Monday, April 21, 2008


Look what came the very day before we left on our trip!!These are the 3 lovely items that I won from Karoline of Cherished Vintage to celebrate her 60th post. 1) A hanging sachet filled with French lavender 2) a 7 Pennant banner garland & 3) Tote bag made from Vintage tablecloth pieces. Thank you so much Karoline. I love them!!! And it was so wonderful that they arrived in time for me to use the Tote on my trip :o)

Here I am at the Tulsa airport just before we flew out on April 12th. I carried my Bible and other books in this lovely tote.

Here's my man at the Delta gate for our flight.
Our trip and celebration, as part of our 50th year of marriage, was to attend the Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk, Virginia. Those who are long time readers are aware we were scheduled to attend the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo in July, 2007 in Halifax. The trip was canceled when our dear friend and traveling companion, Don, became ill.
You know they say you can never recapture an event, place, or feeling, and this proved true in this case. Even though we thoroughly enjoyed this Tattoo and are glad we attended, it certainly did not measure up to our expectations or the previous one we had enjoyed while in Nova Scotia in 2000. The one in Norfolk had a LOT more Military bands and emphasis, but did not have as many of the Scottish marching groups, dancers, bagpipers, drummers and pzazz that Nova Scotia had.
The trip was wonderful as we have family living in Virginia and we got to spend 9 wonderful days with Mickey's niece, Karen, and her husband, Tommy, in their lovely home and 46 acre horse farm in Chesapeake. We also got to spend time with and visit their daughters, Helena & Rachel and Rachel's husband, Doug and we got to meet Doug's 14 year old daughter, Morgan, and Doug's mother; Karen's younger brother, Ronnie, and Ronnie's sons Ron Jr. & Scott all of the area. Plus they took us to Warrenton, VA for 3 days to visit Karen's sister, Regina & husband, Rich, and their mother, our wonderful sister-in-love, Sally. So getting to spend time with all of them was wonderful. I'll try and post a few pictures later. As you can imagine we took a bunch.
The BEST part of the trip was what God is doing on the Spiritual level and some of the wonderful things He confirmed in Karen, Mickey & I. We attended church both Sundays with them at New Life Christian Fellowship. Karen & I went to a woman's meeting, their second of the year, (which just "happened" to be while I was there!!!!) called Meet Me At The Well on Saturday. I was given a black writing tablet with the Eiffel Tower on it as planting a seed for Writing!!!! They passed around a basket of flower seeds and we were each to take a package. After the meeting the coordinator came up to me and gave me 7 packets of Zinnia seeds to bring back and give to ones on our prayer team here. It was awesome!!! We found out there was an International House of Prayer in Virginia Beach but they are not up and operating on a 24 hour level yet. Karen, Mickey & I were going to go until we found that out which was a disappointment. Karen & Tommy's good missionary friends to North Africa, Keith & Debbie, (just "happened" to) fly in from New York the same day we arrived so we got to meet them and spend a little time with them. Keith & Debbie (just "happened") to be picking up a pop singer, turned Christian, from Ireland at the airport yesterday at the same time we were flying out!!!! Karen & Tommy are taking a Francis Frangipane class through their church and I was blessed to get to listen to the CD teaching on prayer. I own every book Francis has written and have followed his work and ministry for about 10 years, we get his weekly messages and Mickey & I have talked about taking his training course. It was wonderful!!! I just marvel at how God orchestrates our lives.

Karen & Tommy and Mickey & I are all on the same Spiritual walk and level and it was such a joy to spend 9 days with them, and God confirming everything for all of us on each & every turn. I love HIM so much and am so excited about what HE is doing in our lives and at this time. We know exciting things are moving and happening here in Coweta and it was just added confirmation that the same is happening there in that area, too. God is soooooo good!!

I have to tell you, it is a little hard trying to get back into the blogging groove again but I will slowly get back and slowly get around to visiting all of your blogs again.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a safe and fun trip.

weavermom said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a fun trip, even if it wasn't the same. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back Susan!

Anonymous said...

So excited to get your update! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with loads of special moments.

Momma Roar said...

I've been looking forward to hearing of your trip. I almost emailed you yesterday but thought I better keep you from being overwhelmed at a full inbox when you got home!

It does sound like such wonderful things are happening!! I missed you!!

Carole Burant said...

Welcome back dear Susan!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and I can just imagine how much you enjoyed staying with Karen & Tommy:-) I love those the giveaway gifts you received before leaving...absolutely gorgeous tote bag!! Take time to recover from your trip, we know you'll get to our blogs eventually:-) xoxo

Lisa said...

Susan, WoW! What a trip! I'm glad your back safe and sound.
Sounds like you had a blast!

... said...

sounds like you had a wonderful 9 days. glad you were able to get away and celebrate your 50th. quite an accomplishment!

by the way... what is a tattoo?

Jill said...

Welcome back! It was great hearing about how God was working during your trip.

retha said...

Ethan would have loved to be with on thAt farm.
Wonderful to have family one is so 'in sync' with!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello and welcome back! Missed you but the trip sounds like it went really well.

Jean said...

Sounds like an absolutely blessed time. Isn't it the most wonderful thing to be one in the Spirit?

The church you mentioned - is it in Virginia Beach?

Tina said...

You were missed Susan!!

Nadine said...

How exciting. I'm so happy for you Susan. I'm glad you're back.

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - and more to look forward to in October!

What a lovely gift you received before you left.

Susie said...

Welcome home Susan!
So glad you had a restful and fun trip.
Karen & Tommy's home sounds like a wonderful place to visit.
There's always so much to do and catch up on after being gone for a while. Just take your time!

Tammy said...

Oh, welcome back! I loved reading about your trip...this is where my husband and I spent the first three years of our marriage! He was stationed in Norfolk, and we lived first in Va. Beach and later in Chesapeake! Such a great experience for us and wonderful memories! (Except for his leaving on deployments!)

Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about your trip, Susan.
When you have time, come over and skim Parts 1-3 of our California trip, too! :)

Cjdusse said...

Oh look at you precious one with your Tote bag on your way!!!

The Olson's: said...

Welcome home! I've been curious to find out where you were! Thanks for checking out my blog while you were away! I feel priviledged!
~ Leanne