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This is the main entrance into my city, Coweta, Oklahoma. That is pronounced Co'weta, not Cow'eta as many seeing the name written out are prone to do.

Coweta received its name from a tribe of Creek Indians who came from Koweta, Georgia in 1840.

The townsite was laid out in 1903 by the Arkansas Valley Townsite Company. The Katy Railroad was built in 1903 and the town began to grow rapidly. By 1904 it was a thriving little city.
Coweta is 25 miles southeast of Tulsa toward the Arkansas border.

We moved to Coweta in 1998 after residing in Tulsa for 34 years. Our moved to Coweta was upon my husbands retirement and our selling our larger Tulsa home where our children were raised. We wanted to stay near Tulsa and our children, but wanted in a small town away from the big city.

This is the fire station and ambulance service complex.

This is a close up of the ambulance service building.

Many of the buildings in Coweta are built out of brown stone which is in abundance in this area.

Coweta Fall Festival is held each year. Since it was just this past Thursday, the 13th, through Sunday, the 16th, I was able to include some pictures from it.

Every fair has a Ferris wheel and here is ours on the main street which was lined for several blocks with all kinds of booths, rides, and food.

Our church had this pray tent which was open 24 hours a day from Thursday evening at 6 p.m. until Sunday evening at 7 p.m.

Members of our congretation signed up to pray around the clock for our city

and our nation.

The sign reads WHY PRAY?

All of the people who prayed and worked the area wore T-shirts that read WHY PRAY? Prayer cards were handed out to people if they had specific prayer requests.
Many people asked for prayer and signed the cards.

Anyone was welcome to pray in the tent.

This is a view within the prayer tent. It was divided into 5 different areas where various focus of prayer was taking place. You can see the many prayer cards on the back wall to the right with one of our church members praying.

This is the second sign and entrance into Main Steet, Coweta.

. This entrance is directly across from our church.

That is Coweta High School in the back ground.

Coweta First Assembly of God Church where we belong and worship.

Our attendance is between 950-1000. We have a very strong youth and children's ministry. Our Senior Pastor, Gary Rogers, has been pastor for 15 years. We also have an Associate Pastor who does Young Adult Ministry, a Senior High Youth Minister, a Junior High Minister, a Children's Minister and a Little Peoples Minister.

This is our home. It is constructed out of brown stone with cedar siding. We have a VERY large back yard that borders a greenbelt.

Thank you for letting me share my neighborhood with you.

We enjoy our very quiet neighborhood and are very glad for our decision to relocate in this small, friendly city.

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Barbara said...

Hi! Susan

I enjoyed seeing your home and neighbourhood. I will have to come back to seek out the poems about you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. I loved the tour

Unknown said...

I have a greenbelt behind my house too. It happens to be the favorite part of where we live.

I love a small town and yours looks to be lovely. Thanks for sharing. Wasn't this a great idea Kathleen Marie had?

Tracy said...

I think this si a neat idea, but I won't be participating because I feel like I should keep a little secret having children at home and such.

Loved seeing where you live though. What 's a greenbelt?

Pen of Jen said...

Oh I feel as though I just visited you in your town. I loved the tour.

The prayer tent was incredible! I really think that is awesome.

Thanks for sharing your neighborhood!

Jen said...

What a charming little town. I love small towns. Your home is adorable. Thanks for the tour...I so enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tour of your neighborhood. Your home is lovely. What a wonderful ministry idea that prayer tent was. May God bless the people who stopped by...

Just Mom said...

This is such a fantastic idea. I would participate, but I'd have to bow out after a couple of weeks because I'd run out of things to show you all. (OK, it's not that bad here). Love the photos, Susan. Thanks for the tour.

someone else said...

Thanks for a great tour.

Knit-Wit said...

Looks like a lovely place to live.

Isn't it funny how our perspective on 'small towns' are? I come from an area where a small town is 400 people and a large one is 35,000. Your church sounds huge to me as I've only attended churches with about 60 members attending on any given Sunday.

Tracy said...

Thanks Susan! I've never heard the term before. Being from the north, we call that a wildlife refuge.

Dawn said...

WHat a great thing to do at the festival! Your church must draw people from the surrounding countryside. Thanks for the good tour. Come and visit me!

... said...

thanks for the tour. i love the small towns of middle america. and i think i would also like to retire in a smaller town.

thanks for the pictures of the prayer tent. how do you think that went? a success? worth the time and energy? just curious.

Unknown said...

Susan, you were telling me about the penguins, as we have the horses, and I wanted to tell you that it was a big thing all over the country a few years ago.

I know one town that did Charlie Browns, one did pigs, and another that did cows. I'm sure there were many others. I thought it such a creative and fun idea.

Going around town to see the different horses was so much fun. We took pictures and made a scrapbook with my youngest and my nieces.

Terri Steffes said...

I love your home and your neighborhood. I loved the greenbelt, there is one near my home but I don't get to visit it often. Come and visit me, too!

candy said...

Neat! I loved the tour! Its always neat seeing places in the States :)

Justabeachkat said...

Wow...I enjoyed my tour of your town and neighborhood and your home is lovely. Thanks!


Carole Burant said...

I so enjoyed the tour of your wonderful neighbourhood!! Like you, I prefer living in a small community than in the city itself...I love living on the outskirts of Sudbury:-) I so wish that one day I could come over and visit you and see all these wonderful places for myself!! xox

Lori said...

Loved taking the little tour of your neighborhood. Thanks for showing us around.
Looks like a fun idea.

I'm laughing at Aisha's comment on there isn't much to show around here..oh it's not that bad. hehe.

kc bob said...

You did an amazing job. I did mine in one paragraph with no pictures :(

Susie Q said...

I loved this looks like such a nice place to live...and with a green belt just!
So lovely.

Thank you for this!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I enjoyed that tour very much! My hubby is very familiar with that area. We used to go to Tulsa quite a bit when we lived in Wichita Kansas.

Susie said...

It was nice to visit your part of the country!
The town looks peaceful and like a nice place to put down roots...
My Grandpa was born and raised in Oklahoma, but hasn't been back for about 20 yrs now.

Kristie said...

Loved the tour looks like a great place to live!!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Fantastic tour, Susan! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Your town looks lovely!

Thanks for sharing.

My “Welcome to My Neighborhood” post is right here.

Tammy said...

So much fun taking your tour, Susan!
I've only driven through your state going across the country, but my grandmother was born and raised there!
Your town looks like a great place to live!

A Captured Reflection said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes it was a big challenge when my son first got glasses. I remember the day before his diagnosis finding out I was pregnant with our daughter, and then this new challenge. He was a hyperactive boy too. It used to be a case of 2 mins on, 2 mins off, over and over. By the time he was 2.5 years he was so used to them, but those early months - man, thank you for your grace Lord Jesus!

Ms. Kathleen said...

My Mom grew up in Tulsa. My grandma lived there most of her adult life. I really like Tulsa but don't blame you for wanting a small town life. It is so cute and quaint and I love the fairs. They are so fun! You have a charming new home!

Thank you so much for participating in Welcome to My Neighborhood! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

It was fun touring through your little town. I hope the prayer tent at the fair attracted a lot of people. I have been to OK a few times as my husband is from Arkansas. I happen to love OK...I think it has so much beauty.

Kelli said...

I had so much fun visiting your neighborhood and your home is so welcoming! How wonderful to be right behind a greenbelt!

Sue Seibert said...

Hey, Susan. Loved seeing Coweta. I've been all over OK, but I don't think I've been there, so it was wonderful seeing it all. What a lovely town. Love your home, too.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the great tour! You have a very lovely home and a wonderful town. I love small towns!
I wish I had known about this great idea...I would've loved to have participated.

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

With the overwhelming response to the prayer tent, it seems obvious everyone ~ everywhere is looking for love, fellowship, and companionship. Thank you for sharing your beautiful town. We have a First Assembly of God Church in our town, several of my friends attend, I'm going to tell them about your prayer tent.

Annie said...

Loved your tour Susan.
I don't think I have ever been to Coweta! We go to Tulsa regularly and I've been to Sand Springs and Broken Arrow, but Coweta is the opposite direction from home! Looks like a really neat small town though.
The prayer tent was really neat!

Sandra said...

Thank you for the tour, I really enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Susan, I totally forgot about the neighborhood post. I'm glad you didn't.
It was fun to come read. Thanks for setting me straight on how to say the name of your town.
Your house looks almost like mine :)
I didn't know what a greenbelt was either. I wondered the same as I read Becky's post.
Maybe sometime I'll have to do the post just for fun.

Momma Roar said...

This was such a neat post - I loved getting to take a trip around your neighborhood!!

MightyMom said...

how lovely! thanks for the ride!

Amber said...

Thanks for the tour!

BTW, let me know when you get your package please:)

Oh...and I'm adding you to my bloglines, this is new to me, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I miss reading blogs, so hopefully this will save time.

Have a blessed week:)

God Bless,

Unknown said...

What a neat idea! I loved your little town and the fair right in the street was something to see. You have a beautiuful home! God bless.

Nadine said...

I enjoyed seeing your neighborhood. Thank you for the tour. You did a great job with all the pictures.

I noticed you got the Smile Award - congratulations. I ditto that to you.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Hello!! Just wanted to stop by and see your neighborhood too!! This has taken me a couple of days to see everyone's neighborhoods. Great idea of Kathleens!! You live in a nice little comfortable town it looks like. Great for retirement too. We are so close to that now but will not be able too!! Come see my neighborhood too..

peppylady (Dora) said...

Thank you for the tour. I've never been to Oklahoma.
I like learning about how your town got its name anyhow I'm history buff.
I'll take a second and sign your guess book

Robin said...

What a nice tour of your neighborhood. One thing I love about the midwest is their people are not afraid to be Christians! Your prayer tent was awesome.
I just posted my tour - I hope you can come and visit.