Mother, Dad, Joan & I went out the 2nd story window of my dads office on to the first story of the next building and watched the parade as they went by. Joan & I were so excited because he was in a convertible. We had never seen a convertible.

67. Mickey began working for Greyhound as a bus driver in 1960.

68. Mickey legally adopted Suzette & Jacque and the decree was dated and official January 18, 1960.

69. In 1961 Greyhound transferred Mickey to Denver. We rented for one year and then purchased a brand new home in Thornton, a suburb North of Denver, on Mickey's GI Bill. $99 down and $116 a month. We wondered at the time if we could afford it.

70. Mickey had to go to Denver immediately and the girls and I had to stay in Albuquerque until the house sold.

71. My parents drove us to Denver and we stayed in a hotel. While there President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his entourage came to the hotel (I don't remember the name). We all stood at our upper story window and watched them come in.

72. I remember the "I Like Ike" and other campaign buttons of that era. Wish I'd hung on to them!!!

73. The first election I ever voted in was 1960 when John F. Kennedy was elected. I did not vote for him. My friend, Beverly, and I and our 4 children stood in line, outside in the cold, for hours to vote. I was 23 years old.

74. In 1964 they transferred Mickey to Tulsa. We moved to Tulsa March 1, 1964. I was 5 1/2 months pregnant with our first son.

75. Just before our Thornton house sold I painted one of the bedrooms with a 3" brush. Mickey was already in Tulsa working.

76. I HATED Tulsa when we first moved here. I was not use to the humidity and heat. The first time we went to the grocery store I turned a corner and there was an entire isle of bug spray. I said, "This sure must be a buggy place"! In NM you might have a 3' area of bug spray. I wrote home and told my parents, "If I ever doubted there was a hell I don't now because God has moved me smack dab in the middle of it".

77. Suzette started school in Albuquerque at age 5 where the cut-off date to be 6 was 12-31. When we got to Denver the cut-off date was 9-30. Although the girls are only 1 year and 12 days apart in age they were 2 years apart in school because of that difference in the cut-off date.

78. David was born 6-22-64. He had red hair. Suzette had brown hair and Jacque blond hair. When the nurse handed him to me I said, "Where did he get the red hair?". She looked at me rather funny. It wasn't until later that I found out Mickey had brothers with red hair. Mickey has black hair.

79. I had gone for the regular check-up and they decided they were going to induce labor and told me to go get my things and check into the hospital. We left, picked up the girls, went home, fixed lunch, ate, got my stuff together, took the girls to the family that was going to keep them and then went to the hospital. When we walked in it was "WHERE have you been. We've been waiting for you". I didn't know there was any big hurry.

80. Several times after moving to Tulsa the girls would come home and ask, "Do we have any Indian blood in us"? Of course the answer was "no". I think they felt inferior because so many of the class mates were some part Indian. The school would take a census because they got extra funds from the government for anyone with I think it was 1/64th Indian blood!!!

81. I went to work for Oral Robert Evangelistic Assn. in1966. It was in a solid marble building near down town. I was hired as a payroll clerk, then moved into an accounting position, and ended up being Executive Secretary to the VP of Finance. While in payroll I realized the Executive Secretaries made the top female wages and set my goal for that position.

82. The year enrollment began for Oral Roberts University they took us out of the accounting department to do the registration. I am very proud of the fact I participated in enrolling the first 300 students. Now it is a huge University with students from around the world.

83. The 5 of us, Mickey, Suzette, Jacque, David & I, were in attendance when Billy Graham dedicated ORU.

84. Greyhound was going to transfer Mickey to Springfield, Missouri. We decided we did not want to be transferred all over the country. By then the girls were getting involved in school, sports and activities and we wanted them to be able to attend the same schools with the same friends. Mickey quit Greyhound.

85. When we came to Tulsa we rented a house for 1 year and then bought a home just 4 blocks from where we were renting. We lived in that home for 11 years.

86. Marc, our second son, and last child was born August 2, 1969. While I was in the hospital I watched 5 year old David on TV on a local show called "Romper Room".

87. In 1974 Mickey won an all-expense-paid trip for two to Alcapulo, Mexico as a leading new car salesman in Oklahoma.

88. On July 4, 1976 (Bi-Centennial) Mickey and I opened our Real Estate firm, JJ Realty. We eventually had 12 associates working for us. One of my regrets in life is my father never lived to see me in his beloved business. He would have been so proud. My mother was.

89. My mother moved from Santa Fe to Tulsa in 1973 one year after my father died. She bought her own home but later, as her health was failing, moved in and lived with us a number of years.

90. In 1979 we were invited by some friends to go to the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. We had no interest, or knowledge, about hot air balloons but being from NM and Albuquerque where we went almost annually anyway we said "sure".

91 Our first glimpse of a hot air balloon is what they call the dawn patrol. They put up just a few balloons right at sun rise. When we saw that first balloon light up like a light bulb in the sky we were so excited.

92 We returned from the Fiesta and Mickey began training for his Hot Air Balloon Pilot License and we ordered a balloon!!! When it arrived on May 19, 1980 we named her "Suzy Blue".

93. When Marc was 14 he began taking lessons for his Pilot License and had a big write-up in the Tulsa World as the youngest student pilot ever in Tulsa.

94. One of the people who flew in "Suzy Blue" is Anthony Mason. He worked for one of the local TV stations and took the ride and reported about it. Anthony Mason is now a news reporter on one of the 3 national TV networks. (Can't remember but I think it's CBS).

95. The local morning radio celebraty of the day, John Ehrling did an actual morning broadcast from "Suzy Blue" live.

96. "Suzy Blue" was the 3rd hot air balloon in Tulsa. The 3 of us, all close friends, were featured on the cover of The Tulsa Magazine.

97. We got a lot of attention every time we would fly. We would look down and it would kind of be like Pied Piper with all the children (cars) following.

98. In 1976 we purchased another home. A red brick colonial 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 1 1/3 acre with a circle drive. The girls said, "Why didn't you own a big nice home like this when we were home?" We replied, "Because we couldn't afford it then."

99. We closed JJ Realty the end of 1983 and March 1, 1984 moved to Albuquerque to take my ill mother back to New Mexico.

100. 1984-85 was the worse time of our entire 25 years of marriage. There were many extenuating circumstances: money pressure, problems with our oldest son, my mother so ill, problems within the marriage itself. We came very close to divorce. I just wanted to walk away but that hold Jesus had on me said, "No, that's not an option." I'm so thankful we worked it out.

Are you tired? I am!!! If you've managed to stay with me this long I thank you.

Sorry to leave this on this note with us just getting to 1985.

When you are as old as I am you have a LOT of history and a lot to tell.

I guess I'll have to say like Paul Harvey, "Stay tuned for the rest of the story!".


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Celebrating Me!

Morning Glory at Seeds From My Garden

is hosting this great idea of Woman to Woman where woman post each month on a different topic. This will be my second one to participate in. I blogged on Inside My Own Skin here. This topic intrigued me the minute I head it announced because I truly believe so many woman do not even know WHO they are and certainly don't VALUE themselves enough to CELEBRATE who God has made THEM to be. I blogged on this in One Flaw In Women here a short time ago..

Celebrating Me!

My celebrating me has to begin with my father. The fact he was born in 1885 and the 19th Amendment, giving woman the right to vote was not passed by Congress until June 4, 1919, and not ratified until a year later on August 18, 1920, most men did not put much value on women. This was especially true when my father was a young man growing up in the late 19th century.

My father was way ahead of his time and had a progressive view about women. He not only valued his wife, he had a high regard for his daughters, and a high esteem for women in general. Being blessed to be his youngest daughter my earliest recollections are his treating me with utmost respect and regard. Because he valued me and demonstrated that to me, day in and day out, I grew up knowing that I was not only loved but had value. Not only as a woman but as a person and as a child of God. I've always said the concept of a Loving Father God was never hard for me to grasp because I had such a godly example in a Loving Earthly Father.

Along with this strong belief in my value was also instilled a high sense of personal responsibility. I was held accountable for everything I did, good or bad, and there was plenty of both! I was taught I was capable. I was taught I could do anything if I set my mind to it and was willing to pay the price for it. There was no pointing fingers at others in my upbringing.

I am a very strong woman. I have faced some difficult situations in my life (haven't we all?). I always knew that I could rise above whatever is thrown at me and have. I am blessed to be an eternal optimist and always see the glass 1/2 full. I love life and to me true humor are the funny things in and about life. Real things and events..

I grew up being taught cleanliness is next to Godliness and have always taken great pride in my home and appearance. I am friendly and genuinely like people. I am very trusting. I rather trust someone and be disappointed than to view everyone with suspicion and caution. I am loyal to a fault. I am totally trustworthy. My word is my honor and I have kept it to my hurt some times.

I am a very hard worker and can and do keep up with the best of them. I began working in my fathers office as a pre-teenager and have worked the majority of my married life. I have always done excellent work. My motto has always been "I work as unto the Lord".

My husband and my children have always known they were loved. They have always known they were the most important thing in life to me, next to God. Being raised as basically an only child, and removed from extended family, having a close family was one of my goals and I have achieved that.

I love to entertain and always strive to make people feel not only welcome, but comfortable in our home. I am always ready to give a helping hand I have very many long term friends. Space nor time interfere with my ability to maintain friendships. I care deeply.

I enjoy life and live it to the hilt. I've never wanted to get in a rut (a rut is a grave with the ends kicked out) and never have.

I Celebrate Me because I am becoming the one-of-a-kind me that God designed me to be.

Monday, May 21, 2007


"I Hope You Dance....'

This was written by an 83-year-old woman to her friend.

* The last line says it all.

Dear Bertha,

I'm reading more and dusting less.

I'm sitting in the yard and admiring the view without fussing about the weeds in the garden.

I'm spending more time with my family & friends & less time working.

Whenever possible, life should be a pattern of experiences to savor, not to endure.

I'm trying to recognize these moments now and cherish them.

I'm not "saving" anything; we use our good china & crystal for every special event.

I wear my good blazer to the market.

My theory is if I look prosperous, I can shell out $28.49 for one small bag of groceries.

I'm not saving my good perfume for special parties,

but wearing it for clerks in the hardware store and tellers at the bank.

"Someday" & "one of these days" are losing their grip on my vocabulary.

If it's worth seeing, hearing or doing, I want to see, hear and do it now.

I'm not sure what others would've done had they known they wouldn't be here for the tomorrow that we all take for granted.

I think they would have called family members and a few close friends.

They might have called a few former friends to apologize & mend fences.

I like to think they would have gone out for whatever their favorite dinner was.

I'm guessing; I'll never know.

It's those little things left undone that would make me angry if I knew my hours are limited.

Angry because I hadn't written certain letters that I intended to write one of these days.

Angry & sorry that I didn't tell my husband, kids & parents often enough how much I truly love them.

I'm trying very hard not to put off, hold back, or save anything that would add laughter and luster to our lives.

And every morning when I open my eyes, tell myself that it is special.

Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift from God.

If you realize this, it is because someone cares for you.

I'm posting this today because I care about you.

"People say true friends must always hold hands, but true friends don't need to hold hands because they know the other hand will always be there.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

I received this from a very special friend as an e-mail this morning. Thank you Don!! Made a few modifications and wanted to share it with you my blog friends. It had real cute graphics of an older couple dancings but I didn't know how to copy that. Just picture Mickey & I in your minds eye.........and yourself dancing with that someone special.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Don't know if you could see this in your part of the country last night or not but the position of Venus and the Moon was just perfect last night.
(click on pictures to enlarge)

Not the best pictures in the world but not bad for just our little digital camera. These were taken off our back patio between the trees.

Part of Gods Great Big Beautiful World
How could anyone NOT believe in Him?

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Thursday was a very busy day! At 1 p.m we attend the 1st & 2nd grade spring program at Aric's school. You can see it was Groovin' Into Summer. All the kids had tye-dye t-shirts and all the songs were real cute and upbeat. They even did several with sign language they had learned along with the singing.

Here are three of the very special men in my life. Grandpa Mickey, Aric, and Dad Marc.

Here's a shot of Grandpa, Aric and me leaving the school

Then at 7 p.m. we attended the Spring Concert at

Oksana's school. Being a 6th grader this is her first year in orchestra and she played the violin.
The picture isn't to good but you can kind of make out the orchestra.

Here is the program which consisted of Beginning Orchestra, then Intermemediate and Advanced Orchestra together. Then Beginning Band and Intermediate and Advanced Band together. A total of 16 numbers.
It was very good. Edison Preparatory School has taken "Straight Superior" ratings for the past three years in a row in All-District Orchestra, All-City Honor Band, All-City Honor Orchestra & All-City Honor Jazz Band.

Here's a very happy and tired Oksana with her violin & case and music as we're leaving.

This is Oksana and one of her many friends, Courtney just being typical tweenies!

Oksana, Dad Marc & Aric

Oksana & Dad, Marc
Grandpa and Grandma are very happy to be such a part of these Tulsa Grandkids lives.

Friday, May 18, 2007


This is not really a new blog ------- I am running this as a test to see if it will make it possible for people to leave comments. I've run across a few other blogs today that seem to be having the same problem. Blogger is just being very difficult.

Show & Tell #2 - Take No Thought

Kelli, at There Is No Place Like Home, Hosts Show & Tell every Friday. It is so much fun to read others and to post a show & tell. Go check it out. Here is mine for this week.

I am not a garage sale person as a rule. However, yesterday a friend of mine called me around noon and told me one of her neighbors was having a garage sale and that she had a lot of items in my size that were really nice, some with the original price tags on them. My husband does not particularly like garage sales at all but said he'd

go over there with me.

This is what I got!!

  • 2 skirts with jackets

  • 2 skirts with sweaters

  • red & black slacks & top

  • pink dress & jacket

  • 2 pair slacks with original price tags

  • 4 skirts, 1 with original price tag

12 items, 3 brand new and 9 almost new. When I asked the lady how much this would be (nothing was marked with prices) she said "$72" and before I could say "I'll take them" she said "$60, I'd like for you to have them"!!!

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;

and all these things shall be added unto you.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow:

for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Matthew 6:33 & 34


Thursday, May 17, 2007


My sweet husband, Mickey, has been painting the exterior trim on our house this week while I've been in the nice, air conditioned comfort of our home BLOGGING!

How blessed am I.
Blessed beyond measure & don't think I don't know it.
Oh, how I know it.
Isn't he the cutest thing? He still is in my eyes. Always has been. I LOVE YOU HONEY, SOOOOOO MUCH!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

JERUSALEM DAY 2007 - May 16th

The following is a copy of information put out by
David Brog, Executive Director of
Christians United for Israel

I found it most interesting and informative and wanted to share it with you.

Jerusalem Day, 2007
God's miracles are all around us if we open our hearts and our eyes to them. Seeing the miraculous in our lives is often a challenge requiring a broader perspective and a heightened sensitivity. But this week, Israel and all those who love her will celebrate a miracle of truly Biblical proportions. This Wednesday, May 16th, is the 40th anniversary of Israel's liberation of Judaism's holiest sites in the Six Day War.

When the Romans destroyed the Second Temple in 70 AD, the Jews lost control of their sacred capital not for years or decades, but for nineteen centuries. For all of this time, Jews who dared return to their holy city were tolerated at best, massacred at worst. For extended periods, Jews were simply banned from their city altogether. Even the euphoria over the birth of Israel in 1948 was tempered by the fact that the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall fell under Jordanian control, and the Jordanians banned all Jews from these holy sites.

And then came the 1967 Six Day War. Within the space of six days, Israelis rode the wave from the depths of despair at their imminent destruction to the heights of euphoria at their sudden, total victory. And, in the process, Israel won control of the ancient Jewish holy sites: the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. Nothing captures the awe of this moment better than a famous photo of a group of Israeli paratroopers as they gaze at the Western Wall they had just liberated with a combination of relief and disbelief. Their eyes humbly ask: "Do we merit this right, to be the first Jews in almost two millennia to return triumphantly to our most holy site?" (Go to to see a copy of this photo.)

The Israeli army actually recorded the transmissions from the battlefield that spring day 40 years ago as Israeli soldiers entered the Old City and then the Temple area. And it's impossible to listen to this recording without chills running down one's spine. One can hear Israeli Colonel Motta Gur announcing words that his ancestors had waited so many centuries to declare -- "The Temple Mount is in our hands!" And then one hears Rabbi Shlomo Goren reciting an ancient prayer with a suddenly new meaning, "Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, who comforts Zion and builds Jerusalem." Soldiers sing Israel' national anthem, Hatikva, by the Western Wall. And then Rabbi Goren recites the prayer for the soldiers who have fallen in battle. (Go to to hear this recording. A written English translation is provided.)

When we listen to this recording, we get to hear, live, the unfolding of a miracle like few others in the history of the Jewish people. In historical significance, this event rivals the order of Xerxes allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem from their Babylonian exile and rebuild the Temple. It rivals Xerxes' order, and even surpasses is, because this time the Jews were returning to these holy sites as an independent people, no longer ruled by a foreign power, friendly or otherwise.

Yes, God has his miracles. But these miracles are not an excuse for fatalism or inaction. These miracles do not free us from our responsibilities. We are called upon to be watchmen on Jerusalem's walls. And we are called upon to never be silent for Zion's sake. We are called to action on behalf of Jerusalem.

And our action is needed. Jerusalem is once again under siege. The Roman soldiers encamped at her base have been replaced by Hamas and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists sitting just as close. The Roman Empire that armed and supported the Roman legionnaires of old has been replaced by new powers such as Iran and Syria which are equally determined to see Jerusalem fall. Times have changed, years have passed, but Jerusalem still knows no peace.

This Jerusalem Day let us celebrate with thanksgiving. And let us celebrate with action.

May the God of Israel Bless You,

David Brog
Executive Director
Christians United For Israel

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I didn't know I was going to post about this until I did so you have to read this post through before you will understand about these pictures!!

Linds, of Rocking Chair Reflections, has tagged me for a meme on "7 things you don't know about me." Or something like that. Anyway, 7 random things about me. Hmmm. Let me think.

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog

1. I am an avid reader and have been all my life. When I was a young girl I would either stay up late reading, or even wake up in the middle of the night and read. Quite often my mother would wake up and holler "Susan, turn off that light and get to sleep".

2. I do not require very much sleep. I never did, even as a child. Then after raising 4 children with quite an age span that took care of that for life I guess. I average 5 to 6 hours a night.

3. I took typing and bookkeeping in high school. I was a fast, accurate typist. My very first job (other than helping out in my father's real estate office growing up) was with a Registered Public Accountant. I was 18 years old and during the interview he held up a legal size document (turned length wise) with probably 15 to 18 columns of numbers across it and said "Can you type something like this?" I was NOT a statistical typist....but without batting an eye I said "Certainly" and got the job. This man was a perfectionist and absolutely NO erasures or liquid paper could be used. I became a very good statistical typist very quickly. Working for a perfectionist who demanded the very best was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

4. My bookkeeping training came into play when I was 23 years old. I worked for an Electrical Contractor as a Girl Friday. I've always been a very fast worker, never wanted to just sit around and was always offering to help out when my own work was finished. The bookkeeper was a man and I would help him and he began training me. This gentleman had a drinking problem and one day my boss called me in and said "I'm going to let Mr.---------- go. I think you can handle both jobs and I'll give you a very good raise." He assured me that his accountant would be at the end of the telephone to help me with anything I didn't understand or needed help with. I said "Sure" and thus began a big part of my working career as a bookkeeper. I eventually retired, many years later, and after several other jobs and ventures, as a Staff Accountant with a CPA firm.

5. I took piano lessons for 6 years and love to play and listen to classical music. I do not, however, like opera.

6. My worst feature is my hair. As is evidenced by my pictures. Not that I have bad hair, I'm just not interested in spending the time, energy and skill it takes to look really coiffured.

7. Probably a lot of the people reading this will not even know what I'm talking about but those of you who do will get a kick out of this. The Dick Tracy comic strip use to have a gal on it that was named "Crewie Lou" because the front of her hair was cut as a crew cut. When I was in the 7th grade 3 of my friends and I decided we were going to crew cut our bangs and call ourselves the "Crewie Lous". I was always the gutsy, fearless one in our group so I took the scissors and cut off a whole handful of my hair in the front about to my scalp. That was bad enough but the worse part was after seeing me, and how horrible I looked, the other 3 wouldn't cut theirs (and Joan is still my forever friend-I am very forgiving!). They wanted no part of being "Crewie Lous". It took literally MONTHS for that mess to grow out and I hated it!!! The pictures at the top of this post show the one and only Crewie Lou.

All this is probably more than you ever wanted to know about me but it is all factual.

I'm not going to try and tag 7 people on this meme because I have no idea who has and has not participated. I would be delighted and grateful if 7 of you who haven't done it would. If you do please leave me a comment to that effect so I can post it and also read 7 unknown facts about you.

Thanks Linds for tagging me. It was fun. Amazing the things that come to your mind when doing these. I'd forgotten about Crewie Lou except when I was scanning all those "thousands" of pictures I found these two. wasn't really thousands it just felt like it.

I had this written and ready to post and Lori B tagged me for an 8 Random Facts so I'm adding #8 for Lori.

8. I was always tall, 5' 7", until the last few years of aging and now am 5' 5 1/2" tall. I really miss that extra 1 1/2" when it comes to reaching in cabinets and things. Makes me have a better understanding of the difficulties in being shorter.

Now I guess I need another to volunteer for this to make my 8!!!! Any takers?

Monday, May 14, 2007


I know that Mother's Day is gone and over and I've already posted about it but I got this card in the mail today from #1 son in California and HAD to share it!!!
Don't you think she looks a little like me with that fuzzy grey hair?

In case you can't read the card it says:
it's not for sissies!
Happy Mother's Day
The "not" has been underscored in pen by #1. HE knows of what he speaks :o)


I know every mother thinks she is the most blessed and I certainly know how very blessed I am. My kids treated Mickey & me to a fabulous Mexican meal (my favorite) at Los Cabos.
I have to insert here what Mickey did to me. Jacque put together the plans for Mother's Day and all Mickey would tell me was "Don't plan anything for Mother's Day we have it covered." We came home after church and then at 1 he said, "Come on it's time to go." We started driving toward Tulsa. Then I saw Los Cabos and said, "Oh are we going to Los Cabos?" He said nothing, proceeded to turn off the expressway and headed that direction. Near Los Cabos is a Steak 'N Shak so he proceeds to pull into their parking lot. I'm thinking, "This is an odd choice." but I didn't say anything. He drives through the parking lot and out the other exit!! We go further to a Lone Star Steakhouse and he pulls the same in and out of the parking lot stunt. By then I KNOW it's Los Cabos because there are no other restaurants in this area. Mickey is a big tease and loves nothing better than to tease me.
While we were waiting for our meal they lavished me with gifts. Suzette and her husband, Dave, gave me this $50 gift certificate from Kohl's and Suzette will go shopping with me when I'm ready. I always love it when my daughters either go shopping with me or buy me clothing because they keep up more with the fashions than I do and keep me from looking too "Grandma-ish"!!
This is a picture of me and my two wonderful, sweet, thoughtful daughters, Suzette on the left and Jacque on the right.

Here I am kissing my youngest son, Marc. He is such a sweetheart.....and after all he's our baby. You know when you're the baby of the family you can never relinquish that post!!

Here is my gift from Marc. A digital picture frame. I was so shocked and totally surprised and delighted. Of course, in typical mother fashion, I had to say "Oh you shouldn't have spent so much"! Guess what - these pictures will soon be flashing away on my end table.

This beautiful black top with the pink flowers and green leaves and a black skirt (you can barely see it underneath) is the lovely gift from my Jacque. That's my wonderful hubby, Mickey, to my left.

Course we had to get a picture of the clown making 8 year old Grandson Aric a sword!
Our family is very close, and even though we all live very busy lives we try and get together as often as we can and ALWAYS on special occasions. We are really terrible at taking pictures (and remembering to take them!). I am trying to get better about that now that I'm blogging. This blog business really does change your life in many ways!! 12 year old granddaughter, Oksana, took the pictures (except the one with the clown) and we ended up without pictures of her, son-in-law, Dave, and Jacque's friend, Benny. Trust me they were all there!!! The 9 of us had a wonderful time.
When we got home I had a missed phone call from our older son, David, who lives with his wife, or 2 years, Nicole and their three teenage boys, Stoney, Austin, and Sam, in Pleasanton, CA. Then David called again Sunday evening when we were in evening church services and finally caught up with us about 9:30 in the evening to wish his Mamma a Happy Mother's Day.
Sorry ladies but I KNOW I'm the most blessed woman on earth!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


The picture, on the left, was taken of my mother, Pauline Dickey Errett, in 1973. She was 67 years old
This picture on the right was taken of me this year. I am 69 years old.
Happy Mothers Day!
I wrote a tribute to my Mom that says all the things I feel and would say about her this Mother's Day. I hope if you have not read it, and have the time, you will do so.
The name of this post is based on the following story. In 1962
Mickey and I and our 2 young daughters, our sons were not yet born, made a trip back to Tennessee to visit his family. On the return trip to Denver, where we were living at the time, we stopped in Missouri and dropped in unannounced on my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who all lived around
there. Since my parents and I had lived in New Mexico all my early life I had seen my grandparents only on 4 or 5 occasions before this.
The 2 days we were there everyone kept telling me "You look just like your mother!". Now when you are 25 years young and your mother is 56 years old you do not remotely feel that you look like her, nor do you want to.
It has only been the last few years, as I'm approaching the age my mother was when she passed away and I see pictures of her compared to pictures of me now that I can see just how very much I do resemble her.
I am very proud of the fact that I not only resemble her in looks but I hope I have many of the traits that she instilled in me during my life time. She was a woman of true grace, refinement and character and I have endeavored to be like her. She taught me many things: honesty, politeness, and good manners. I always knew she was there for me and for my family. We ALL miss you very much Mother.