Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've added 3 more words to the bottom of our Kaleidoscope, which increased out participants from the original 24 to 28. Won't you please join us as we visually form our Body of Christ example?
of the Body of Christ

Encourager -

Faith - Comforter -

Trust - Obedience - Servant -

Giver -

Compassion - Servant -

The Word -

Truth - Worship -

Belief -

Encourager - Love - Nice -

Encourager -

Faithful -

Love - Encourager -

Grace -

Obedience - Used - Truth -

Grace - JOY - Servant - Steadfast -
This post is the result of the words that 28 of you left to my post on the Kaleidoscope we believes of Jesus the Christ form as the BODY of CHRIST. (go here to read)
I entered the words in the order they were received, except that mine and Mickey and Danny and his wife's are in the middle.
Some of you listed more than one word -- in those instances I put in the first on your list. I've always heard our first answer is usually the correct one.
I know and realize that we are all MANY things in the Body of Christ. I realize that we change with different times and circumstances in our lives. My point in this, and the first post, was to point out the beauty that is created as we each fulfill our part.
If there are still some who didn't participate yet, and would like to, please do and we'll just edit this post and add to the beauty. The point of the Kaleidoscope is the constantly changing picture that is made with the shifting of the parts. Wish we had some way to demonstrate that!!! Wouldn't that be an awesome picture.

My thanks to ALL of you who took part.

May we ALL be exactly what God intends us to be.


Linds said...

Beautifully put together... Unity. I love this!

inspired said...

yes well done Susan it is very well put together. One Body but many parts.

Ruth said...

Love it!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is awesome!

Momma Roar said...


Myrna said...

Great! I like UNITY!

Nadine said...

Nice job.

Pen of Jen said...

Isn't is just as neat that this post has comments just as simple. One word responses (or a few) enjoying the purity of describing the body of Christ.

Wonderful, very visual concept. I am going to use this during Sunday School!

Peculiar Blogs said...


... said...

a beautiful kaleidoscope indeed. thanks for reminding us that not only are we united but how beautiful the body is.

Susan said...


I so love what you've done with this!! I know that I have been a "servant" in the past...and I still AM...but I also know that God is trying to mold me into something else. Thank you, again, for putting this out there for us to chew on a bit. I've loved it.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan