Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What is more exciting than meeting a Blog friend at Cheesecake Factory? (See the third picture below) Mickey & I were in Oklahoma City Monday (please see separate post about this and the Angels that went with us)

Had to show you the very tempting, VERY fattening cheese cake display!!


I FINALLY am getting to meet Annie (My Life as Annie). She is tall, over 6'. I use to be 5'7" but my age is shrinking me and I am now 5'5". She is actually stooping down here as we meet!!! One of the first things I said to her was, "You are as beautiful in person as you are on your blog!"

Annie lives in a small town not to far from OKC. She and I have been trying to get together for months and it finally happened. We had to be in OKC for Mickey to go to the VA hospital for a test and could not even set a firm time to meet Annie. She was so gracious, said she'd clear her entire day and just to call when we could meet and she would drive in to meet us.

Annie came bearing gifts. This lovely mug that reads "Do All Things With Love"

And this beautiful blue plaque that reads "The Lord will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11 What a perfect gift for me. She knows I love The Word, Angels and blue is my favorite color!!!

I gave her an old "used" book!!!! But it is a special book "The Splendor of His Ways - Seeing the Lord's End in Job" by Stephen Kaung. This book got me through a very difficult time in my life and has my underlining and markings in it. It is a totally different take on the story of Job. I trust it will be as big a blessing in your life, Annie, as it has been to mine.

We had a delightful lunch and then of course Cheesecake!! Annie had Brownie Sundae Cheesecake of which she took a bite and then took it home for her son Bailey. Annie recently helped me by downloading a CD I wanted on our Hearts In "1" Accord Prayer Blog. It turned out to be more complicated than we anticipated and she called in 14 year old Bailey to help her. These computer savy youngsters!!!! Thank you so much Bailey!!! Mickey & I shared a Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake. Of course we had to eat it all because we couldn't "take it home"! and of course my Mickey had to clown around!!!

Our sweet waitress offered to take a picture of all of us together and we were delighted. Annie is everything I thought she would be and even more. A pure delight and such a wonderful, young wife, mother and Child of the King. We visited for almost 2 hours and I asked the waitress if she was going to charge us "booth rental"!!!

Annie is the third blog friend I have had the privilege to meet. Read about Sohailoh here and Michelle here. It is just always amazing how wonderful they are and what a closeness and rapport has been developed over this wonderful conduit connecting us called Blogging. We are truly making not only lifelong friends but many of us will be eternal friends.

Thank you Annie for being you!!!!

post signatureAnnie is the one who made this "Siggy" for me which is on every one of my posts!!!


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful spending that time with you and Mickey. The two of you are so special!

Momma Roar said...

How wonderful that you two were able to meet up (its hard to type that without being a little envious!)

Looks like a wonderful time together! And such a beautiful picture of the two of you!!!

retha said...

It must be some feeling to meet someone in person you have been friends with for a while!
Seems you chose a delightful place to visit.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How awesome that you were able to meet each other!

Unknown said...

What a memorable blessing that was to meet a fellow believer and blog friend. It seems we all do have some kind of connection even we if never do meet in person.

Lori said...

That was great that you could meet Annie for lunch and cheesecake.
Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Jenny said...

How nice!! I saw this over at Annie's place, too, and I love it when we get to meet our brothers and sisters in Christ. What a bond we automatically share. :)
Praying for you and Mickey.

Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to hear that you and Annie had met. What great pictures! Hope you are keeping well, have been thinking about you. I have just returned from a solo trip to the UK to see my parents - I travelled via Los Angeles to England..then on the way back via Hong Kong. It was a wonderful time, God was awesome! I missed my hubby and children a lot, but they did fabulously in my absence which was great. (Karen of Karen's Ramblings)

Jill said...

What fun! I think it would be so wonderful to meet you (and Mickey) and Annie, too. I really enjoyed the pictures.

Barbara said...

How lovely, meeting blog friends is always exciting. I have another couple coming to stay with me next June.