Friday, August 23, 2013


"Those who fear to see too clearly what this love asks for fool themselves by thinking that they have this watchful and devoted love.  There is only one way to love God, that is not to take one step without him, and to follow with a brave heart wherever he leads......God has little patience with weak souls who say to themselves, 'I shall go this far and not farther.'"  Joy of Abandonment to God - Christian Perfection by Francois Fenelon (1651-1715)

Most of us dislike change - My friend Sandra posted on her fb "One of the hardest things in life is change.  Especially when that change means you are no longer going to be spending time with friends".

Hebrews 11:8   By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going."

For the past 31 months, even through my daughter Suzette's cancer battle and death, I have hosted a woman's Bible Study group called WOW Women, which stands for Women of the Word, in my home every Tuesday evening at 6:30.. 

That came to an abrupt halt after the Tuesday, August 20th meeting.  God had been dealing with me for several weeks prior that He wanted me to discontinue doing so.  Mickey and I have been cleaning, clearing out and discarding a lot of physical household "stuff", in the natural, the last couple of weeks.  But I think, much deeper than that, God is having us do some cleaning, clearing out and discarding of things in our daily walk with HIM.  So when the gals left my house Tuesday night I knew that was the last time.  Wednesday morning I made the announcement .

I quoted Abraham above because that is exactly how I feel.  I have NO IDEA what HE has in mind but I know God has a plan and Mickey and I both trust HIM completely.  We hear HIS voice and know HIS leading in our lives and intend to be obedient in following those as HE directs and leads us.  One thing we know for sure....God is not through with us yet.  

It is in HIS glorious name I live and move and have my being.   

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It was a special day at The King's Kitchen this morning.  

 These are 3 of our main people who serve so faithfully each week.  Mickey has just given them each a T-shirt with the instructions to just fold it over their arms.  As you can see, they are laughing and Sherry has just said, "Oh, now we are going to get to start waiting on tables?" 

Then Mickey says. "Ok, turn them over and see what they say!"
(left to right) Mother-Daughter team: Jodi & Gayle who have been making the extra soup we began sending out 11 months ago, October, 2012, theirs read SUPER SOUPERS

(far right) Sherry, who is our SUPER COOK, and has been with us since day one, when The King's Kitchen began 43 months ago,  February, 2010.

Yes, these 3 woman, who all arrive by 8:30 every Tuesday morning are the very back bone of this operation. 

School has started here in Coweta, but here are a couple of the children who  helped us during the summer months.
Calley, helping Kent & Tim at the sealing machine
Dusty helping Arlene & Eunice in the serving line as the trays are being filled and moved to the sealing machine.  Dusty has also helped Kent deliver meals to the 9 people on that route.
Callie & Dusty are the grandchildren of Ronnie who also helps fill-in on the route when needed.

Yes, it takes many hands, and the loving hearts and willingness of MANY people each and every Tuesday to make The King's Kitchen a reality. 
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In preparation of our facilitating each new Real Christianity Small Group Class, Kent & I review several books, asking The Lord for direction.  

Kent recently purchased 3 books for us to preview - God's at War, by Kyle Idleman  and Altar Ego, by Craig Groeschel, and the one we selected to do, which I will blog about at the end of our current study which is just a few weeks from now.



Although both of these books were ok they were not what we felt this class needed at this time so we selected the 3rd  (as yet unnamed) choice.
One section of Altar Ego that did speak directly to me and my  heart was the 11th Chapter  on Bold Words.  He stated 4 reasons we must, and do have Bold Words:
#1 - "Because I believe so deeply, there are times I must speak boldly to myself.
#2 - I believe so deeply, I can't help but encourage you.
#3 - Because I believe so deeply, I can't help but lovingly correct you. 
#4 - Because I believe so deeply, I can't help but lead you toward Christ.
I certainly related to all 4 of these reasons to have Bold Words.  I will also add MY PERSONAL #5 - Because I believe so deeply that our time is short, I MUST and DO speak boldly.

What about you??  Which of these resonate in your Spirit?

I failed to scan the 15th book I just finished reading.  I borrowed, and returned it, before I remembered to scan it. 

  post signature THIRD

I am beginning to learn about Essential Oils of The Bible, and currently studying the book
HEALING OILS OF THE BIBLE by David Stewart Ph.D.  
This is not a book you "read" quickly but one that takes a lot of time and study.  Janet McBride's book went along with this subject and I did read it quickly so I could return it.
I have also purchased and am in the process of studying:  
by Carolyn L. Mein, D.C.

Are there many of you, like me, who are finding there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all I feel I need to learn, and do, at this point in my life????? 

My prayer is my time is spent doing those things that DO matter and WILL matter 

Of course my most important reading and studying is
GOD'S WORD - The WHOLE Word - Old & New Testament
which is my daily food and spiritual nourishment. 

Monday, August 19, 2013


I love my church family and the wonderful connections The Lord has made in our lives
 I was so blessed this morning to get to share Bill Cloud's teaching Alef to Tav - The Word of God with Judy's Monday Morning Home Bible Study.  I was blessed to attend this study for over 2 years and love these ladies so very much.  Thank you Judy for giving me this privilege today.

Sunday afternoon a group of us traveled to Stilwell, Oklahoma to hear Randy Caldwell teach.
WOW were we blessed.

(from left to right - front to back)  1st Row - Don & Betty ~ 2nd Row Pat's arm & hand, Shorty, Howard, Judy
3rd Row Eunice & Judy ~ Last seat Robin
 (Another shot to get the other people in) 1st Row Fay - Don 2nd Row Pat & Shorty & Howards head -
 Last Thelma

Driver Corby - Co-Pilot Marc

Following in a separate red pick-up Tim - Jeanne - Sandra - Ella Mae
No pictures of them or Mickey or I 
Total of 19 and we were all sooo blessed!!

We left the church at 2:30 heading out to Stilwell.  Located the church and then had time to drive back in to the small town and find a McD's for icecream etc.
Back and in our rows of pews for the 5 o'clock service.
Such powerful teaching!!!
Thank you Lord.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yes, our #1 son David and Karin made this 2,982 mile move from San Francisco, California to Vero Beach, Florida!  Talk about moving "cross country"!!

Moving the furniture and personal items from the Condo in San Fran consisted of renting 2 of the small pods that were loaded and then transported to Vero Beach.  Here are Karin and Mickey in front of said Condo last October when we were visiting them. 
One of the biggest challenges was getting their THREE cats moved that distance.  Solution:  First - they flew 1st class with 2 of the cats.  David said everyone around them in 1st class was very nice about that and enjoyed the cats!  Then Karin flew back to San Fran, leaving David and the 2 cats at the new house in Vero Beach.  She finalized everything in San Fran and then she and the 3rd cat drove that  2,982 mile drive cross country in her little Volkswagon.

It took her 3 1/2 days.....just she and kitty!!!  Our prayers were surrounding her all the way and we know they played a part in a very frightening episode for her..... She was behind a semi-truck and noticed another semi coming up behind her.  She thought, "I don't want to be between these two semi." so she moved into the inner lane of the highway.  Good thing she did------because the second semi ran into the one in front.  Had she not moved she probably would have been smashed between them.  Needless to say, she was shaking and very upset.  She got off the road and into a motel and called David.  Being able to talk to him and shed some tears over the phone helped her regain her composure and continue on the next day.  

Good-bye to the view from their condo in San Francisco.
They enjoyed living there - but it was time for a new step and adventure.

The very happy couple embarking on this great new stage of their lives together.

They are very excited about this move for many reasons.  They wanted out of San Fran because of the housing costs they knew they would never be able to purchase a home.  David had talked to his employer around the first of the year about moving.  Since his work takes him all over on assignments he was seldom in the office anyway.  Their answer to him was, "David, you can move anywhere in the U.S. you want as long as you are close to a major airport."  WOW!!!!  ~~~~  So the hunt began.  They both love living on the coast so they began looking at Florida.  Karin was the one who did all the research into various places in Florida and Vero Beach wasn't that far from the Orlando Air Port and had all the things they were looking for.

So they moved out of the tiny little condo, which was so small they didn't even own a table and chairs!, and into a lovely, BIG 4 bedroom house!!!!   I don't have any pictures of the new digs yet but can't wait to visit and see it.  The first thing they bought was a king size bed and a BIG TV.  They are renting for now, as they wanted to get familiar with everything and be sure where they wanted to buy, but plan to buy their own home in the not too far future.  The added PLUS to this move-----their rent is $1,000 a month LESS!!!

AND ~~~~ for the final "good news"~~~~~~  Karin has already found employment working in the Library of an elementary school about 15 minutes from home.  We received the telephone call yesterday telling us this great news.  

I have no pictures, YET, to show of the new digs.  They are close to the beach and very happy with Karin's choice.  They are almost lost in the space of the big house and they are very happy and excited about their future.  We are eager to visit, and "plans" are already being set.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Beloved Grand-daughter

OKSANA - Now age 18.  How can that be ??!!!!

Beloved Grand-daughter #2 was picked up by her dad in St. Louis on Saturday, August 3rd.  Starting out from her current home in Indiana her mother had driven her 1/2 way.  For the past several years, St. Louis has been the pick-up point.

Her dad Marc's birthday was August 2nd - but we waited till Sunday the 4th to celebrate with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  We choose The Cheesecake Factory because it is one of Oksana's favorites and since we weren't together to celebrate her 18th in February we wanted to do so here with her dad. 

 Grandpa Mickey - Oksana - Aunt Jacque
 Later at our house
Brother Aric and Cousin Jessica 
 The family shot that day ~~
Aunt Jacque, Cousin Jessica, Grandpa Mickey, Grandma Susan,
Dad Marc, Brother Aric & Oksana (so sorry Uncle David not present)

The visit was a short, but blessed 9 days long.
We are so very proud of the fine young lady that Oksana is growing up to be.

She has graduated High School and is currently working at McD's. She has already had 2 promotions in her short time there:
  1st to assistant and just recently to Shift Manager.
She and her dad are discussing her taking some courses at the local Jr. College.
The agreement being, he will pay all tuition costs and books as long as the GRADES remain high.    

 Yes, we do a LOT of celebrating eating out!
Here we are on Tuesday at Chili's

One of the things Oksana did, during these 11 days, was a LOT of driving.  She does not yet have her license, as she has not had much opportunity to practice her driving skills. So that was one item high on the priority list.  When Marc recently purchased his Cadillac he kept the 2005 Ford Taurus which he is giving to Oksana as soon as she gets her license and can have the automobile in her name.
Dad Marc even let her drive the Cadillac once!!  To my surprise! 

 Sad final, for this trip, "last dinner" at Delta Cafe
Sunday, August 11th.
 Aric finally got around to doing one of his favorite photo tricks!!!!  Giving Oksana "ears"
Last look for this time as we leave the restaurant and her dad and brother take her to the airport to catch her flight back to Indiana.

A very sad note on this trip was Oksana received a phone call that her beloved dog, Swagg, had gotten very ill and had to be put to sleep.  She called Grandpa on his cell phone and was crying so hard he could not understand her.  He told her to hang up and call back on the home phone so both he and I could be on the line with her.  When she finally got out the words what was happening she asked me to please pray.  I was able to pray a prayer over the phone with her.  She had already called her dad at work who was on his way home to be with her. They got here a few hours later for our visit and meal at Chili's.

We love you Oksana, and are so very, VERY proud of the lovely young woman you are becoming. 
You have a very bright future ahead of you!!
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Saturday, August 10, 2013


This blog subject was sparked from my blog friend Cheryl's post this morning.  

I definitely fall into the EXTROVERT category. I have taken several of the different personality type tests, including the Briggs-Myers several times and definitely am an "E".

That "E" would explain why I:
1 - Co-facilitate a Small Group class every Sunday morning at our     church called Real Christianity. (5-16-12)
2 - Host a WOW Woman (Women of the Word) Home Bible Study every       Tuesday night.(1-18-11)
3 - Began blogging here as Penless Writer (1-21-07)
4 - Finally gave in and joined fb (12-24-09)
5 - Began a private prayer group blog - Hearts in "1" Accord (4-     8-08) 
6 - Tranferred Hearts to an private fb group (11-5-11)
7 - Participate, with my husband Mickey, at The King's Kitchen       (2-9-10)
8 - Socialize with close friends and church family every time we     get a chance. 
9 - Attended friend Sandra's Bible Study until she disbanded it 
    (3-10-09 to 6-7-11)
10 -Attended friend Judy's Bible Study (1-12-09 until earlier         this year when I truly had too much on my plate!)

Yes, I am definitely an "E" on the ESFJ Briggs Myer scale.  

Even though I am an EXTROVERT I also have to HAVE my daily quiet "ME" time. When I was a young wife, and working mother with 4 children, I would stay up late at night, after everyone else was in bed and asleep.  The "ME" time was definitely a bigger need to me than 8 hours of sleep. 

After the children were raised Mickey's job required his rising early and leaving the house by 5 a.m.  I always got up with him to fix breakfast and then my "ME" time would begin at 5 when he left for work.  Since our retirement I still rise early.  This morning for instance I was up at 4 a.m.  It's now just become habit and I require very little sleep, operating on about 6 hours a night. 

This quiet time, alone with God in prayer and study of His Word, is the main tool God is using as He molds and makes me.  The other is the love He has given me to read Christian books that feed and stretch my walk and my thinking.

So which are you?  Introvert or Extrovert?  Would love to hear your views.  Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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Sunday, August 4, 2013


We celebrated this year at The Cheesecake Factory.  We chose it because it's one of Granddaughter Oksana favorites. Since we didn't get to be with her to celebrate her 18th Birthday in February we wanted to bring her here to celebrate with her dad.    

 Dinner's been eaten and the cheesecake desserts are served.  Marc got the candle and the wait-staff singing Happy Birthday.
 Mickey - Oksana - Jacque
 Marc - Susan - Mickey
 Jacque - Jessica - Benny
(sorry it's so dark you can hardly see them)

We had a delicious, lovely, leisurely 2 hour lunch.  They set us at a large round table in the side turret room with just a few other booths so it was quiet and very nice. 

After desserts of cheesecake for all we came to the house for his gift presentation.

 The entire family, including brother Dave who wasn't able to be here for the occasion, all went in together to purchase him an X-box 360, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 game, & headphones. Now Marc will be able to join in from his home to play golf with his brother & dad!!!  
 When he read his card from Mickey and I he said, "No tears Mom.  I didn't inherit the crying gene."  

 Thrilled to have ALL 3 of our grands present:
Grandson Aric - Granddaughter Oksana - Granddaughter Jessica

 The 4 woman:  Jacque - Oksana - Jessica - Susan 
 The 4 men:  Marc - Benny - Mickey - Aric 
 Our complete family (minus Son David & Daughter Suzette):
Son Marc - Mother Susan
Grandson Aric - Granddaughter Oksana
Father Mickey - Daughter Jacque - Granddaughter Jessica

We finally got around to celebrating Marc's birthday on August 4th this year.  After 2 trips to VA-ER for Mickey, one via ambulance at 2 a.m. Thursday morning and again with me driving him last night at 7:30 p.m.,  We were happy he was well enough to make the party and is back to almost 100% after 4 days of a bad viral stomach infection.  

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Friday, August 2, 2013


 Today, August 2nd, 2013, is our son Marc's 44th Birthday.   

 It was hard to not post a ton of pictures but I selected this one to highlight the close father/son relationship.
 1983 Tulsa World article as Marc was the youngest person in Tulsa to ever receive his Hot Air Balloon License at age 14.  He was taught and instructed by his father, Mickey, in our Hot Air Balloon Suzy Blue. 
This was taken the day of his test flight as they were making the preparations.
Blessed son - blessed father.

We will be having our usual family birthday celebration on Sunday, August 4th, this year.

We are so proud of this wonderful son The Lord has blessed this family with.
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