Saturday, June 29, 2013

Extended FAMILY

Next to Jesus and God, nothing is more important to me than family.  We have a very close, small immediate family but do not have a lot of extended family (so many of our loved ones are already in Heaven!).

So it was such a wonderful blessing when Mickey's niece, Regina and her husband, Rich, invited us to come and stay with them when they heard we were coming to Dallas for the Revive 2013 Conference.   They live just north of Dallas.  So, we did not stay for the final evening session on Sunday from 6:30 to 10 but left right after the 3:30-4:30 breakout session and headed north.

 Marc, Susan, Mickey, Regina, Rich, Aric

also present were their oldest daughter, Lesley, Jason, her husband, and their three daughters:
 Lila Joyce age 4
 Laney Jules
 Landry Jeanne
Laney & Landry are 2 year old twins

We visited, and enjoyed delicious appetizers, on the beautiful patio by the pool, in which 4 year old  Laney and dad Jason were swimming.

Then we went to a wonderful dinner in the dining room.  All 8 of us adults were at the big table and a separate small tabled had been set up for the 3 children.  We loved it when the 3 little girls all had their hands folded in front of them and participated in the prayer over the meal.  Wish I'd have gotten a picture of that precious moment!!!

Regina is a fantastic cook, loves to cook,  and had prepared us a delicious meal.  We started with a salad of corn, peaches, tomatos, feta cheese and bread crumbs.  The main course was: baked chicken with gravy, wild rice, green beans, dressing and hot rolls.  For dessert Regina had made a large Coconut Cake (which she knew was Mickey's favorite !) plus a fruit cobbler and of course vanilla ice cream.  It was ALL delicious. 

While we were still sitting at the table visiting, 4 year old Lila came over to grandma and said, "remember we need to do the drawer game".  

We all proceeded to the living room where we were privileged to learn and watch this adorable game that these 3 precious granddaughters get to play EVERY time they come to Grandma's house.
Regina has this chest that has 6-8 rows of about 6-8 small drawers in each row.  (wish I'd have paid more attention and actually counted them.)  Regina randomly hides 3, of the same (of course) toys in 3 of the drawers.  Each child gets to look in 3 drawers to try and find one of the toys.
 Lila always gets to go first, because she is the oldest, and because she had been playing this "game" even before the birth of  Laney & Landry.  Here you can see her opening the drawers with Landry and grandma Regina looking on.
 She found it!!!!  Orange sidewalk chalk.  Look at precious Laney all eyes watching Aric as he takes a photo.
 Then it was Landry's turn and she found purple sidewalk chalk..
 Last was Laney's turn.  Marc, Aric, Mickey & I were all amazed at how patiently and quietly the 2 younger girls awaited their turns to play.
Now, came a problem!!!!  Laney opened her 3 drawers and could not find her treat.  This will never do!!! So she opened drawers and opened drawers and could not find her treat.  Finally Grandma Regina had to find her pink sidewalk chalk.  They said this was the first time that had ever happened. 
 Lila, Landry & Laney with their treat.
This wonderful family of Jason, Leslie, and their 3 precious girls: Landry, Laney & Lila. 
The twins, Landry and Laney had on the same little dress only in different colors and a Big "L" and their names embroidered on the front.  So cute!!!!

Leslie & Jason & the girls left to return to their home, about 20 minutes away, and Regina, Rich, Mickey, Marc, Aric & I visited and had a wonderful time until bedtime.  We actually had our own "suite" with a sitting /tv room, a bedroom with a queen size bed and private bath for Mickey & I, and another bedroom with twin beds and private bath for Marc & Aric.  We ALL sleep like babies.

Monday morning Regina fixed us a wonderful breakfast: ham, bacon, eggs, left over fruit salad from the evening before, biscuits, orange juice, milk & coffee.  
Another nice time of visiting around the breakfast table and looking at some family pictures.
It was hard to leave but we did so about 10:30.

Thank you Regina & Rich!!!  
We love you - you are special in our lives.

As a footnote:  Regina & Rich visited us and spent some time with us (they lived in Virginia at the time) right after Suzette had been diagnosed in September of 2010.  Regina had undergone a liver transplant just a few years prior and she was a great encouragement to Suzette as they talked.  

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Thursday, June 27, 2013


REVIVE 2013 
was a conference put on by The Hebraic Roots Network
Mickey & I have been learning and studying about our Hebraic Roots for the last 4 years.  It began in March, 2009 when my friend, Sandra, started a home Bible study and the book we studied was Enmity Between the Seeds by Bill Cloud.  Last July we went to a Hebraic Conference in New Mexico.

We just returned from spending 4 wonderful days in Dallas.  Marc & Aric took us but did not attend the conference but had a grand time also.

The morning of Friday, June 21st as we were leaving our home in Coweta..
Marc took us directly to the Sheraton, downtown Dallas, so we were there for the afternoon session which began at 2.  Then Marc & Aric went on to the Doubletree (where we had reservations) to get our room and put up the luggage.
Mickey & I each standing by the directory boards showing ALL the many events.
There were Breakout Sessions each day both morning & afternoon and General Sessions each evening from 6:30-10 in the Ballroom.
Marc & Aric picked us up at 4:30, after the last breakout session on Friday, and we went to Chuey's where we meet Marc's life-long friend, Dave, 
Another shot at Chuey's of Marc & I. 
Back to the Conference, 6:30-10.  This is a shot Mickey took of me during the worship.
There were 1200 people attending and we were in the 2nd of 3 sections back.
The first section in front of us.  We tried to take a lot of pictures but sadly, because it was dark and so crowded  these are the only 2 that turned out.
The General Sessions were wonderful with 2 speakers each night, plus lots of worship, and dancers.
Taking a rest in a comfortable chair during a short break!!
It was a grueling schedule and we were attempting to take in everything we could!!! 

There were a total of 18 different speakers - and 6 or 7 breakout sessions going on at a time so the biggest problem was choosing which speaker to hear.
This is Bill Cloud, who is our favorite Hebraic Teacher/Speaker and the main reason we attended this conference.  So naturally we went to his sessions each time (we missed the Friday a.m. since we didn't arrive until noon)  
The other teacher we choose was Brad Scott and we now have another wonderful "favorite" . 
We also heard Richard Rives, Ed Harris, Rico Cortes, Valerie Moody.  
On Saturday Marc & Aric had ridden the Dart (Dallas transit system/train),  Met Dave 1/2 way between Dallas & Fort Worth for lunch and then toured the new George Bush Library at SMU.  They were really impressed with the Library and the SMU campus and drove us around to see it.  They had also located this cute eatery called The Twisted Root Burger Company where we had delicious burgers & malts before returning to Revive for the evening session. 

Another highlight for us was attending an actual Torah Service from 1-2 on Friday. 

There was a Market Place where you could purchase LOTS of items.  
This is our friends Stan & Heather's booth of their Torah Puppets.  
We purchased 3 dvd's of their puppets and we purchased a 5-set dvd of Brad Scotts and then ordered dvd's of the 2 General Evening Sessions we attended.  There was LOTS of wonderful items we could/would have liked to purchase!!!

Each day we did not attend the 1st morning session but rather all went out to breakfast together and then attended the 2nd breakout sessions at 10:30.

We left after the last breakout session on Sunday from 3:30-4:30 and did not stay for the 6:30-10 general session because we had made arrangements to spend that evening  with Mickey's niece and her family North of Dallas.  I am going to do a separate post about our wonderful evening with them. 

Back to Coweta!!  Tired but happy & blessed.
Aric & Marc ready to take the last leg of this journey from our home in Coweta to theirs in Owasso.

Thanks to our wonderful son Marc for making this trip possible, and being such a blessing to us.  I know everyone thinks their kids are the best~~~~~~~~but Mickey & I KNOW that this son and grandson are!!!!

Just saw this wonderful picture on fb and wanted to add it here on this post about REVIVE 2013.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Our family just got to celebrate a very special occasion - David's 49th Birthday.  What made this so very special was it came about very suddenly when David's employment "just happened" to send him to Tulsa for a job.  Now, we know this was a God Deal and Blessing to allow us to celebrate his birthday together for the first time in years & also it "just happened" to be Father's Day week-end so a double blessing. 

 David has just arrived and is home
 David & Mickey planning their golf game TOGETHER and in person, rather than long distance between San Francisco and Coweta, Aric busy on his own computer game on his lap-top.
 Brother Marc has just arrived after work and is overseeing this golf game. 
 That evening it was all 7 of us (David, Marc, Aric, Jacque, Benney, Mickey, Susan) going out to dinner at David's choice.   El Chico for a Mexican meal.

I had given David his choice of what he wanted for his Birthday Meal and he selected, without hesitation and in a moments time!! , Beef Strogonoff  & German Chocolate cake.  
We celebrated the joint Birthday & Father's Day celebration on Saturday.  Added to Davids request for dinner was fresh green beans with new potato, big tossed salad, garlic bread and choice of beverage.
 The home-made German Chocolate cake and his goofy wrapped gift.  
David said, "I know this red bow probably came from 2 Christmas's ago!"  He was right!! 
 Blowing out the candles.
 Along with the "serious" birthday card Mom picked out Dad bought him a silly Cat card.  
David has always loved cats and currently has 3 of them.
 Making sure the dress shirt we bought him fits.
A fancy cologne from Jacque. 
Notice the FAMOUS golf game on the TV in the back ground.
 Mickey with his new Father's Day shirt from Marc, along with new bedroom loafers from Marc & Aric, new cologne from Jacque, Golf points from David.
 Jacque FINALLY get in on this golf thing, with Benny watching from the sidelines.  
It was Jacque's first time but she, as always, caught on real quick. 
 Our 3 grown, adult (???) children goofing off, as usual and having a great time.
Look at Mickey's concerned look - no matter how old they get DAD worries!!!
Our little, srinkling, but great family.
Jacque, Marc, Mickey, Susan, Aric, David.
(missing - Suzette in heaven, Jessica at work in Oklahoma City & Oksana in Indiana) 

It was a GREAT Birthday/Father's Day celebration and 3 days together.
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Friday, June 7, 2013


Monday, June 3rd, my dear blog friend Kathy wrote:  "I did some thinking this morning while I was running a grocery errand. I wondered why I post my blessings. Is it that it matters to anyone else? Maybe or maybe not. For me, though, finding words that capture what I encounter, especially when it's *good*, is encouraging for me in motherhood. I *remember* and recall to mind as I write.

After my thinking time, this is what I found on my return: the children had tidied up the living room, and finished cleaning the kitchen, even so far as draping a towel over the unwashed dishes in the sink that didn't fit in the dishwasher, which is my own way (especially if we're having guests for dinner). I am thankful and blessed. I found them sitting side by side on the love seat, reading, and listening to the soundtrack for "The Empire Strikes Back." I could get used to this! ♥"

I started to leave a comment and then realized my "comment" was getting too long so decided to turn it into a blog post!!

As I was considering her remard I realized the I  for one, am always posting my blessings. As I was reading her post I was asking myself. "Why do I do that?". These are my reasons: 
1) because I truly am thankful that I am so blessed by My Lord.. 
2) I know I am encouraged to read of God blessings bestowed on others and I trust that by doing so I am an encouragement to others.
3) It makes me more aware of every little detail of my life that truly is a blessing and to not take them forgranted.
4) It is important that we speak things and typing is a form of speaking. 
5) Our "word" and "thoughts" are so important.

So, I was wondering how you, who read this blog, feel on this subject.  Do you post about your blessing?  If so, what are your reasons.  If not, what are the reasons you don't.   Remember.....

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dake's Annotated Reference Bible

About 4 years ago I was made aware of the Dake's Annotated Reference Bible and desired to have one.  We priced them, on several occasions, and found them to be outside our price range.  BUT my God who said: Psalm 37:4 "Delight thyself also in the LOES; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." did just that!!!

 What is this ????  This is the solid, plain back cover of the Dake's Bible I was given by a very dear friend.  Several months after our beloved friend, Jack Edwards,  passed away on August 14th last year several of us got together, including Jack's wife, Mary, for pizza.  After our outing Mary asked us to come by her house because she wanted to give me something.  When we got there she proceeded to say, "I know how much you've wanted to have a Dake's Bible and I want you to have this one that belonged to Jack.  I know Jack would want you to have it."
I scanned through this lovely gift but, as you can see, the print is very, very tiny, and I decided I didn't think we could use it on a daily basis.  In March of this year I pulled it out and used it to do some research on the topic of The Kingdom of God for my WOW Woman's Tuesday night Bible Study. 

Mickey & I just finished reading through The Scoffield Bible again yesterday.  He was given that Scoffield on March 27, 1959 by our Pastor when he was saved. 

I told Mickey when we finished Revelation 22 yesterday and sat the Scoffield back on the book shelf that we were going to begin reading through the Dake's

So this morning, June 6, 2013, with magnifying glass, red pen and table in hand we began!!!  I told Mickey we may never finish this reading before Jesus takes us home, but we'll go as far as we can.

So, this morning we got through this much : a. Preface - b. Summary of Genesis -c. The  First Book of Moses, Called Genesis - d. Chapter 1 - e. The Creative Ages (Gen. 1:1-2:25). f. I. Original creation made perfect and inhabited (Isa. 45:1-8). "The world that then was" (2Pet.3:5-8) - g. vs 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. - h. II. Earth made chaos: end of earth's first perfect state and first sinful career because of Lucifer's rebellion.  Overthrow of "the world that then was" (2 Pet.3:5-8; Jer. 4:23-26) -  i. vs 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.- AND k. 18 proofs of a pre-Adamic world - l. 20 Contrats between the 2 floods comparing Lucifer's and Noah's 
(No way could I copy here all that the preface(a) the summary (b), k & l said so just gave the headings.)

WHEEEEEE - this is going to be so great.   We made it through Genesis 1:1 & 2.
I am happy, excited, eager & ready for this in-depth reading and study. 

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Monday, June 3, 2013


This is a follow-up on this huge dead Japanese Maple tree stump that Mickey has just removed from our yard. 

This is just a having fun shot acting like he pulled it out with that chain......NOT see previous post here for the REAL story. 
Front view of the stump and the circumference of the root.  
The depth of the huge root.
All the lower portion of the root above has been removed and the circumference cut down to size. 
Stump GONE - a few roots left on the drive way. The remainder hauled away.

NEXT:  Cleaning out the other plants across the front of the house for the next project.
WHAT will it be??? 

You'll have to wait to see.

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