Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yesterday I posted a silly little poem to a really sweet blogging girl and put out a challenge for someone to write one about me.

Two of my favorite blogging friends took me up on it!!!

If you want to read them go to the comments to the post below. Leigh Ann's is there and Jennifer's link will take you to hers.

Thank you both so much for doing this for ME o:). I've been under the weather and finally went to the Dr. today. Consequently I was feeling pretty low and down but God knew the lift I needed today and it was you two dear ones!!!

So what can I say

but YOU made my day

In my life for sure you two will stay.

As on our way

we blog each day.

Truly, may we, each and every one of us in blogland be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and follow HIS leading. Even in our little day to day attempt to bless others with these words that our fingers type and the messages He puts on our hearts. Nothing is small, silly or mundane when it is ordered of the Lord.

I appreciate all of you who read my blog and leave such encouraging comments.

My days, and my life, are truly blessed by ALL of YOU!

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jennifer said...

Oh Susan ...I am sorry that you are under the weather.

I must admit that it was not easy to put a poem of sorts together, but I so love you and therefore I tried.

I am sure glad I did. I could write an entire post in regular form about you. So I am so glad that my own daughter and friend brought me out a bit of my comfort zone!!!


Susie said...

I, too, am sorry you've been feeling unwell. Glad the poetry was able to lift your spirits.

Momma Roar said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I wish I could have spent more time on it! I hope you know how much I do appreciate you and the time you take for me!

Anonymous said...

I love how God finds even small things like friendship poems to lift us up and touch our spirits. So glad at least two of your dear friends have a bit of talent.

If I could have I would have shared my talents with you, but as you know I am limited to wiggling my nostrils and flipping my eye lids inside out. Not much comfort in those talents.

Like Jennifer, I could write a page about all the things that I love and admire about you.

Blessings and better health are my prayer for you.


weavermom said...

You so deserve it - you are such a good friend to others.

Hope you feel better soon!

Sondra said...

Sorry you have not been feeling well. I love your words of wisdom about following the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I feel like doing what I want to do, but I know that God is wanting me to go another direction. People say-"follow your heart" but only if your heart is following Him will that be the right choice.

Maxine said...

Hope you feel better soon, Susan. I'll send up a prayer for you! I agree with you--what a blessing it is to send up these offering to the Lord on our blogs.

Susan said...

Hope you're feeling better real soon. A poem is so fun...I love the ones I've read. I just don't have time to do a creative one right now.


:-) Susan

Momma Roar said...

Did Ginger say I have a "bit of talent?" ;-)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Sorry that you are feeling under the weather! Sure hope you are feeling better!

Sandy said...

I hope that you feel better soon!! I am just bopping over to see how you are doing!!

MightyMom said...

feel better fast!!

Lori said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Aren't all of our dear blogging friends just wonderful.

... said...

i never was very good at writing poems. it's nice when you have one written about you (if it's a positive one).

hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I sure hope you are feeling better by now. You are a real sweetie and I consider you my friend. It is an honor to come visit your blog.

Nadine said...

I'm sorry you have not been feeling well. But I do want to thank you for sharing your life in your posts. I especially love reading the retro stories you share. I find that you are inspirational and quite wise. Thank you.

Linds said...

Hi Susan, I hope you are feeling better soon. Look after yourself, or better still, let yourself be looked after!

Barbara said...

In checking out the poems I see that you have not been well Susan./ I was sorry to hear this. I trust you are making progress.