Monday, October 31, 2011

A SURPRISE & SOME EXCITEMENT - during my friends visit

I left out one day of my friend Joan's visit to do this separate post.

A little back ground:  a young man from our church, Markwayne Mullin, is running for Oklahoma's 2nd District in the U.S. Congress.
On Wednesday evening, after church, I receive a phone call from a woman, Debbie,  from our church who is working on Markwayne's campaign.  They were going to be filming a promotion in Oolagah, a small town 45 miles north of Coweta, and she said Markwayne wanted to know if we would come and participate. My first reply was, "Oh, he wants some older faces in the crowd!"  followed quickly with we would be delighted to but we had out of state guests who had just arrived.  Debbie said that would be fine "just bring them along."

So, the four of us, Joan, Jim, Mickey and I, met Debbie at Mullin Plumbing in Broken Arrow on Thursday morning at 9:30.  We piled into her car ,stopped to get another young woman from our church, Lisa, and the 6 of us head for Oolagah.

Joan and Jim watching the excitement as they take an unexpected side trip to Oolagah, Oklahoma!

When we arrive, we are surprised to see just a small group of people, as we were expecting to be part of a large group of spectators.  Here is Markwaye speaking with one of the men.  We then find out they are doing several individual promotional shots and we are to be in one.
Makeup has to be applied!!!  Mickey is always such a good sport.

Now it's my turn!!  What fun.
Who'd have ever thought!!!

I would love to show you a picture of us doing our shot........!!!!  But in all the excitement we failed to have someone take a picture, so I'll just have to describe it for you!!!!!

They had the 3 of us:  Markwayne, Mickey and I sitting on a park bench in front of the bank.  Markwayne is on the end of the bench, facing us, and I'm next and then Mickey, with his arm around me on top of the bench.  In the first scene Markwayne is talking to us and in the second scene I am talking to Markwayne.

It was such fun and certainly an experience we never expected to have.  We are so very blessed each and every day by the exciting life The Lord is allowing us to live. 

For your information:  Mickey made a commercial years ago for a bank with our hot-air balloon, Suzy Blue.  You can go here to read all about that.  

Blogger is being VERY mean to me this morning and deleted the following pictures and copy from above and I am having to re-add them here!!!

One of the camera men.

 Two more of the camera crew working with these sun reflectors.
Straightening Lisa's hair as one of the camera crew, standing in for Marcwayne, explains to these 2 business men and Lisa about their upcoming scene.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

GREAT FRIEND - Great fun & times Visit

My forever friend, Joan, who I've known since the 2nd grade (folks that's 68 years!!!) and is truly like a sister to me, and her husband, Jim, came to visit us for 5 glorious days.

Just arriving at the airport.  They got here just in time for us to all rush home, put up their bags and head for Wednesday night teaching by our Pastor Steve on the 7 churches of Revelation. We ate a light supper after getting home from Church.

I'll be posting a separate blog about our unexpected adventure on Thursday, October 13th!!!!!!

(left to right) Jim, Joan, Susan, Mickey, Barbara & Don

Mickey & I celebrated our 53rd anniversary on October 3rd, but because I knew Joan & Jim were coming we put off "celebrating" it until Friday night, October 14th, with the 2 couples we've know the longest.  Don & Barbara had met Joan years ago in Albuquerque but have heard about her for years.  We had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal at Logan's Road House and then came back to our home and talked and talked for hours.

 Joan having fun with our King's Kitchen crown.

Saturday, October 15th we showed them around Coweta starting  at the Pumpkin Patch.

That evening I fixed my beef strogenoff dinner for the family.
Marc & Jacque with "Aunt" Joan who they'd not seen in a long time.

 (left to right) back row- Jessica, Benny, Jacque, Jim, Marc - front row - Joan, Mickey, Aric
 Shot of Mickey as 6 of us (Mickey, Susan, Jacque, Joan, Jessica, Aric) were playing Phase 10 - the rest were watching sports on TV.
 BEAUTIFUL flowers, a gift, along with a lovely card, from Joan & Jim in honor of our 53rd.
Jacque, Susan, Jessica, Joan (3 generations)
So missed Suzette & David not being here.

Sunday, October 16th, we went to Bro*ken Egg for a fabulous breakfast before taking them to the airport for their flight home to Albuquerque.  They promised to come in 6 years to celebrate our 59th!!!!  Believe me, I will hold them to it.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

An OCTOBER SATURDAY with Mickey & Susan in Coweta, Oklahoma

The day begins by doing a load of laundry.

Wash & hang the clothes on my wonderful outdoor lines.  I love the whiteness and the fresh smell of the laundry dried outside in the fresh air. 
As you can see, I always hang my laundry by type and in order.  I find this makes the actual folding and putting away so much easier.  I know a lot of you do not use a clothes line any more, but those who do I'm curious whether you hang your clothes by type or just randomly.
Next, it was to the church property behind our buildings where a Pumpkin Patch was being set up.
The money earned from this Pumpkin Patch will go toward a missions trip in the summer of 2012 to El Salvador.
More decorations and items will be added and I'll post another picture later on.  The Pumpkin Patch will officially open for business Monday, the 10th.

Then we drove a short distance to the center of our town for a Classic Car show that was being held.  They had two city blocks blocked off and about 30-40 Antique Classic Cars on display.  Can you believe I did not take ONE picture of the cars :o(  Let me tell you, there were some beauties and some really OLD cars.  Some even older than Mickey & I :o)

A little park just off main street.  Children playing on the playground equipment. 
The band really blasting the music out.  Look at the young boy who's guitar was almost as big as he was.
Another view of the park and tables.
Across the street were these blow-ups and pony rides for the children to enjoy.
A military memorial in the center of the park.

Everything at this festival was FREE - the car display, the blow-up games and pony rides, the music playing AND free soda pop - chips of your choice and hot dogs & a Blue Bell Ice Cream truck handing out ice cream bars of your choice.

We LOVE our little town and are so blessed that God has planted us here in this stage of our lives.

It was a beautiful day of blue skies and temperatures in the 80th.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

WOW - Woman of the Word Bible Study

This past Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. the WOW Woman met at my home for our weekly Bible Study. 

This was a special Tuesday evening because we had finished up the book we had been studying , Born for Battle by R. Arthur Mathews, the Tuesday before and we decided to take a one-week break for a Party/Social time and to make a decision on what to study and do next. 

So we celebrated with Banana Splits with lots of choices for toppings and some danish bites.  I just love to get to use my special blue banana split dishes~~~

Carmel, Kathy & Sandra

Connie & Britney

Sorry I didn't get pictures of the other 10 of us:  Thelma, Betty, Jeanne, Wantha or myself.  I'm not a good photographer because I get to involved in the "occasion" and forget to take pictures!!! At one point I picked up the camera again, but they were all in the midst of eating and I said, "I won't do that to you!"  then promptly forgot to even think of pictures by the time the eating had stopped.

When it came time to discuss what to do next we had so very many good ideas: 
1.  A dvd & workbook series - Feasts of the Lord by Mark Biltz
2.  A cd series by Benny Hinn - Feasts of Israel
3.  The book - Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets - We dismissed this one because Jeanne, Thelma, Betty & I had studied this book previously.
4.  A 1983 cd series The Authority of the Believer by Kenneth Copeland
5.  A Bible Study topic of our choice - vs by vs.
6.  Different members of the group taking a week by rotation and bringing a topic and subject of their choice.
7.  The book - Crazy Love by Francis Chan

MUCH discussion and we were having difficulty making a decision so we voted by secret paper vote.  We were to write down our choice and if we desired we could choose a 1st & 2nd choice.

The final results were:
1.  Crazy Love    7
2.  Feasts of the Lord & workbook  4
3.  Authority of the Believer, Bible book by verse, & Topic of rotation all got    2

Then Britney suggested we do the Crazy Love book but have some breaks inbetween when someone else takes the week for a special topic and we all thought that was a great idea.

We are taking next Tuesday off, because it is election day and 3 of us work the polling places from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.!!!  We will begin our newest study on Tuesday, October 11th.

This group started out with 12 of us and one girl dropped out after the first week due to the long traveling distance from her home to mine.  Over the course of our meeting we have added 3 more woman.  We will begin this newest study and group with 13 if us.  We usually average 10 to 12.

I'm excited about this very challenging area of study and where The Lord will lead us.  I know when a commitment is made to REALLY begin to look at the issue of "lukewarmness" our enemy will be doing anything and everything he can to hinder or stop what God is wanting to do.  He (our enemy) wants us to be lukewarm but we know God says "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:  I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."  Revelation 3:15-16   Lord may each and everyone of us 13 be RED HOT for YOU.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is probably going to turn into a griping and complaining post, I dislike getting into that frame of mind and I don't allow myself to do so very often, but I'm also wanting to know if it's just me, the quality of items I'm purchasing or are you experiencing the same thing.

What I am wondering about is the quality of merchandise we are now receiving.  So here goes.........

Back less than a year ago I decided to purchase new bath accessories; towels, throw rugs and shower curtain.  Now nothing was wrong with what I had, I was just wanting a change in how it looked color wise.  The towels I was using I had purchased years before and they were still good and had not really become worn.  I just wanted something new.  The first time I washed the new towels my lint filter was packed with lint!!!  This continued for about a month or more.  They also began to fray along some of the edges within a couple of weeks.  Long and short, after less than a year they are nowhere as good in quality as what I had previously had for years and discarded!!! 

Now further about these towels:  I usually shop at Wall*y Wor*ld but this time I thought, no I'm going to spend more and get something a little nicer.  Suzette actually went shopping with me for them after one of her earlier appointments.  So I deliberately spent more money and went to another store thinking I'd get a better quality. 

Now from towels to socks.  I am a sock wearer.  I buy white socks and wear them around the house.  You will never find me in shoes at home!!  Because I wear so many I have an entire drawer of just socks.  I have some in that drawer that I have had for several years but, as with the towels, the newest and latest socks are wearing clear through and having to be thrown out. 

True on the socks I continue to purchase them at Wall*y Wor*ld but I've purchased them there for years.

Is it just me????? or is the quality of what we are buying just awful?????  I'd really like your feedback and comments.   

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