Sunday, May 25, 2014


Six weeks since I last blogged.  Time if F-L-Y-I-N-G by this year.  This post is just about many of the blessings and GOOD STUFF God keeps blessing our lives with. 

Aric's other grandmother came to visit Marc & Aric for a few days.  We met them last night at Delta Cafe for a lovely meal & 1 1/2 hour visit.  It was so nice to see Terry and catch up with all the exciting events going on in her life and have a really nice visit.   

Marc, Aric, Grandma Terry
Guess who was the "center" of attention!

First "harvest" from Mickey's garden this morning- leaf lettuce.  Had some for lunch today.

Mickey was given these 2 little wren bird houses.  They we damaged but he glued them all together and added the hooks and hangers on top and they are ready to join his 2 blue bird houses in the back yard.

Yesterday he was given these 2 lovely cedar bird feeders.  They also needed a little minor repair work and will soon be joining his other 4 bird feeders in the back yard.

We were given 11 - yes 11!!! 24 can racks of Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Seven-up and Gator aid drinks, plus the 36 can carton of pepsi.  Thats a total of 300 soda drinks!!!  So far we've shared 4 - 24 can racks with others but still have all these left.

God's blessings flow and overtake us!!  PRAISE & THANK GOD~~~ 

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