Friday, June 6, 2008

SHOW & TELL #18 - Honey Bee's

It's Friday, and of course that means Show & Tell with Kelli. Go here and find out all about it. Then join the fun!!

Here's the latest at our house!!!! My husband is becoming a bee keeper. It is a subject he has been interested in and reading about for some time. When we were visiting in Virginia, his niece had a bee hive and more literature about them so when we got home he ordered a bee hive.

It's May 12th and the equipment has just arrived!!

Isn't this cute!!!

He is excitedly open the box. This is the top of the hive.

The grand kids were here and Oksana was excited and helping grandpa.

Aric was a little timid when he heard the word Bee's. But we finally convinced him this was just the hive and no bee's so he got in the picture for me!

Here is the assembled hive. It is cypress wood with a cooper roof. Isn't it beautiful.

Here is the completed hive. Mickey was able to get the bee's from one of the men from our church. So this shot is complete....the bee hive is assembled, painted, loaded with bees and placed in the spot he choose in our back yard.
Being good Christians, and good neighbors, Mickey had talked to both of our adjacent neighbors about it and they were not only agreeable but excited. We have no one behind us because we are on a greenbelt. Then he called the city and checked with them to be sure there was no city ordnance and there was not.
I'm already washing and saving glass jelly jars to put our honey in!! I think it might be a year before we actually get honey. I told Mickey the bee's and handling them was all his job and I wanted nothing to do with it. But, I told him I'll learn to make everything with the honey that can be made. Not only is it for eating and used in cooking, but they make soaps, lotions, candles, a variety of items.
If any of you out there have bee's we'd be interested in hearing from you!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a neat thing to do. I will be your first customer if you sell soaps.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun hobby. Do you need to buy the bees, or will whatever you put out just attract them?

Anonymous said...

My dad had honey bees years ago when I stilled lived at home. I remember him going out to get the honey and wearing the protective mask. He always told me to hold my breath to keep from being stung. I was never stung by one of the bees. The honey was great and I love honey comb.

Constance said...

I'll "bee" interested in future S&T's showing more on your beehive and the extracting process! I think that's awesome especially since the poor little hineybees took such a hit this past year! Your post this week was fabulous! i really enjoyed it! Tell your hubby to "bee" safe!

Constance said...


I wrote HINEY bees instead of HONEY bees!!!!

Timalee said...

I think you are smart to tell him it is his job to handle the bees, I wouldn't want to get to close! But what an interesting hobby!

Anonymous said...


This is a most interesting Show-and-Tell. I thoroughly enjoy it. I hope you would keep us updated with the progress!!!

Honey bees are absolutely fascinating!!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my peacock quilt. I really appreciate it.

The Olson's: said...

Wow, honey bees! I am curious, too ~ did you need to buy the bees or do they just come on their own?

I'd be too scared to care for bees. But it sure would be a great way to teach kids about some of God's creation! I'd love to hear more as time goes by!
~ Leanne

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
What an interesting new hobby for your DH! My son in law has really bad allergies and the Dr. told him to take spoonfuls of honey that is grown locally. (it's sold at our farmer's market)
It has been a real help to him this year.
I hope you both enjoy your new hobby!
I'm looking forward to more posts about it!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Thanks for commenting on my Brighton...yes a little pricey, but how nice that your children know you are worth it! I have come to appreciate spending a little more on something I really like! Good luck with the bees. I think you are very understanding and brave to have them in your backyard...but then again, bugs are not my fav!!

The Proverbs Wife said...

Awesome...please share future updates.

nancy said...

Wow. What fun! It was good enough for Sherlock Holmes. I commend you for your 24/7 project, Susan. I'm still considering taking part, but our lives are so unsettled. Perhaps that's a good reason TO be involved in it.

TJ said...

What a fun adventure for you both! And with bees being killed off by sprays, you're being good stewards of the environment too!

Tammy said...

How exciting, Susan...fresh honey! YUM!

Needled Mom said...

What a great hobby for him! My DH tried the orchard mason bees, but they took off for greener pastures. He was not a happy camper about that!

Love Bears All Things said...

My late FIL kept bees for years and years. We used to have to walk by the hives on the way to the fish pond. At first I was afraid but quickly learned if you just act calm they didn't bother you. I have heard that eating honey from bees in your area is good for allergies. We have Honey Bees in our backyard on our flowers.
Recently we passed a truck hauling Bees.
Mama Bear

Julie said...

I live in Utah, and Utah is called the Beehive State. I like anything to do with bee's---other than getting stung that is!! I hope your husband has a great time. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend!! Julie

Jean said...

Sound like a very interesting hobby. It will be fun to see how this progresses.

Vintage Whimsy said...

What an interesting hobby! I love honey but I would be far too scared to have take care of bees!!

Thanks for the comments on Mr. Wrinkles and on my quilt! They are both very special to me and I'm glad I could share them with everyone else too.

Unknown said...

how neat !! I'd like to see a picture of him in action some day... be sure to share in the future. hugs, Mica

Anonymous said...

I hope this endeavor goes well for you! I think having bees around would make me nervous! But fresh honey would be wonderful.

weavermom said...

Now see - this is one of those things that is cool from a distance. The bees are so important to the flowers and plants, and I would love to have the honey. But, the thought of one in my backyard would be enough to keep me up at night. Ack! I have a fear of all things with stingers!!

Do keep us updated! Especially if when he harvests the honey - I would love to show the kids!

Wanita said...

How great to be starting a bee hive! I'll look foward to hearing more about the bees.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a great weekend!

mrsjojo said...

Yikes, I don't like bees buzzing around me. But, I think it is wonderful that you will be getting honey from them!! I LOVE honey. I wish your husband the best in his new hobby.

retha said...

That first picture immediately gave me that very unique 'bee keeping things smell'For many years my father was a big bee keeper.
What flavour of honey will 'your' bees be making?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for interesting post.I will enjoy reading more about this new "bee-hobby".


Kelli said...

What a wonderful and exciting new hobby, Susan! I can't wait to see your first batch of honey!

... said...

great show & tell and such a fun and beneficial hobby. with reports of honey bees declining in the states, i think it's wonderful to add to the current numbers.

and how fun for you to look into all the options available of what you can do with the honey. will be anxious to hear more when you actually start harvesting it.

have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I was going through the Friday Show & Tell and noticed your Bee Hive! My friend Kathy and her husband raise Bees. If you go to you can visit her website. I was visiting last week-end and got to see a Bee Swarm which is not a good thing because the Bees are leaving not to return. Her husband was not fast enough to get another bee hive out for them to go to it. The honey sure is good though!


I would be so chicken, I have a
major reaction to bee stings ---
I'd be hideing in the house.
Fresh honey from a comb is delicious, yum!

Anonymous said...

You two have way too much fun.

Honey from your honey...that's great and I wish you both much sucess.

Unknown said...

That looks so cool to do! Very neat! Thank you for stopping by to say hello!

Join me for "Weekend Decorating" at: every weekend if you like!

Have a great night!

MightyMom said...

well, now that's quite the adventure.

Muum said...

Oh,my husband would like to keep bees, too, but so far we just have some of the equipment, and no time. Maybe when he retires! thanks for your visit to my blog, and your kind comments!

concerned parent said...

Wow how fun is that? Bees are so amazing to watch I have a hubby who needs shots to undo their doing so no bees for us.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

YOu all are clearly a fun family! What a creative bunch. Good luck with it!q

Lisa said...

Just stopped by to see how things were goin'.
The bee hive is soo neat! I wish I had the guts to do that. Keep us posted on how it progresses.

Have not been able to visit with any fellow bloggers in a month of Sundays it seems! Been a little busy around here. I'm having an unusually quiet Saturday evening - everyone is gone to this or that - and I chose to stay home for a change! (Ahh! Calgon, take me away!" heehee)
Have a good weekend.

Peculiar Blogs said...

oh we'd love to see your bees sometime, if you have a chance! I am fascinated by beekeeping!

So excited that Mickey is again retired and has a new hobby! Give him hugs from us!