Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Special Granddaughter - Jessica.

A special blessing - Oldest granddaughter, Jessica

Today we make a return trip to Oklahoma City VA Hospital to get Mickey's right eye cataract surgery rechecked. A good report from the Dr. and just follow-up in about 3 weeks here at the VA clinic in Tulsa. 

Granddaughter Jessica, who heard we were making the trip, called last night and wanted to know if we could meet for lunch after we were finished.  Could we!!!!  Of course. Jessica, who is a Senior at Oklahoma University (OU) in Norman, OK, a suburb of OKC, is usually working or in class so this was a rare opportunity for us to meet up. 

We made arrangements to call her when Mickey was finished with his 10:30 appointment and she picked us up and we had the most delightful time and visit, and very yummy lunch, at Cheesecake Factory.  And yes, even with each of us going home with our "doggie bag" (because we couldn't even finish our meals) we somehow managed to split a slice of Blueberry White Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake 3 ways. Can't go to The Cheesecake Factory and not get cheesecake....right? 

We are so proud of Jessica who will be graduating in May with a Degree in Interior Design.  She and her mom, Jacque, are making a car trip to Detroit, the early part of December, for a final project she is doing. She will be re-designing an old mansion, that has changed hands several times over the years and has recently been sold, into three different sections:  children adoption, pet adoption, and an adoption office.  What a challenging project and great opportunity for her & Jacque to share time together.

Then the end of December she is going with a group of other OU Interior Design students to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to study their 
architecture first hand.  What great opportunities.

After our long, leisurely lunch and visit Jessica took us back to our car and we made the trip back to Coweta, arriving at 4:30. 

Thank you Jessica for turning a necessary trip into a delightful visit and day.  
We love you and are so very proud of YOU!! 
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

#56 Anniversary #2

October 4, 1958 - 2014
56 Years 

After a very relaxing day Son Marc & Daughter Jacque took us all out to a fabulous meal at
Texas Roadhouse.
Jacque even got there early, and turned our names in for a table, so that when Mickey & I arrived they were already there and as Benny was taking this picture our name for our table was called and we were seated.

(back row) Grandson Aric & Mickey
(front row) Son Marc, Granddaughter Oksana, Daughter Jacque & Susan.
Missing - Son David in Florida-Granddaughter Jessica in Norman, Ok-Daughter Suzette in Heaven

So wonderful to have Oksana with us this year.

After a wonderful meal of 2 appetizers and a delicious meal
Jacque & Oksana headed to the fair
Marc & Aric to their Owasso home
& Mickey & I home to Coweta.

We are blessed with a small but WONDERFUL family that we love dearly 
best of all they love us!!!! 
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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Mickey and I decided to start off our 56th Anniversary celebration with hosting a dinner party for 9 of our friends the evening before .

 The table is set 

The meal consisted of:  Susan - Beef Strogaoff - black & regular olives - white & red grape                                                       juice - tea - coffee 
                                      Shirley - Greek Salad
                                      Patty - Home made yeast rolls
                                      Dianna - Carrot cake & Lemon squares
                                      Sandra - Toll house cookies & vanilla ice cream
In other words--a delicious feast prepared by ALL.

After a leisurely, wonderful meal we decided to wait until later for dessert.
(because we were all stuffed!!)
Moving to the living room we watched a Bill Cloud dvd 
"Eating From The Tree Of Good And Evil" 
This is an excellent teaching that Mickey & I share with everyone we can. 
 (left to right) Dianna, Jayme, Sandra, Patty, Arron, Danny
 Gary, Shirley, & Shirley 
Yes we had 2 Shirley's and 4 Smiths!!!

After the dvd we had desserts and coffee and talked and visited until about 10:30.
Thanks to these 9 for making our evening a real blessing


Saturday - October 4th

 My wonderful card and Pandora charm from Mickey
Charm is a Red Heart set in silver on one side
and "love" in Red in the silver on the other side 

The card reads:
Celebrating the day
I put a ring on your finger
and promised to love you

...and thanking you 
for making that promise
so easy to keep

And added in his own handwriting
"I love you so much.  Thank you for sticking with me for 56 yrs."

 The heart charm itself.  

I am a blessed woman!!
So thankful for God truly making Mickey & I "one flesh", as HIS word declares, for 56 years. 

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