Thursday, February 17, 2011

THIS & THAT - Good & Bad

 This is the last picture I will be showing of our February 1st blizzard and our additional 5" of snow on February 8th.  This picture, of Mickey's truck was taken on February 12th.  As you can see much of the snow had melted.  It is now completely gone and only a memory of this event in our lives.  ALL the schools in Coweta, Tulsa and the surrounding area ended up being closed for 9 days and are having to make up time for these "snow days" which were NOT built into their calendar.

After having made 7, and currently working on #8, Prayer Shawls I made my first scarf for our granddaughter's 16th birthday.  It measures 4' by 8 1/2".  I must say it was so easy after working on the big shawls.  I started with the left over yarn from the Prayer Shawl I had made her, but had to go buy another skein of yard to complete it. 

This morning we finished this, our 3rd book so far this year.  My friend, Carmel, gave me a big box of books last year and we are gradually reading through them, in addition to new books that come up that catch our eye and attention.  This book is one from that box and was written in 1976.  It contained 14 chapters and we totally agreed with everything he wrote in 12 of them but did not agree with chapters 12 & 13 where he takes the stand that the Gifts of the Spirit passed away with the Apostles.  We knew, going into this book, that Dr. Van Gorder would take this position, as he was the associate teacher of the Radio Bible Class with Richard De Haan. 

The main reason I am commenting on this book is not because of our disagreement with him on this one point.  I was raised in that type teaching and many years ago settled that issue for myself.  What struck me the most was that all the positions he pointed out 35 years ago that needed correction within the Church are still the same issues, but of course MANY times worse as pertains to our life styles and commitments.  It was a good read and well worth the 2 weeks we spent reading it.

BAD - but, I trust with good results .  I spent yesterday afternoon in the dentist chair having a root canal on a tooth that a permanent bridge was attached to.  Not only was it a gruelling experience during the procedure but it cost me $768.  OUCH!!!!  That hurt almost as much as the root canal.

That's my "news" for today.

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Monday, February 14, 2011



May our love be centered each and every day on That Hill Far Away on an Old Rugged Cross when He GAVE His ALL for you and for me. 

This is a very old guest book that I had earlier.  I tried to download a brand new one, but it wouldn't let me.  I probably just don't know how to do it properly.

Any way, as a Happy Valentines Day to me would you please sign my guest book, even if you've already signed it a couple of yeas ago, please re-sign it today.  I know my readership has changed over this time and I'd be blessed to see who still comes by and reads, even you who never comment.  I will also be blessed by those of you who are new to Penless Writer since I last posted this guestbook. 

Thanks!!!  I appreciate this very much.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know it's a few days early for Valentines but since 3 of our favorite people also have anniversaries I'm post this today.
(picture from 2 years ago on his birthday)
FIRST, Don & Barbara, our dear friends of 36 years, celebrated their #45th yesterday, February 11th.  We love you guys and are so thankful for our long, important friendship.  We've been through the good & the bad together, travelled much of our beautiful country together and most importantly, share the Love of our Savior and Lord together.
Happy Anniversary!!

SECOND, Son Marc and daughter-in-love Deann are celebrating their FIRST, yes 1st, Anniversary today, February 12th.  It's been a difficult year for these two, as they blend two families and 5 children together.  We love you so much and wish for both of you nothing but the VERY BEST.  May this year #2 be all that you hope and dream it can be.  You are a pure joy to us, Marc, and we are so very proud of you.
THIRD, these love birds, our wonderful daughter, Suzette, and son-in-love, Dave, will celebrate their 17th Anniversary on Valentines Day.  This picture was taken just 5 days after Suzette's diagnoses of cancer.  The past 4 1/2 months have been a real testing time in their lives but they are passing this test with flying colors and we are so very proud of both of them.  We believe year #18th will be their best year ever.

We thank God for the wonderful friends and family He has blessed our lives with. 

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


At the beginning of the New Year Mickey and I had been deep cleaning, sorting out things, taking things to Good Will etc. so when the snowed in time came all that was done and accomplished except for some remaining garage straightening and reorganizing but far to COLD for that right now.  SO.........

I spent the past 2 days baking and filling our freezer up with goodies to serve guests and friends later on when I'm too busy to bake.  

I had 9 banana's frozen in the freezer so took them all out and made not one, but three batches of Banana Nut Bread on Wednesday.  As always you can see we had our hot slices out of the first loaf before the pictures :o)  The reward of the cooks!!
Yesterday I made two type cookies.  Oatmeal Crispies and Peanut Butter.  These plates full is just a sampling of the quantities.

Today I am going to make a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake that I saw on Mari's blog.  Eager to try this.  Thanks Mari for posting the recipe.

A snow update:  Yesterday we had an additional 5-6" of snow.  Here is Mickey's truck covered up even more than before :o)

Earlier this week I made another batch of Powdered Laundry Detergent.
I am posting this on my frugal blog, Hands & Hearts for Him.  Drop over there to learn about it. 

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NOT ONE BUT TWO (2).........FINALLY!!!!!.

The first finally - After waiting patiently for 4 snowy days, and ice covered streets, Aric got his Family Birthday celebration dinner at the place of his choice, Red Robbins. 

 Since Aric, Marc & Deann live in Owasso, north of Tulsa;  Jacque & Benny live in Broken Arrow, east of Tulsa: Mickey & I live in Coweta, southeast of Tulsa;  Dave & Suzette live in Jenks, south of Tulsa, & Jessica is the only true Tulsan, it took a little doing getting us all together because of the Blizzard we have February 1st and more snow on the third. 

 The 12 year old honoree - with the Red Robbin mascot.  Yet, it was a thumbs up occasion.

 The balloon, the staff Happy Birthday song and the birthday sundae.
 Opening the presents and cards with money presents.  Aric's big gift from his dad, which he had already received, was a PS3
Aric, dad Marc & step-mom Deann.
 Uncle Dave & Aunt Suzette arrive.
 Benny & Aunt Jacque.
 Six of the 10 of us that were there:  Suzette, Mickey, Susan, Aric, Marc & cousin Jessica.
Lots of good eating, fun & laughs.

The second finally - 
 Not only was Cousin Jessica able to make it because she didn't have to be to work until 4:30 Sunday but.........I FINALLY presented her with the Prayer Shawl I had made her.  If you remember, on Christmas when everyone else got theirs, Jessica only got to see hers as a work in progress on the loom.
The final result - prayer shawl #7 made and prayed over as doing so for my family members. 

It was a wonderful time of celebrating this find young man & we always love getting together as a family.

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Monday, February 7, 2011


Our wonderful son, Marc, daughter-in-love, Deann, and grandson, Aric came all the way from Owasso and their 19" of snow (that city had the most snow for this entire area) to clear our drive and walkway for us.

 Mickey, Marc & Deann hard at work and just beginning.

Aric was assigned the job of clearing a path to our front door through the high snow drift that had piled up there.

 Aric's finished job.  Pretty good for our just turned 12 year old, with a small shovel and not use to manual labor :o)
 The finished drive-way....pavement!!!!

 An out of order picture of the 3 workers.  Where is the picture of Susan shoveling snow?????  Well......I didn't, and SOMEONE had to take the pictures!!!!!  Right?
What our center piece picture of the patio looked like Saturday.

There is a Taco Bueno just outside our addition and after clearing the drive Mickey & Marc took a test drive over there to see if we could get out of the neighborhood.......and we bought 15 taco's for the 5 of us for lunch.  They had them on sale for 75cents each with a purchase of 10 or more.  What a deal!!!  $2.25 for lunch for our workers, plus diet coke, and the banana nut bread I'd made the day before.  Pretty cheap labor for my wonderful crew!!!
YES, I am one blessed, above & beyond, lady.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Oklahoma Blizzard, which began February 1st is still here and we got about 2 more inches yesterday, February 4th.  I know you in the north laughing at us, but this is the BIGGEST snowfall we have EVER had here in NE Oklahoma.  We are totally ill-prepared for such an event. 

Mickey & I are actually thoroughly enjoying this.......being forced to stay in and not go any where.  I think it is God's way of slowing ALL of us down and reminding us, yet again, just who is in charge ... and it is not us!!!!  Thankfully we have lost no gas, electric or water so we are warm, comfortable, well fed - don't have to go anywhere or be anywhere - and most importantly - TOGETHER!!!

 Here's my guy on Thursday the 3rd ready to try and make a path to his bee hives in the back of our yard.
 Stopping first at the bird feeders.
In the front yard making a pathway from the garage door to the mail box.
Huge snow drift in front of our front door.  Note the foot prints up next to the wall where one of our neighbors came down, shovel in hand, to check on us and shovel us out.  Mickey said, "No way", and sent her on her way.  Then last evening the daughter of our neighbor across the street had come to check on her and then made her way across to us to see if we needed anything.  It's wonderful to have such caring, thoughtful people in our lives.  We are blessed!
We hadn't even looked out the window of our guest room, to the south.  Mickey did and hollered to me to come see all the snow covering his pick-up parked on that south drive-way.  Glad we don't need that vehicle right now :o)
Yesterday, February 4th, as more snow was beginning to fall and cover up the path to the back yard.
The snow getting deeper and deeper on our patio table & chairs.
Mickey's footprints back to check on his bees and be sure their opening was opened.
No one could love and appreciate their husband more than I appreciate this wonderful man I am privileged to share all these many years of life with.

On another note, I am taking this snow fall as a foretaste of the many blessings our wonderful Father God is ready to send to His Body - The Church in this new year that is unfolding.  I see them piled up and overwhelming us!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We have had the most delightful day today, since we did not have to venture out from our home and got to stay in - warm, comfy, plenty of food, TOGETHER..... and just enjoying the beauty and blessings of our Lord. 

Snow piled up when I opened the French Door.

Patio table & chairs.

 Back yard swing.
 Looking out the front door - walk buried.
 4 p.m. after the snow had quit.  Glistening in the sun light.
 Current amount of snow piled up when the French Door was opened.
 Swing & snow drift along the back house wall.
16" deep as far as I could reach out without getting in the snow, but you can see it is a couple of inches deeper. 
You can also see the depth by looking at the marten house pole and the fact Mickey 3 square foot gardening boxes are complete covered with snow and indistinguishable. 

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