Monday, April 9, 2007

I Was Tagged



i FIND THIS AWARD ITSELF TO BE SO INTERESTING. tHE REASON BEING BECAUSE IT IS, IN EFFECT, JUST ANOTHER mEME. bY THE WAY, CAN anyone GIVE ME THE DEFINITION OF mEME? i HEARD SOMEONE ELSE ASK THAT SAME THING. i, BEING NEW TO THIS GAME OF BLOGGING, THOUGHT IT STOOD FOR "It's all about ME". Then someone else said, "That's not what it means", but I still don't know what it means. To me it appears to be just a chain letter, of pyramid type thing.

I looked back this morning and I have posted 54 blogs since beginning this adventure on January 21st. Of those 54 blogs 5 have been Meme's and all were posted during the month of March. That is significant because March is when I've been so occupied, and pre-occupied, with scanning a lifetime of photos. The reason I posted these 5 Meme's is because I was busy, and didn't have the time or the desire to take the time to 'THINK". It is easy to answer questions like those because it's all about ME!!!! I must say, I TOTALLY ENJOY READING OTHER PEOPLES MEME"s because it gives me a little insight into some of the people I find interesting, amusing, funny, and some who make me think. I don't know about you, but the blogs I choose to read on a pretty consistent basis fall into these categories.

Now for my list of 5.

My first has to be Kahri who writes under The Lynn Family Blog: Our Peculiar Life. Kahri is a young woman who, along with her husband, Michael, gave us the privilege of walking, and praying, through a VERY difficult time in their lives when they were told their new born baby girl, Kaedra, would not live. Kaedy spent 11 months in the hospital but is one of the most adorable 2 and a half year olds you'd ever want to see. She still has a few issues but she is truly OUR MIRACLE BABY!!! Kahri is literally the one who introduced me to blogging. Before she came into my life I'd never even heard the word. Wutgiyt Kahri there would be no Penless Writer!!!!

My next choice is Marallyn who writes under Shalom from Jerusalem. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have contact with her. I have a great love for my Jewish brothers and sisters and am FU::Y aware I am a branch grafted into their tree. . Marallyn is a gifted writer and is teaching me much. I thank you Marallyn.

My third choice is Susie , A Pink Carnation, and truly a flower in my bouquet of blogging friends.. You must go and read her "My Titles Story" on her side bar. If that doesn't move you, you must be made of stone.

My fourth choice is Liana, A Transformed Woman. I just recently "met" Liana through Susie who posted her link and said "check it out". I did and have been so blessed. This young wife and mother is living in China and really GETS it. She doesn't blog a lot, but I check her every day because when she does she has soooo much depth.

My fifth choice is ONLY YOU KNOW!!!! This is that lurker out there who has not yet taken that step of first commenting and then jumping into the blogging world. I, for one, WANT to know what you're thinking and have to say. I, for one, am EAGER to "met" you and get to "know" you.

To my dearest and best, Ginger & Leigh Ann...Candy beat me to you Leigh Ann!!! And you, Leigh Ann, beat me to Ginger!!! You both know my thought toward you and that I begin,, and usually end, each blogging day checking into what marvelous thoughts you've posted.

To all of you who blog and post so I can read and be blessed and to you who come by to read my thoughts I just say 'THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART".

Now you 5 must go here to see the rules & nominate 5 of your choice. Happy picking!


Candy said...

I think you might get to award 10 people since you got it twice :)


Momma Roar said...

Yes and Candy beat me to nominate you!

I'm so glad we've met and I have been very blessed by your friendship. And yes, go ahead and award 10 - I got nominiated twice too, I'll nominate my other 5 tomorrow.

Linds said...

Congratulations! You really deserve this, and I will be checking out your awards too.

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing about the Meme.
I too wonder what it means. Some people are wondering why do I use that word Meme??? I just use the word as that is what has been posted before and because what other word would you use in place of it.

I too have enjoyed all your meme's and everyone elses. It is a fun way to learn more about each other.

I enjoy reading your blog.

TO BECOME said...

I like your fifth choice also. I would like to hear from and meet some of the people who come to my blog and do not say anything. I would be a blessing to know who they are. You did a geat job but then I knew you would. connie from TExas.

michelle said...

Congratulations! I don't really get it but then again I live overseas so am often 'out of the loop'.

I hope you treated yourself to some lemon merguine pie....hee!

roffe said...

Answer to your question: I've been there for to years ago, but I've fear of higths.I was shivering. I prefer to stay at a lower level..

Anonymous said...

Susan, thanks for the precious comments written about me and Leigh Ann of course...isn't she wonderful!
We, too, and I know I can speak for her, feel very blessed to know you.
You have been a light of wisdom on my path. Sometimes life can throw us some tough times and having a true friend who will be up front and honest and help us along the way is worth more than any words can say. If we never meet on this earth we know we will see one another at the throne of grace :)
I also award you the "Woman of Wisdom Award" Thanks for caring about my life and my day to day struggles. I hope you can hold that crown up someday!

Carole Burant said...

Congratulations on the Thinking Blogger Award dear Susan! I had never heard of a "meme" until I had been blogging a couple of months...I really don't know the true definition of it, only know that it's usually questions you answer so others will get to know you better! I always thought it was said ME ME...then I learned you say it to rhyme with "dream". xox

Susan said...

I love it. Here is the definition of "Meme": an idea that is passed on from one human generation to another.

A blog Meme: requires active participation by the blogger and rarely traces back to an originating source. It's often a series of questions that a blogger answers to share some personal perspective or experience on random topics.

It's actually pronounced like a word that rhymes with "dream". (I still say Me-me.)

Hope that helps.

:-) Susan

Susan Skitt said...

Quite an enlightening post I might say. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always glad to meet another sister in Christ, and even better another Susan! I'll have to look into this MeMe thing closer as time allows. I signed up on blogger last June, to comment on the God Allows U-Turns blog (I had a story published in God Allows U-Turns for Women last year), then quite by accident, just this past December, I created my own blog by pushing a wrong button! What a hoot. I've been having a blast ever since. For me it's been a cool way to put down some of those thoughts God's been showing me as I read His Word, experience life, and search for His answers. Through it all, I'm learning that life in Christ is one amazing adventure!
Blessings my sister,

Trella said...

I love your fifth choice, very clever! That is one of the reasons also gave you the "thinker" award.

marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom penless...thank you soooooooo much for nominating me...i am so touched...i have a full day tody and will spend some time thinking of who i want to tag...what a lovely gift penless...thanks so much...have a great day...and thank you for enriching my life by becoming a part of it...stay, marallyn

Portrait of Peter said...

Congratulations on your Award and may I say how appropriate too!

You have a refreshing blog - which helps one to understand.

Blessings to you.

Susie said...

You are TOO sweet for including me in this list of wonderful bloggers. Thank you for encouraging me as you always do. I would love to do my own list(which would of course include you), but I have many things going on which I will share with you in a few days. Check in around Friday. You are a beautiful person, and I am blessed to have met you through this blogging adventure.

Peculiar Blogs said...

Thank you soo much! I am so excited! And I have met neat people through your site. I am so glad you joined the "blogging" world!!

ps come visit soon!

Momma Roar said...

I'm borrowing your #5 idea and using it for my next 5 nominations.