Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday Meme

Ginger's post said Who really cares? Oh YOU do? so here I go with another one of these.

Ginger tagged me, Penless Writer, along with Jungle Mom, The Butler's Wife, Just Mom and Momma Roar, (Can you imagine a NORMAL, (are there any of those in Blogland? I think not!)) person reading this list of prestigious names!! he he... whee long sentence) to:

1) Go to Sikipedia and type in your birth date only - without the years. Mine is December 25th

2) List 3 events that occurred that day:
A) 1223- St. Francis of Assisi assembles the first nativity scene. (THAT to me was interesting)
B) 1939 - Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is read from the radio for the 1st time . (CBS radio) C) 1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union (the union itself is dissolved the next day. (Praise the Lord for THAT!)

#3) List 2 important birthdays:
A) 1821 - Clara Barton - Founder of the Red Cross (She left her good mark on the world)
B) 1890 - Robert Ripley, collector of odd facts (Wonder what he's think of Blogworld?)

4) List 1 death:
A0 1977 - Charlie Chaplin, English Actor

5) List a holiday or observance:
A) This one was so hard.....CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

6) Tag 5 other bloggers; and the winners are.....
Learning for Lifetime Susan (You didn't think I'd let YOU off, Susan).
Frazzled Farm Wife (Now you're REALLY part of this crazy blogging!)
Pear Tree Cottage Lee-Ann (Another Lee-Ann from WAY down under!)
Word of Truth Christian Academy Trella (What goes around comes around!)
Mountain Mama Bev (Join in the fun)

Should you choose this assignment, I hope you'll let me know so I can come learn about your birthday and get my History Lesson for the day.


Momma Roar said...

What do you mean? all my friends here at home call me Momma Roar, ha ha

I've found these very fun to read. I did mine earlier today and was surprised by the observance I found on my birthday! You'll be surprised too!

Mixed Up Me said...

Sounds like fun- I'll have to give it a try . . . I'll let you know if I post my findings. Have a great day!

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing about what happened in history on your birth date.
I also did this meme.

Trella said...

Some very interesting things happened on your birthday. Thanks for tagging me even though I beat you too it:)

Portrait of Peter said...

A birthdate to remember - always.

Blessings to you all.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Susan, sorry to have been "missing" around blogger for some time but my husband has been so! SO! ill that we hve all been so very worried anyway things are looking up now and I feel a weight has been lifted.

I promise to do this meme as soon as I get back into my blog and will yes let you know when I have done it.

thank you for all your lovely comments while I have been missing and dear friend I am about to now red the posts of yours I missed.....gosh I adore the photo of your mum.