Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is this God Speaking?

How does God speak to you? I know He speaks to us first by His word----that goes without saying, but God also speaks to me a lot in everyday things.

I had a good example of that this morning. I got up early, I always get up early! I wanted to make some brownies before going to church. I read the directions and proceeded to mix the brownie mix. Well, the mixture looked dry to me so "I" decided to add a little more water. Just a tab! They still looked dry so I added a little more. Put them in the greased pan and into the oven they go. Set the timer, came back and began reading blogs.

When the timer goes off I go to check and see if they are done. Water is bubbling on the top!!!! I re-set the timer. Go back. Still water floating on the top. I pour out as much of the water as I can without dumping the brownies into the sink! Back into the over. Re-set timer. Go back. Pour off more water. Back into the oven. Finally decide that it's as good as it's going to get and set them out to cool.

I now have a nice pan of brownies that are hard as a rock, totally unfit to eat and going into the garbage.

Now, "what does this have to do with God speaking?" you are probably asking. The first time the timer went off and I saw the water bubbling on the top I thought, "Yah, Susan, you think you know better than the instructions". My second move was "I'll fix it the way I think it should be fixed because it doesn't look right to me." The third step is "Well, it's a mess but let me see if I can salvage it". And finally realizing "I've just made a mess of this and it really isn't even salvageable".

Now, isn't that the way we do with God? God used this silly little incident to speak to me loud and clear, for the upteenth time!: "Do it My way"; "Quit thinking you know better than what the instructions (Bible) said because of the way things look." You know the "circumstances" as we see them. And finally we realize the mess we've made by not doing what God said in the first place. Then we repent and start all over again.

Excuse me while I go into the kitchen and make another pan of brownies that my family can enjoy with dinner today. Because His "goodness and mercy that follows me all the days of my life" Psalms 23:6 I just happen to have an extra box of mix!


Anonymous said...

Great example. Jenna just made brownies, too. She didn't read all the directions and put them in the wrong size pan. They were still gooey when the timer went off. She took them out and ate them, yuck! I asked if she read the directions. Oops! I tried to bake them longer, but they were rock hard :) Just like you said with God's Word. We can't just take part of it and expect it to be enough, or take the part we want and leave the rest. We need the whole Word!
You are one smart, wise least in the Word department, haha. Better sucess in the brownie department next time:)
Have a blessed Sunday. May He fill you up and refresh you as you begin this new week.

Ame said...

yummm ... brownies ... what time did you say you're serving dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

Hurray, you have a picture! I'm so glad. Now you feel like a real person and not just a penless writer :)

Momma Roar said...

I like the photo!
I am thankful for the opportunity to 'start over again' and that He gives me those opporunities even when a second (or third) knock on the head still didn't get me to listen. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful! I am going to take some time to read through it this week. There is so much I can learn from you. Thanks for visiting my blog too :)
I wonder what God is saying to me when my oven keeps ruining the brownies...

weavermom said...

What a great analogy! I'll remember this - thank you!

I like your picture too.

Just Mom said...

I LOVE it!

I love that you added your photo to your blog, too. Now I can put a face to the name. Yay!


~ Amy ~ said...

Yet again, more wonderful wisdom and insight. Thank you!

You did it! A picture! That son of yours must have helped out with that. Yay, cant wait to see more.